Short Essay – Your Daughter’s Body is NOT a Billboard!

11-year-olds? Maybe?

11-year-olds? Maybe?

I’d like to know what makes young women think that having as much naked skin exposed as possible, somehow makes them desirable to good men? It doesn’t.

First of all, 90% of women have bad bodies. Second of all, those two things combined, bad body and nakedness, makes them look like hookers, trying to pick up another “john” off the streets of NYC!

And what’s even more amazing is that, when they are pursued by that type of “john”, who by the way, is only looking for one thing, they are surprised when they are unceremoniously dumped post-haste, when he’s finished using them.

And now, this sick shtick is being unloaded onto innocent little girls by their own mothers! It makes me cringe when I see a “liberated”, third-wave feminist mother

13-year-olds? Maybe? Dresses run the gamit.

13-year-olds? Maybe? Dresses run the gamut.

buy a dress for a special event for her 11 and 12 year-old daughter, that’s designed to advertise their little girls for sex. Don’t these women care about protecting their daughters? Don’t they care about helping them to develop into women with self-esteem and self-respect? Don’t they want their daughters to be respected by men? Don’t they want to keep them safe, innocent and happy for as long as possible?

Remember, I’m not talking about college age women here, I’m talking about, very young, PRE-TEEN girls who are being pushed into adulthood years before they’re ready to handle the emotional and physical responsibilities! Little girls whose mothers should be warning them about the dangers of the world and how to protect themselves as best they can, not teaching them to advertise themselves to the highest bidder!

These are young, innocent girls, on the cusp of life, on whom nothing but innocent goodness should be showered. And yet these mothers dress their little girls so provocatively that you’d think they were their daughter’s pimps.

Daughter who loves her Dad.

Daughter who loves her Dad.

Where are the fathers of these little girls? They know what provocative clothes do to the male psyche and how it is perceived by men and boys. They understand human nature, and men in particular. They know well, the underlying motivations that provoke certain behavior and certain reactions in males. They know the triggers and signals that create the wrong impression!

Where are the father’s when their little daughters need them the most!!?? Where are the real men? Where are the DADS! The men who protect and provide for their families, especially for their little girls? Those fathers who love their daughters and want the very best for them? Where are they?

Have they been intimidated into silence? Shouted down into submission? Pushed aside as irrelevant? Divorced into oblivion? Come on Dad! None of that matters! Get some cojones! If you love your daughter, speak up!

Girls are being taught by people who love them to respect themselves at this Catholic school.

Girls taught, by people who love them, to respect themselves as young women, at this Catholic school.

Trust me, she can live with the sneers from her “cool” girlfriends about her “not so cool” dress, if she can tell her friends that her Dad liked the dress she’s wearing. That he liked it MUCH better than the strapless, mini-skirt, slinky, get-up her mother had OK’d.

Dad's and the daughters they love. A Mutual Admiration Society.

Dad’s and the daughters they love. A Well-Dressed Mutual Admiration Society.

Little girls love and respect their Dad’s more than you may imagine, despite their hysterical, pre-teen behavior. They want and need their Dad’s advice and especially his guidance into the strange, new, world of adulthood that they know nothing about.

Gentlemen, get your wife on board first. Tell her what you know to be true! Tell her your hopes and dreams of a good marriage, to a good man, for your precious daughter! Tell her that that journey starts with the clothes she buys for your daughter! Believe me, in the end, neither of them will mind your “interference” because if you explain your issues with your daughter’s clothes, calmly and quietly, they will understand that your concerns are generated by experience and true love.

Just last weekend, my church was celebrating the month of May with a procession, composed of elementary school children, which proceeded up the main aisle of the church to the main altar, in order to crown the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a ring of flowers. As I watched the children walk up the aisle I was very surprised to see a chunky, 12-year-old girl wearing a mini-skirt that just barely covered her derriere. My immediate reaction was – what DUMB mother would let this girl come to church in that slinky mini-skirt?! It was totally inappropriate for church, for her age and for her body.

But things got decidedly worse when it was revealed, and I use this term loosely, that this little girl was the child chosen to crown the statue of Mary, which sat on a tall pedestal. Mary’s head was well above this girl’s reach and as a result, she was required to stretch as high as she could to reach the top of the statues head, and even then she JUST managed to place the crown of flowers where it belonged, after many teetering pushes.

I’m sure you can imagine the view the 300 parishioners received as she struggled for nearly a minute to reach the top of Mary’s head and keep her skirt in place, which was impossible, at the same time! Trust me it wasn’t a pretty sight. Everyone was embarrassed, especially the young girl, who had her back to most of the boys in her class. It was awful! And totally unnecessary! What was the ding-dong mother thinking when she agreed to let this child wear that ridiculous outfit to a church service, especially when she knew her daughter was to crown the statue of Mary?!!

What is the matter with so many mothers today? Why can’t they dress their daughter’s with some decorum? Why do they buy

MIDDLE school (5th, 6th and 7th graders) girls dressed for school dance!

MIDDLE school (5th, 6th and 7th graders) girls dressed for school dance!

clothes for their girls that are age inappropriate and sexually charged? Are they just pain dumb or is something more sinister at play here? Actually, it’s both.

Yes, women are highly impressionable but more importantly, second-wave feminism has been asserting for 45 years that girls and boys are the same? That men and women are equal? That there is no difference between the sexes! And incredibly, women, not the men, believe this ridiculous concept is true! So they dress their daughters as though the boys are reacting to their daughter’s clothes in the same way that the girls do.

When Irene sees herself in her slinky, strapless mini dress, she thinks, “OH, don’t I look pretty.” When Jack sees Irene in her slinky, strapless mini dress, through no fault of his own, he thinks, “OH, wouldn’t I like some of that.”

Ladies, this is just how nature works! Stop listening to the lesbian leaders of second-wave feminism and the whores produced by third-wave feminism and stop turning your daughters into exhibitionists! These sick feminist women do NOT have you, or your daughter’s, best interest at heart!

Mothers are letting Noah Cyrus and her friends set the trends for 12-year-olds?

Who’s running your little girl’s life, you or Noah Cyrus and her friends?

Teaching your daughter that her body is a billboard, to be used for pleasure only, is a blatant betrayal of your role as a mother and more importantly, your daughter’s innocence and her very soul.

I don’t care what’s “in” – tattoos, drugs, cigarettes, sexy clothes, excessive alcohol use and indiscriminate sex. It is all bad! And it’s on the rise, and it’s affecting younger and younger children, thanks to the twisted priorities and subliminal influence of radical feminism through pop culture and television.

GET A GRIP ON YOURSELVES WOMEN! The very last thing these poor little girls need is a mother who agrees with all of it!

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

8 thoughts on “Short Essay – Your Daughter’s Body is NOT a Billboard!

  1. Kathy,

    As as a Christian Dad I think I am somewhere in the middle on this. I hate those beauty pageants they put this 5 year old girls in, gobbed with makeup and wearing very in appropriate clothing for their age.

    But I do believe that clothing can take a change into the teen years, especially as girls want to display their beauty more as their hips and breasts develop. My daughter is very developed for her age(12) and her breasts are larger than many adult women.

    I have standards for her of what is too much, but I what I think is ok might night be ok for other parents. For instance I would not have a problem with my daughter wearing the dance dresses you display(as far from the top), but I would not want her dress to come above her knees.

    There is a line between dressing slutty, and accentuating your beauty, even as a teenage girl. I respect and understand where you are coming as I was raised in a strict protestant Christian school and they thought young women should dress as you portrayed here.

    My daughter is extremely mature for her age, both physically and mentally so she and can I have some more mature conversations than some parents might be able to have that age. I have told her there is a line, and it my job as a Dad to help point that line out to her.

    Both girls and boys BOTH have responsibility. Girls need to not dress like prostitutes, but just because a teen girl is where a beautiful gown for a dance that shows a little more than usual on top does not give the boys an excuse to pawing all over acting like animals either.

    And yes in my humble opinion, a girl can show her beauty in a classy way, even showing her shoulders, and its OK for the boys to notice their beauty. As I teach my teenage son’s, glances at a teen girl’s beauty is OK and natural, gawking at them is creepy and rude.


    • Obviously, you get my point. I certainly am not suggesting that young girls should dress like nuns, but, at the same time, I don’t think many mothers give the seductive clothing that they buy for their young daughters a second thought. You are obviously much more astute. And, yes, there is a very fine line between slutty and sophisticated, especially for preteen girls. Your daughter is lucky to have your input because despite the fact that she is mature or her age, both physically and mentally, she is still a child that needs protection and guidance from her father.


  2. This essay is very interesting. I agree with you totally that young girls should be dressed appropriately for their age, but i think this goes for everyone not just them. Women ( and men) don’t have a real sense of what style is. Its about understanding your body and choosing clothes that are flattering and tasteful
    . You don’t have to be frumpy to do that. College women, older women can be sexy without being sleazy. Your example of the overweight child at church is an example of that. Im sure her mother could have went to macy’s and found her a nice pencil skirt in her size that would’ve been more appropriate.


    • You are absolutely right. And adults need to consider the impression they are giving with the clothes they choose, too. But, “sexy” should never be an option. Very few women can pull that off well. It inevitably ends badly. Seeking to look “glamorous”, is a much better approach. It’s sexy, with class. For good examples of glamour, look at how well the Movie Goddesses of the 1930s dressed. Joan Crawford in her 1935 film, No More Ladies, looks both sexy and very classy! Although she is dressed-to-the-nines in this movie, there are plenty of movies from that era with the actresses dressed in glamorous daytime clothes too. I think you are onto something with the focus of your blog. You will accomplish more with young mothers who are dressing their daughter’s for the first time rather than trying to change the dressing styles of adults who already define themselves with the styles they wear. It’s obvious many young mothers are in desperate need of good clothing advice for their daughters and the encouragement to follow through, despite the objections. Best of luck and thanks for your comment.


  3. I told my daughters they couldn’t date until thay were THIRTY. I later relented. They turned out well, but it wasn’t until they were well into their teens that they realized I really wouldn’t kill them. Tim S


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