10 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Happy Extended Family

Happy Extended Family

The way you live your life can add years to your lifetime. It used to be defined as “good clean living” and was primarily achieved by embracing Christian doctrine. The following list, complied by Dr. Michael Roizen, includes the minimum amount of years added to your life by adopting each behavior.

1.  Own a dog and walk it – 1 year

2.  Get some sun, but not too much – 1.7 years

3.  Having sex at least twice a week – 1.6 to 8 years

4.  Laugh more – 1.7 to 8 years

5.  Eat plenty of tomatoes – 2 to 8 years

6.  Be a life-long learner- 2.5 years

7.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night – 3 years

8.   Floss and brush daily – 6.4 years

9.   Live within your means- 8 years

10. Build and maintain social networks – 30 years

Big Happy Family with Rover

Big Happy Family with Rover

12 thoughts on “10 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

  1. Man this post is awesome! I’m not so sure about number 1. Can’t say that’s my thing but numbers 4 through 10 can be done. 9 is hard for most people I think, especially if their spendthrifts!


    • You are right about #9. People spend way too much money they don’t have, on things they don’t need and people they don’t like. But, it’s probably THE most important item on the list because none other things on the list would likely bring the best results, if that’s not in place first.


  2. Wow!!!! I can’t believe the social networks pay off! That totally makes sense though, we were created to be in community with people!


    • Yes, women, as compared with men, are especially communal. It’s interesting but I think that’s why women try to make “family” out of total strangers. It’s a very powerful female drive, that’s really only designed to apply to family. It gets very weird, and in many cases disappointing, when applied beyond that. Thanks for your comment.


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