10 Steps to Raising Good Kids

six happy kids 4

1.   As a teenager, embrace your Christian faith –  know that it will guide you safely through the pitfalls of life.

2.   As a high-schooler, value your physicality, avoid drugs, smoking and sex –  know that they will destroy your future happiness.

3.   As a single person, behave yourself – know that Good Guys want Good Girls and visa versa. You will reap what you sow.

4.   As an employee, maintain your integrity – know that lying, cheating and/or stealing always comes back to destroy you.

5.   As a son, daughter or sibling, keep in touch daily – know that friends are fleeting, but family is forever.

6.   As a date, be yourself – know that you can only find your one-true-love when you are your one-true-self.

7.   As a friend – know that friendship is an impossibility between men and women.

8.   As a lover –  know that without the commitment of marriage, it will end badly.

9.   As a spouse – know that a commitment to each other will not endure without a commitment to the Sacrament of Marriage.

10. As a parent – know that your six kids will always fill your home with joy because you have spent most of your life preparing yourself to raise good kids.

Congratulations and God bless!


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