Good Guys – Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Threatens to Resign If Abortion Laws Relaxed

Rafael Correa, 50 - President of Ecuador

Rafael Correa, 50 – President of Ecuador

I debated whether this post should be a Good Guy post or a Current EVEntS post since both scenarios are perfectly represented within this one story. I obviously decided to go with the positive, rather than the negative as President Correa deserves our respect and gratitude for his defense of the most vulnerable of humanity.

When President Correa’s own left-wing party proposed making unrestricted abortion legal, he literally had a fit. He said, “They can do whatever they want. I will never approve the decriminalization of abortion.”  Correa went on to accuse his party members of betrayal and threatened to resign if the Penal Code was changed to legalize abortion. He said, “It has cost me more, the betrayals of my supposed friends, then the acts of my enemies. If these acts of betrayal and disloyalty go on, I will tender my resignation.”

Correa is a devout Roman Catholic and former missionary. He has always been opposed to abortion. He went on to say, “I am personally against abortion. Whenever we have consulted the citizens regarding abortion, the immense majority rejects prenatal euthanasia.” His stern stance against abortion has made world-wide news, which is a sad commentary on the overwhelming influence of the pro-abortion extremists in political circles around the world, that anyone in vocal opposition to abortion, causes a world-wide media frenzy. Sadly, Correa’s rejection of the legalization of abortion has made more headlines than when abortion was first made legal, nearly 50 years ago. Abortion is now considered a women’s “right” and it is legal nearly world-wide and who is to blame? Not the men, but the women! God help us!

And here we have one more case of a group of radical female’s displaying their insanity in public. It should come as no surprise that the “people” responsible for putting the legislative motion forward, were radical, second-wave feminists! Paola Pabon, Gina Godoy (who supports same-sex marriage) and Soledad Buendia, also of Correa’s governing party Alianza Pais, proposed the legislation that would decriminalize abortion. So, once more we have more irrational females who, thanks to radical feminism, are now shamelessly and publicly, devoid of any empathy for the little souls God intended them to protect with their lives. choosing instead to eradicate them.


Pabon, Godoy and Buendia are  just another disgusting example of just how warped womanhood has become under the influence of radical, and irrational, second-wave feminism.  Ms. Pabon, Ms. Godoy and Ms. Buendia should be publicly condemned and reviled for their actions.

On the other hand, Mr. Correa should be given a Medal of Valor as he seeks to defend the most innocent of life on earth – the unborn child. And he stands for their right to live, in a world overwhelmingly awash with the evil promulgated by obsessed and oblivious radical women. Women who have exchanged the tenets of their faith for the sick ideology of radical feminism. I congratulate Mr. Correa for a job well done.

Galo Mora - Secretary General Alianza Pias

Galo Mora – Secretary General Alianza Pias

Postscript – Under Mr. Correa’s threat of  resignation, Ms. Pabon withdrew her proposal and unrestricted abortion remains a crime in Ecuador. Soon after, Correa did publicly condemn all three woman when he suspended the lawmakers for one month. Correa’s Secretary General, Galo Mora, said they would be replaced by alternates in their absence.  Mora went on to say, “”The sanction is based on a failure to comply with express agreements which were reached with fellow legislators.”  Typical, radical feminists never think God-made or  man-made rules apply to them.

3 thoughts on “Good Guys – Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Threatens to Resign If Abortion Laws Relaxed

  1. Good guy. Makes me want to move to Equador. It will be either Equador or Israel. Wish we had men like this in our country. Can no longer support USA which can never make a comeback without divine intervention.


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