Short Essay – Why Does America Hate Children?

My life's a mess. Nobody cares about me.

My life’s a mess because America doesn’t care about me.

Is there anyone who can say, with a straight face, that Americans love children? Is there a woman out there who believes that Americans are doing their level best to raise children to become productive and happy adults? Is there a man in this country, who can take pride in the results of America’s child-rearing efforts? Can anyone stand up in a crowd and say that our children are as safe, and as secure, as they once were?

Does ANYONE truly believe that America LOVES its children, because if they do, the empirical evidence proves them to be absolutely WRONG!

Our kids are a mess, both emotionally, physically and spiritually. And our “elitist”  judicial, and political, “leaders” are to blame because they are in lock-step with radical, second-wave feminism’s, anti-children, ideology.

America took its first giant step towards abandoning its children, in 1964, when the U. S. Supreme Court banned school prayer in our public schools. Public schools which were  filled to the brim (99%) with little, Christian children, most of whom were Protestant.

These children, and their parents, were indeed the “public”, and the public schools reflected their priorities and their 200 year old educational traditions.

Atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair

Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair (1919-1995)

The 1963 U. S. Supreme Court case, which ultimately banned school prayer, was called “Murray vs. Curlett”.

You can read all about this notorious case by clicking on my link to my post – Abyss of Abortion Vol. #1 Essay 1.

In short, the outcome of the Murray vs. Curlett case, in conjunction with other similar cases, was the betrayal of the century for little children. 

This case was the result of the recently liberalized U. S. Supreme Court, “led” by the powerful, Catholic, Justice William Brennan, Jr.

Brennan was on the bench for 34 years, from 1956 to 1990!

During Brennan’s destructive decades on the bench, he spread his leftist, anti-Christian, liberal ideology, far and wide!

The reprehensible case concerning school prayer was brought by a psychotic, radical, second-wave feminist, and atheist, named Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Her case was presented to Brennan’s court by her non-Christian lawyer, Leonard Kerpelman.

Kerpelman would prove to be just as deplorable individual as his client. He was eventually disbarred, and went to jail, for bilking a client.

This highly compromised twosome, brought the case before the U. S. Supreme Court in the name of O’Hair’s, supposedly atheist, illegitimate 13-year-old son, Bill.  

To this very day, it continues to astound me that the court ruled to wipe out the protective grace of prayer for millions of young, vulnerable, Christian school children, in favor, of ONE, supposedly atheist, kid!

If you know your American history you realize that the use of the  “separation of church and state” clause, upon which the justices

U. S. Constitution

U. S. Constitution

based their decision, was far-fetched and preposterous!

Their interpretation was the antithesis of what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they included that clause in the U. S. Constitution in 1788.

This U. S. Supreme Court ruling made no sense. Why did the court go so far out-on-a-limb to agree with these two weirdos?

Was there a conspiracy afoot among the recently appointed, left-leaning elitists on the Supreme Court at the time?

Looking at the results of this unprecedented decision, my answer would have to be, “Yes!”

The decision was intentional, calculating and extremely short-sighted. As the proverb says, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”, because  we are now living, in a supposedly Christian country, run by atheists.

O’Hair’s son, Bill Murray, profoundly regretted being used as a pawn by his selfish, narcissistic mother and eventually became a Christian, and then a pastor, during the 1980s.

Pastor Murray spent a good part of his adult life, pursuing his infamous mother around on the lecture circuit, trying to offset the damage she was doing to Christianity.

The television industry, which was in infancy, followed her everywhere too.

Unfortunately, this intense media attention gave O’Hair’s bizarre rants, some form of legitimacy.

The company O’Hair kept finally caught up with her when she, another son and her granddaughter were all murdered by one of her former employees in 1995. “What comes around, goes around.”

No Praying

Thou Shalt Not Pray!

The Murray vs. Curlett case was the beginning of the end of Christianity’s positive influence on the lives of little American children. The same Christian children who, for centuries, had been reared under the protection and grace of God, to become honor-bound, trustworthy adults. Adults who became respectable businessmen, workers, leaders, neighbors, teachers, neighbors, teachers, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and more importantly husbands, fathers, wives and mothers. Christian adults who would continue to provide America with outstanding Christian children of their own.

The fact that most people never locked the doors to their homes prior to 1963, spoke volumes to the security and safety that the Christian faith had provided to American communities across the nation. 

This was an America protected by Christian men, which is in direct contrast with today’s America, which is instead being driven, and attacked, by radical, second-wave, atheist feminists.

The removal of school prayer was the first step in the abandonment of our Christian children. As it would be shown, it would prove to be just the tip of the iceberg.

I couldn’t bring myself to include “abortion photos” but, legalizing abortion was next. The disgusting, debasing and sick process of abortion would prove to be the next betrayal of our little, innocent children, as radical, second-wave feminism continued to wash over the college campus’. Abortion was legalized in 1973 by the same liberalized, left-wing U. S. Supreme Court, “led” by the same Justice William Brennan, Jr.!

Attorney Sarah Weddington

Attorney Sarah Weddington

Roe vs. Wade, was brought by another radical, second-wave feminist, whose alias was Jane Roe.

Roe was single, 21, pregnant for the third time, by a third man. The case was presented before the court by two more radical, second-wave feminists, attorneys Linda Coffee, 28 and Sarah Weddington, 26 (who secretly aborted her child in Mexico in 1967 in order to continue to pursue her law degree).

Neither of these young women had ever before argued a contested case in their very short careers.

How could it be that these inexperienced, very young, female lawyers were to be heard before the highest court in the land?

Was there another conspiracy afoot? Another secretive, behind-the-scenes attempt to shatter Christian America at its roots?

Again, my answer is, “Yes!” The facts show that this radical court, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, was “looking” for plaintiffs to bring cases of this sort before their court. Cases which were based on radical, second-wave feminist ideology.

And they found plenty of disgruntled takers.

Jane Roe, who was in fact, a woman named Norma McCorvey, was to also regret her involvement with the Roe vs. Wade case, just as Bill Murray had come to regret his involvement with the Murray vs. Curlett case.

McCorvey also lamented at being used as a pawn by her two radical, second-wave feminist lawyers. Norma, who never actually had the abortion her lawyers sought, was so intensely pressured by her lawyers to get an abortion, that she finally went into hiding to escape them. It wasn’t until four years later that she learned the vile outcome of her court case. Norma was baptized a Christian in 1995 and has spent the remainder of her life as a pro-life activist.

Once legalized abortion became the law of the land, it became nearly impossible to insist that the citizenry maintain good Christian standards of behavior. How could anyone, with a straight face, insist that Americans refrain from cheating, lying, stealing, etc., when the deliberate and violent destruction of a teeny baby, asleep in its mother’s womb, was permitted? How could the authorities insist that people comply with the remainder of the rules without leaving themselves open to being accused of being a hypocrite?!!! Nearly every other infraction of the law paled in comparison to abortion. 

The Infamous Timothy Leary

The Infamous Timothy Leary (1920-1996)

And so, as the laws continued to be brought into alignment with the wants of radical, second-wave feminism’s demands, constrained personal behavior disappeared.

As another, notoriously compromised weirdo of the 1960s, the psychedelic LSD guru “Professor” Timothy Leary (who was abandoned by his father at 13) from University of California at Berkeley (the hot bed of anarchy during 1960s), once advised, “You must turn on, tune in and drop out.” With this insanity running amok in America was it any surprise that America’s, young baby boomers in particular, were left rudderless, in a maelstrom of deceit, debauchery and decay.

This predicated the total abandonment of America’s little children, as every traditional safety net provided by the tenets of Christianity was wiped away in the societal chaos left in its wake.

For women of the “Me” generation, the self-centered, narcissistic, personal pursuits, defined by non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism, including secularism, “career” and materialism were “In”, and traditional Christian marriage, family and children were “Out”. 

As more and more American women began to shift their allegiance away from traditional Christian marriage and motherhood, and towards, “career” and “independence”, children were viewed as less and less important to the “fulfillment” of their lives. Children were soon considered a “drag” on women’s illustrious “career” paths. And, in what seems like, no time at all, children literally fell off the public radar screen. Instead, radical, second-wave feminist “career” women took center stage in their place.

1970s Feminist Rally Poster - "Don't Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat" and "End Human Sacrifice, Don't Get Married."

By Abandoning Traditional Christian Marriage, in Favor of “Career”, Millions of Baby Boomers Abandoned Their Children As Well.

Incredibly, it was the women who publicly and loudly rejected and denounced the concept of family, marriage and children. It was the women who ultimately abandoned the children.

Today, it is obvious that the personally compromised feminist judges, both male and female, and the female political hacks who do their bidding, continue this unrelenting battle against children.

These are people who care NOTHING for children, just as their parents cared nothing for many of them. These hate-filled people have notoriously failed to legally protect children from the neglect and destruction to which they are routinely and innocently subjected, with legalized abortion at the top of the list!

And anyone who says that legalized abortion saves young women from back alley abortions has not followed the grizzly abortion case of the black, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, in Philadelphia!

Legalized abortion has done NOTHING to alleviate this nightmare. All its done is to allow those same back alley monsters to hang out their shingles out, in broad daylight!

Abortion is evil, whether done in secret or in public. The horrific results, for mother and child, remain the same.

neglected girl

No one loves me.

Our blessed children. Lesbian-led, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist women don’t want children, don’t need children in their lives, and don’t care for children. They don’t even embrace the concept of children as valuable entities. It’s purely and simply, “All about them!” and children do not fit the bill.

neglected children poster

That’s because no one loves them.

More unfortunately is the fact, that radical, second-wave feminism has side-lined, shouted-down and denigrated the Christian men who do love their children. And we, as a society, are ALL the poorer for it, but especially the little children. The same little children who are the victims of ghettos, child abuse, single-motherhood, divorced parents, illegitimacy, pedophilia, kiddie porn, crime and a legal system that deliberately strives to destroy their value to our nation’s future. 

Our children are now the innocent victims of the most heinous of crimes. Crimes never imagined, before radical, second-wave feminism’s ideology reared its ugly head and became the law of the land.

Unlike the non-Christian, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists, our Christian men would rather have died for these children, than let them live in these hate-filled environments surrounded by horror, fear and neglect.

We can thank radical, second and third-wave feminism for the assault on our little children. Their twisted view of a world, that revolves around instant gratification, narcissism, egocentric self-centeredness and female self-satisfaction has left us a legacy of disgrace and destruction. They, and they alone, are responsible for the putrefaction of our culture and feminist’s abandonment of children is at the apex of their legacy.

Through their evil influence they have brought about the demise of Christian standards of behavior towards little children, as they pointlessly strive to “one-up” the men as “career” women instead.

neglected child

Mommy hurt me

These self-centered, egotistical women have embraced the denigration of precious children, through blind neglect. Women, who by their very nature, should love and value children above all else, are now radical feminists, and by association, they are supporting the destruction of little children’s bodies, hearts and souls. Their off-handed acceptance of the proliferation of evil deliberately targeted at children is disgusting!

neglected little girl

No one loves me

Our children are under assault by these twisted women, as they turn a “blind eye” towards the evil they have unleashed and, the collateral damage and unintended consequences they have permitted to occur, through abortion, pedophilia, abuse, divorce, neglect, murder, violent video games, atrocious TV, amoral cartoons, grizzly movies, recreational drugs, and infant day-care warehousing.

The radical, second and third-wave feminist’s twisted, anti-family priorities continue to be spread by the liberal media, judiciary and Women’s Studies professors across America because millions of women, by their deafening silence, permit it.

There are days when I am ASHAMED to define myself as an “American” woman.
Where once it implied the love and reverence associated with motherhood, it now implies the debauched and disease filth once only associated with psychopaths.

Our precious, innocent children deserve better! Women, it’s time to FIGHT BACK and speak-up in their defense!!

THE END. It’s the Women, Not the Men!


2 thoughts on “Short Essay – Why Does America Hate Children?

    • I’m not familiar with a “child free” movement. But if it encourages women to remain childless while pursing a “career” instead, it is another despicable attempt by the feminists to deny women the joy-filled role for which they were designed! A woman who remains single and childless will someday be old, lonely, poor and dependent on the soulless government for her care. Only a FOOL would deliberately plan that kind of future for herself.


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