Short Essay – Why Does Madison Avenue Hate White Christian Men?

At&TIn case you haven’t consciously been aware of it, everybody hates Christian, white guys. It doesn’t matter if you are reading a kid’s book, watching TV, listening to music, buying a car, reading a magazine, applying for a corporate job or applying to college, white guys are at the bottom of everybody’s list. Shamelessly ridiculed, bad-mouthed, insulted, and belittled.

Oh, and just  in case you are so “tolerant” and “color-blind” that you are somehow “unable” to recognize a Christian, white guy, you are looking for a guy who looks like a European – English, Irish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Danish, etc. – all of whom have Christian ancestries and most of whom have blue eyes. If this hint isn’t enough, just look for the buffoon in the commercial, I can almost guarantee you that his Protestant or Catholic great-grandparents were from Europe.

In my estimation, the very worse offenders in this matter are the TV commercials. The next time you watch TV, get a note pad and pencilState Farm and, for a change, actually watch the commercials. Now, take down the name of the companies whose commercials make a white guy –  the brunt of a joke, clueless, the fool, the incompetent, the nerd, an inconsiderate jerk or worse, the guy who can’t get-it-up.  I’ll bet you can’t write fast enough to make an accurate list of all of the lousy commercials that make idiots out of the Christian white guys.

Not only is this a subliminal and chronic attempt by the advertising industry to demean white guys in front of the world but it is also another subversive way to take the self-confidence away from little boys who are trying to define themselves within their world. Not only is the ad industry involved in this concerted effort to perpetually humiliate white, Christian men in public but the corporation execs who approve these commercials are just as culpable. And who are these decision makers and why is this happening?

SearsIt’s because radical, second-wave feminism has been brainwashing female college students for 45 years to believe that white, Christian men are evil. Evil because they are “domineering” and “oppressive” when it comes to right and wrong. Evil because they are opinionated about standards of good behavior and the condemnation of evil behavior. Evil because they are intolerant and small-minded, clinging to their guns and God at the expense of free expression and liberating behavior. Evil because they insist that there is good and evil and that they know from thousands of years of human history that following one path leads to glory and the other leads to grief. Ultimately, they are evil because they believe in Jesus Christ and His teachings! 

These representations of what qualifies as “evil” are insane! Christian men have, through their dedication, self-control, accountability,Fed ex responsibility and duty to God, family and country, have led America to become the safest, happiest and most prosperous nation in human history.

And yet millions of gullible, “with-it” females routinely fall for this line of radical, feminist BS in the name of tolerance. They prefer to accept hideous, deadly, life-threatening, truly evil behavior in the name of tolerance, believing that this qualifies them as truly “enlightened” and shows them to be “superior” to those who believe otherwise, when in reality they are just fools themselves. Fools who fail to realize that they are being used as patsies by the lesbian-led feminists who hate organized religion because it condemns them for the non-Christian and evil behavior they thrive on.

HuggiesThese very same fools are the “career” women who now hold more than 50% of the jobs, that were once reserved for family men. The same fools who run most of the Madison Avenue advertising companies and the corporate departments responsible for advertising. These are the “believers” and the “converts” to radical, second-wave feminism career dominion. These are the bonehead, “Christian” career women, who have been intimidated so much by radical feminism’s ludicrous ideology that they deliberately fail to take their faith to work but then shamelessly show up at church on Sunday as though they were good Christians! These “liberated” women are nothing more then flagrant hypocrites!

These are the “Christian” women, who are unwittingly in cahoots with their non-Christian co-workers, who smilingly scam these foolish women into writing, producing and approving the fallacious, inaccurate, misguided and in some cases, reprehensible commercial representations of white, Christian men (who are in reality their own men) on TV.

Idiots, one and all!


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