Longform Essay – Who Is More Obsessed with Sex – the Men, or Could It Be the Women?

PlayboyWe’ve heard it all before. “Men are obsessed with sex.” “All men think about is sex.” “All men want is sex.” “Men need sex more than the air they breathe.” Let’s, for argument sake, assume that this is true. But, is this not also true for women? And, if so, is this bad? Under the right circumstances, the answer is, “No.”

God instilled a natural desire between the sexes, for each other. Using the term “obsessed” seems suitable considering the vital importance of the perpetuation of life on earth, with the males aggressively leading the way. This obsession does not just apply to the human race either. Even the scientists, who monitor and observe the mating activities within animal kingdom, are well aware of the aggressive behavior of males during the mating season. This obsession, and its associated aggression, can produce ferocious displays of violence between males pursuing the same female.  Male giraffes’ battle-it-out with their long necks and horns, smashing and assaulting one another until one retreats in defeat. 


Male mountain goats literally butt heads, using their horns to ram the competition. Male walrus’ pound each other with their enormous necks and heads, often violently charging the interloper. The vast majority of the males on the planet are, by design, in charge of the initial stages of the sexual process.  When compared to the females, there is no question that the males are obsessed during the mating season and that they are, by nature, the aggressors.

No Life

Earth Devoid of Life

Without the male’s obsession to mate, the females would fail to bear offspring, quickly bringing life on earth to an end. It was God’s plan that males should lead the parade. He devised the rules and only He can change them. As a result, no fault can be placed on the male members of any species, including humans, for their obsession with sex, or their “macho” behavior, because the males are following a plan designed, and implemented, by God Himself. And as such, their actions must be respected, rather than denigrated. There is nothing wrong with males in pursuit of sex. Only the context of that pursuit can be criticized.


Courting, with Respectful Christian Love

After creating the animal kingdom, God created Adam, giving him “dominion” over the earth (Genesis 1:26). Then God created Eve, from Adam’s rib, not only for companionship but more importantly, for the purpose of human rebirth. Adam and Eve’s love and human desire for each other would allow the renewal of human life to come full circle.

Within the animal kingdom, God evenly divided the actions and needs of the males and the females within each species. In order to establish a value to mating, He didn’t make the process easy for either sex. It was a struggle, but it was worth it. The males take all of the mental and physical abuse for the privilege of pursuing and mating with their chosen female, while the females take all of the mental and physical abuse for the privilege of acquiescing and thereby bearing their offspring. Seems basic and seems fair, especially considering the positive outcome for, not only the creatures involved, but for the species as well.

God and man creation

God Made Man

When compared to the animal kingdom there is no question that human beings have been gifted with the highest level of intellect on earth. The reason? because God created man in “His image and likeness.” As a result, human mating rituals are more cerebral than the remainder of life on earth, but the assigned roles for males and females remain nearly identical to those with whom we share the planet. The males “want” the females and the females “want” the offspring. And so, just as in the animal kingdom, the human males are the aggressors and the human females traditionally require convincing.

The key to God’s plan for human mating has always been the God-given context within which sex was to occur. And we, as members of the God’s planetary family, should not only be grateful that God wanted mankind to, “be fruitful, and multiply” (Genesis 1:28).  But we must also remember that with this edict, we are remanded to abide by the context in which God wanted sex to occur. Neither male, nor female, functions in a vacuum. In order to fulfill the life cycle, they must come together as one, but the circumstances under which this intercourse occurs is a crucial element of God’s plan.

In addition to blessing humanity with a higher intellect, God also blessed humanity with deep emotions. Emotions to enrich mankind’s existence on earth and to be appropriately expressed through love and marriage. God also knew that human love was a very volatile and powerful emotion. And so, in order to safeguard men and women against the tragedy and heartache associated with, and including, hate-producing adultery, He chose to strictly define the context for mating and marriage.

The context is well-illustrated throughout the Bible but just to be sure men and women understood the importance of God’s safeguards for mating and marriage, He chose to dedicate three of the Ten Commandments, specifically to this issue. They are #4 – Honor Thy Father and They Mother, #6 – Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery and #9 – Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.

God couldn’t have made it more clear. For Christians, mating and marriage had context. And the sexual context of these activities applied to both sexes, but especially to the aggressive, obsessed male to whom God gave “dominion” over His earth, His animal kingdom and especially, His women.

God warned man that with this serious responsibility also came accountability. Accountability to God Himself, when He said, “you know you have a Master in Heaven.” (Colossians 4:1). There was never any question about the leadership role of men when it came to sex, or for that matter, anything else on earth. God created man as His earthly representative and only a fool could interpret God’s commands in any other way.

So, to say males are more obsessed with sex, fails to acknowledge the crux of the matter. The truth is that, throughout human history, both sexes have been rightfully, and privately, obsessed with each other. A man falls in love with a woman, and if she is happy with his attentions, she quietly accepts, and loves him in return, producing children they will spend a life-time loving and caring for together.

Despicably, thanks to radical second and third-wave feminism, this beautiful relationship, this loving environment, this ideal way of life, has been redefined as “oppressive.” These demented women have managed to change the context of mating and marriage. Today, they have been twisted into something unnatural, propelling “liberated”, radical, feminist, young women to the fore, as the sexual aggressors.

This potentially permanent, and destructive, change in social and sexual mores can be traced back to radical, second-wave feminism’s promotion of the “sexual revolution” during the late 1960s and early 1970s but, its false-start can be seen as early as the 1920s. This lack of sexual context for mating and marriage proved to be a failure at that time  and, luckily, the disturbing trend was quickly reversed.



The Roaring Twenties produced this short period of conspicuous female sexuality when, thanks to the fledgling movie industry (see my “Good Movies” tab on my Home page for more), the “sex symbol”, or Flapper, emerged on the public stage.

Victorian Women

Victorian Women

When compared with her Victorian mother’s long, up-swept hair, floor length dresses and corsets, the Flapper wore bobbed hair, slinky knee-length skirts and virtually no underwear. Prior to this unprecedented episode, America’s Christian women had always sought to follow the Blessed Mother’s example and remain modest and demur, devoting themselves to God and their beloved family while deliberately avoiding, and criticizing, any type of conspicuous female behavior. As with most female species on earth, these Christian women were rightfully less bold, both in color and behavior, then their male counterparts.

The 1929 Stock Market crash terminated the Roaring Twenties and with it, FDR’s Great Depression ensued, causing everyone, including the movie moguls, to rethink their priorities. These studio men began to reign-in their industry in an effort to bring joy, human dignity and civility back to a depressed and destitute America.

Motion Picture Production Code

Motion Picture Production Code

Towards this end, the Motion Picture Production Code (Hayes Commission) was adopted, and enforced, by the movie industry in 1934. This effort helped return the country, and especially its women, to their Christian roots of God, family and country. This remained the case for nearly 35 years and then, “all-hell-broke-loose”, when the societal chaos of the late 1960s was unleashed by the non-Christian feminist leaders of the sexual revolution.

Woodstock hippie

Free Love Anyone?

Without the influence of the Christian men who were remanded by their Creator to enforced the context of mating and marriage, we are today living with radical feminist mating rituals which are no longer enveloped in polite social mores, courting traditions, sexual safekeeping, religious obligations, life-long family commitments or financial stability.  Nor are they a private and personal affair shared between a courting man and woman, soon to be married. Today, mating and marriage are raucously public affairs, devoid of faith and all of the deeply held, God-given emotions, responsibilities and commitments that separate humanity from the animal kingdom.

Human history, and God’s plan, was intentionally warped during the 1960s when the conspicuous, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists (whose sex lives were already notoriously promiscuous as compared with Christian women) publicly insisted that women were entitled to as much promiscuous sex as the men. This was their attempt to make their non-Christian “obsession” with promiscuous sex appear to be normal and, at the same time, discredit the traditionally accepted, and privileged position of sex as an expression of Christian love between a husband and a wife who wanted children of their own.

Once these oddballs “liberated” millions of young, female, baby-boomers from their faith and family by promoting aggressive sexual behavior in women, the rest was easy. Mission accomplished. Now it was acceptable for women to be publicly “obsessed” with promiscuous sex and in hot pursuit of a hook-up. For those “cheap”, non-Christian women who began the process, their perverted desires now looked “normal” as the country was awash with millions of formerly Christian women on the hunt for promiscuous sex too.


Turn on, tune in, drop out hippies

This ridiculous premise deliberately set out to twist God’s plan by ignoring, or worse yet, denigrating, the natural instinct, desire, privilege, dignity and honor of traditional Christian females to be respected and pursued by the males of their species. But, more insidiously, the non-Christian, lesbian, radical, feminist leaders (who were the products of totally dysfunctional families themselves) realized that by disrupting this God-given natural process, they would cause the societal chaos they were pursuing.

Their ultimate goal was to undermine the seemingly impenetrable bastion, called Christian America, thereby destroying the personal constraints and restraints of Christianity that had so perfectly provided the happiness to which they themselves were never privy.

Hippie bus

A 1960s Love Bus

On paper, in academia and in the media, the obnoxious, radical, second and third-wave feminists believed they’d won another battle. And their twisted free love “success” was applauded by university professors, TV, magazines, records, movies, entertainment industry and by the liberal news media, which, not coincidentally, were nearly all owned, or run, by other non-Christians as well.

Once these demented radical feminists had convinced the gullible, Christian female baby boomers that their faith, family and country were meaningless, when compared to their own “independence” through the pursuit of career and promiscuous sex, the game was over, as millions of these brainwashed young women poured into the workforce, loaded-for-bear.

And so, “doing their own thing” became a way of life for these career oriented young women. Millions of young women who were repeatedly, and chronically, fed feminist propaganda though every media venue possible. Young women who were embarrassed, and shamed, into denying their natural instincts to marry and have children. Young women who were brainwashed into rejecting their innate need to nurture those they loved as daughters, aunts, sisters, wives and mothers, and to instead, take on the “phony” role of “male” aggressor, both in public and in private, foolishly treating their sex lives with the same disdain.  GGRRRR! I am Woman Hear Me Roar!

Today, women behave as though having sex were no more important than washing their hair. As though it were of no importance to their future lives, their spiritual ethos, their mental health, their physical welfare, their emotional well-being, or their self-esteem. As though they were no longer God’s fabulous female creation! This is a catastrophic loss for both young women and young men! A devastating loss of the exquisite, exciting and enchanting young love which, once frittered away, can NEVER be retrieved.

Christian couple

I will love you forever

two lovers

Our love is eternal

Today, the joy, spirituality and life-long commitment that surrounds the sexual communion of two Christian souls, who love and care for each other and their children, is gone.

What remains is an empty, soulless, act of human sacrifice to the loveless gods of paganism, performed by sexually obsessed female aggressors. 

But more unfortunately, this dehumanized, heartless and callous view of sex has gone viral, defining EVERYTHING women do, both publicly and privately.

Where once the sexual behavior of a woman was defined by her faith, family and personal self-respect, and limited to her husband’s desires, today, it is pathetically on display for all-takers, like a piece of meat hanging in a butcher’s window.

trashy women 1

Hi Guy! Wanna get laid?

Ironically, feminists have demanded, for decades, that women be respected for their minds and not simply for their sexuality. And yet, despite their rantings, they have deliberately allowed the reverse to become, the third-wave feminist, reality.

This morass of wasted, God-given femininity, is not a “success!” It is instead, just one more glaring example of the disastrous failure that adopting the ideology of radical feminism has been for young, impressionable, women.

To reduce young women to sex objects alone, denies mankind the unique gifts with which God blessed them. The heart, the soul, the kindness, the love, the commitment, the joy, the forgiveness, the understanding, the nurturing and the care-giving that men and children, so desperately want and need.

The gift of innate joy and happiness, which God specifically bequeathed to women in order to enrich their family’s lives, have been pointlessly squandered, and tragically lost, while radical, second and third-wave feminism has reigned supreme during the last 50 years.

That's it?

That’s all there is?

Today, women are more publicly obsessed with aggressive sexuality than the men ever were! There isn’t a women’s magazine published that does not include a sexually explicit cover story.

These sex fiends have taken the private sexual conversation, public, while at the same time, dragged courtship and marriage down to unprecedented lows.

Nearly everything these debauched, debased and demented feminists support today has a sexual message – either an explicit-sexuality message, including their support for abortion; promiscuity; sex-ed classes; slutty dress; immodesty; single motherhood; public drunkenness; adultery; public sexuality; Sex in the City; pornography, etc. OR a same-sexuality message, including their support for gender equality; LGBT movement: women in combat; women in men’s sports; women in men’s clothes, women in men’s jobs; women sans make-up; childless women OR, women as priests; men as women; women as men, transgender whatevers as whatevers; etc.

These crazies are all over the place! At work, school, church, neighborhood and your grocery stores! They actually want sex displayed everywhere and then they actually expect (the public to accept it) and the men to ignored it and behave themselves!! Duh!

These nutjobs are trying to have it both ways, neither of which is, by nature, sustainable or sane.

And more disturbing is the fact that they have intimidated Christian men in authority to foolishly allow these evil women to get away with this destructive lunacy by turning a blind eye to the horrific destruction inflicted on our once Peaceable Kingdom by these witches.

So, are the men or are the women more obsessed with sex today? Fifty years ago, when Christian men were running the country, the answer would have been, the men. And only because they were the ones who knew that they would ultimately be held accountable by the Almighty if they personally indulged in “peep shows”, prostitutes or porn.

Smart Phone?

Smart Phone?

Today, the reverse is true. As a result of the twisted propaganda spewed by radical 2nd and 3rd-wave feminism, the answer is the WOMEN are more obsessed with sex. 

Even the term “mating” doesn’t apply to their depleted behavior anymore. And marriage? Marriage has become nothing more than a big party with gifts, devoid of any religious overtones, including the God-given guarantee of a life of love and commitment to each other and their future children.

It’s now clear why the Crusaders in the Middle Ages invented the “chastity belt” for the women they left behind! They knew what we, in this Godless world, are just re-learning that once unleashed from traditional mores, women will spew explicit sexuality, all over the place!

And this, despite the emotional, spiritual and physical damage they themselves suffer. Like a moth drawn to a flame – odious, ornery, opinionated, obnoxious and oblivious.

The End

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

8 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Who Is More Obsessed with Sex – the Men, or Could It Be the Women?

  1. The first week I was in Oregon, I saw a woman living out of her car, trying to care for her 18 month old baby! This was during a cold spell at the beginning of March. The point is despite all the phony camaraderie that feminists extol, they really kill their own wounded.


  2. “…despite feminism’s rantings to the contrary, this disrespectful view of women was actually started by feminist women, not by Christian men”

    That is so true! I live in Portland, Oregon, which has a very pro-feminist culture. Yet Portland has more strip clubs and sex shops than any other city in America. Despite all the “you go girl” boosterism of feminists, Oregon has large numbers of homeless women. When I first moved to this liberal dystopia, l saw a woman who was living out of her car trying to take care of an 18month


    • God help these female fools! Feminism thrives on the promotion of explicit sex for women, as “empowering.” And these dopey young women believe them! Sex – personal, bodily, public, interpersonal, etc. is all feminist’s “knowing” is all about. It is the backbone of radical, third-wave feminism and has destroyed more young women’s lives than drugs. And it condemns them all to Hell, both on earth and in the hereafter. As Our Lady of Fatima told the little children in Portugal, “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” Today, after 50 years of radical feminist ideology, there are thousands of examples just like these stupid women. Stories about women who deliberately flaunted the teachings of Christianity, only to end up living in a hell-on-earth. Unlike the youngsters, most of these feminist failures are beyond the churches help now. But rather than admit this, the churches spend billions trying to rehabilitate, the unrehabilitateable. The churches should instead be using these women’s horrible lives as examples, to warn the youngsters away from the evil of feminism, and back to the safety of their faith. The Catholic Church is the worst example of this upside down thinking. It is literally, “burning the candle at both ends”, in this regard. Incredibly, they are CLOSING their Catholic schools, in favor of the care and feeding of the homeless, the addicts and the alcoholics. Good Lord! I ask, “What future is there in this asinine approach?!!!” If this keeps up there will be NO Catholics in a few generations as the Church has literally abandoned the children to secular, feminist, public education.


      • Yes, I know. But never at the expense of children. Jesus loved little children. And until recently, the Church placed always them at the top of their priority list, establishing thousands of schools to assure their educational and spiritual safety. Unfortunately, that is no longer true. The Pope’s recent comments with regards to gay marriage, “Who am I to judge”, is an extraordinary betrayal of children, who desperately need both of their biological parents to love and cherish them forever. Deliberately denying these children one parent, through gay marriage, is a deplorable disgrace. It is a shameful comment for a layman to utter, but for the head of the Catholic Church to give it voice, it is an perverse obscenity and very telling.


  3. I think there are extremes on both side when it comes to how women dress. I think there is the extreme on the left where women dress like whores or prostitutes and I don’t think God is happy with that. But there also to the far right, are people who think women have to cover every inch of their skin. A woman can display her beauty without looking like a whore or prostitute in my opinion, we as Christians will disagree on where those lines are of course.


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