Current EVEntS – Anna Shireman-Grabowski Desecrates 9/11 Memorial

Anna Shireman-Grabowski leading her troops?

Anna Shireman-Grabowski leading her troops?

Well, here we have another non-Christian, wacky, “college student”, and radical feminist, who is in desperate need of attention. Whether its positive or negative attention, it doesn’t matter. For a radical feminist any kind of attention is better than none.

So, in order to obtain her 15 minutes of fame, Middlebury College senior Anna Shireman-Grabowski decided to destroy the 9/11 memorial on her college campus. She, and four of her radical, non-student, buddies, removed nearly all of the memorial’s 2,977 flags, each one representing a victim, from the lawn at Mead Chapel.

According to Ms. Shireman-Grabowski, she grabbed the flags because her was consumed with the “guilt” associated with “American imperialism.” Shireman-Grabowski, whose hyphenated name indicates a generational obsession with radical, second-wave feminism, is quoted as saying that she was “grappling with my complicity in the overwhelming legacy of settler colonization.” What? Settler colonization? Now, that’s a new one. What is she talking about? Oh yeah, of course, that’s fem-speak for those evil, white, European, Christian men who risked life and limb to bring America into existence!

This kind of irrational feminist “knowing” is an indication of the profound brainwashing inherent to the adoption of a radical, second-wave feminist lifestyle. Only these compromised women could publicly spew ridiculous, bold-faced, lies about America’s glorious past and try to turn something American’s have revered for centuries, into something shameful.

3000 flags at 9/11 memorial

2,977 flags at 9/11 memorial

Upon reflection, you might ask, what does the World Trade Center tragedy have to do with “settler colonization” anyway? The answer? Ms. Shireman-Grabowski claims that the 2,977 flags, which were inserted into the lawn by the College Republicans, desecrated an ancient burial ground of the Abenaki Indians, whom the settlers supposedly killed! Ms. S-G wrote, “While the American flags on the Middlebury  hillside symbolize to some the loss of innocent lives in New York, to others they represent centuries of bloody conquest and mass murder.” Yes, she actually wrote this.

Not surprisingly, Ms. S-G  was wrong on both accounts. Not only did the flags symbolize to everyone, the loss of life on September 11th but the site was not an Abenaki burial site. Don Stevens, the Chief of the Nulhegan-Abenaki tribe said no one from his tribe was buried on that hillside. Mr. Stevens is quoted as saying that his tribe didn’t approve of the flag-grabbing episode and he went on to say that, “Even if it was (a burial site), the flags would be a welcome presence. Our burial sites honor our warriors and their bravery. Putting flags in the ground to honor bravery would not be disrespectful.”

As the media attention mounted, Ron Liebowitz, the President of Middlebury College in Vermont, wasted no time in addressing Ms. Shireman-Grabowski egregious behavior. Mr. Liebowitz is quoted as saying, “the disrespectful methods of the protesters overshadowed anything that might have been learned from the convictions they claimed to promote.” He immediately suspended Ms. S-G from the college for one year.

Let’s hope for Middlebury’s sake, that she never returns.



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