Admirable Women – Althea Meyer Saves Africa, One Child at a Time.

Some of Althea's children

Some of Althea’s children

Althea Meyer is from South Africa. She is a member of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and a missionary.  Malawi, Africa has the highest mortality rate, for children under six, in the world and this is where Althea has chosen to live. The children’s health and salvation are her life’s work.

Malawi, Africa

Malawi, Africa

Most people would wither before this kind of challenge but Mrs. Meyer says she is fortified by the Holy Spirit. Her efforts are admirable under the best of circumstances but this rarely occurs as she must also cope with violent crime as well. Incredibly, even this does not deter her from her lifework and her mission.

When her house was robbed by eight men, not only did she vigorously fend off the intruders while they beat her with sticks and cut her with knives, but with courage that only the Holy Spirit could engender, she rebuked them as well. As they stole her belongings Althea was able to push an alarm button but she continued to tell the thugs that they would be cursed for taking her things. And throughout the entire ordeal she continued to yell, “In the name of Jesus, get out!” The robbers were eventually caught and were sent to jail.

So for now, Althea Meyers admirably continues to live out her Christian faith, while guided and protected by the Holy Spirit.  She is humbly content to do all she can to help Malawi’s children live holier, healthier and happier lives. Many call her the bravest woman they’ve ever met. I agree wholeheartedly.

Donations are accepted for Althea’s mission at IPHC

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