Good Guys – Harold Scott Puts His Money Where His Heart Is.

One of Harold Scott's Christian Billboards

One of Harold Scott’s Christian Billboards

Harold Scott is a retired truck driver from Wisconsin. Having spent his life on the road, billboards were an important part of his busy day, as they kept him informed and entertained throughout his travels.

Mr. Scott is now 72 and a devout Christian. After 43 years as a truck driver, he is very familiar with American highways and also with the effectiveness of billboard advertising. And so, he has decided to spend his savings evangelizing for Jesus Christ. But, the method he has chosen to spread Jesus’s message, is the unusual part of his story.

Mr. Scott has chosen those very same billboards, that kept him enlightened for all those many years on the road.  So far, Harold has spent nearly $750,000 dollars on billboards along America’s interstate highway, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His efforts have been both rewarding and controversial, especially among those who disagree with the way he has chosen to spend his money, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of his huge billboard’s says, “Life is Nothing without God.” How very right he is!

Mr. Scott is one of the Good Guys who made Christian America the greatest country on earth. Let’s hope that his efforts produce a renewed interest, and devotion, to Christianity among our pre-occupied citizenry, living in the secular fast lane.


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