Admirable Women – Erica Shead Insists That God Be Allowed as Her Daughter’s Idol for School Project.

Erin Shead

Erin Shead

A teacher in Memphis Tennessee asked her 10 year-old students to write an essay about an idol they admired. Erin Shead chose God. But when little Erin turned in her essay, her teacher told her that God was not permitted to be discussed in school and that she would have to choose someone else. The teacher then suggested Michael Jackson.

Erin was then told that she couldn’t even leave the essay at school and that she had to remove it from the premises as soon as possible.

Needless to say, upon hearing this story from her daughter, her Christian mother Erica was furious! Erica went down to the school and directly confronted the school principal, saying, “Would it be better if she wrote about Ellen Degeneres?” To which she received no response.

Erica then took daughter’s her story public. The response was immediate and intense, with many news outlets, including Fox News, picking up her story. In addition, she received advice from many Christian legal groups.

Soon after Erica Shead expressed her anger about the teacher’s denial of her Christian daughter’s right to write about God, the Shelby County school district issued a statement which said that while teachers are prohibited from promoting religion, that students are not prohibited from writing about religious topics. Let’s hope Erin’s essay received an A.

Erica Shead is a passionate Christian woman who deserves our respect and admiration. She is an inspiration to all Christian mothers who love and defend both their children and their God. More women should follow her lead and speak up against religious intolerance, wherever it rears its ugly head.

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