Current EVEntS – Dr. Constance Bauer Forbids Christmas Carols during Concert

Dr. Constance Bauer - Superintenant of Bordentown, NJ schools

Dr. Constance Bauer

Ms. Bauer is the Superintendent of Schools in Bordentown, New Jersey.

On November 13th, this “educator” took it upon herself to ban Christmas carols from the elementary school’s winter (formerly Christmas) concert just because some lawyer (non-Christian?) advised that, “religious music should not be part of the elementary program.”

In these efforts, Constance Bauer has proven herself to be an ill-informed, anti-Christian school administrator, and as such, she is a pathetic role model for the children in her school district.

And, as it was immediately pointed out to Ms. Bauer, by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the law is NOT on her side either.

Not only are all American students allowed to sing Christmas carols during their public school concerts but Christ can be mentioned by the teachers during class, in any subject that warrants it, particularly in history classes.

Dozens of cases, all the way back to 1980, which have come before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals have, over and over again, upheld the right of children to sing Christmas carols at Christmas within their public schools. Which only seems fair considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of children in the public school system are Christian!

So, is “educator” Bauer living under a rock, or is she deliberately trying to trash Christmas in the eyes of her wards?

Well, considering the extensive history of positive litigation on this particular subject, it is my guess that the parents of Bordentown’s children are dealing with another brainwashed, “enlightened”, radical, second-wave feminist.

A feminist who is knowingly attempting to erase Christ from the public forum. A feminist who strives, whenever and wherever she can, to unfeelingly demean the primary faith of her students. A radical feminist who, while in college, was brainwashed to hate organized religion, and especially Christianity, as “patriarchal” and “sexist” by her lesbian-led, radical, second-wave, feminist university professors.

It’s time for Christian parents across the country to start to vehemently FIGHT BACK against these twisted women! It’s time for parents to come to the defense of their impressionable children by visibly, and vocally, objecting to this type of flagrant religious intolerance, because religious intolerance is also against the law!

Jesus' birthday

Jesus’ birthday

An early Merry Christmas to you all.

Update: After a news media blitz concerning this women’s arrogant efforts, including Bill O’Reilly calling her a “pinhead”, and despite her reversal of her edict, Ms. Bauer announced her “retirement”, in January of 2014. She was gone by February. Cheers for the parents who sued for redress and chose to FIGHT BACK!



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