Short Essay – A Sincere Thanks to My Community of Followers

embassassed happy faceDear Followers,

I recently attended my first writer’s conference and discovered that there was much I did not know about blog “engagement”. The most alarming discovery was that when someone chooses to “follow” your blog that a “thank you” is required.

And although I am still trying to determine the path by which this is routinely done on WordPress, I would like to apologize for this oversight on my part and thank each and every one of you for choosing to “follow” my blog.

I am afraid that my efforts have been somewhat lopsided in this area as I have spent nearly all of my time concentrating on trying to provide my readers with good content through quality writing on a consistent basis.

If any of you were disappointed, or annoyed, when I did not thank you for choosing to follow my blog I am sincerely sorry. I will be more “engaged” in the future as  I am now more informed about blogging courtesy.

I continue to enjoy my readers “likes” and comments and look forward to more interaction. As I’m sure all of you realize, these daily responses from my readers are one of the primary motivating factors for my continued efforts.

In closing, I would like to once again, thank each and every one of you for following my blog and especially Patrick Latter, who was my first follower, and iGameMom who has “liked” my posts with admirable consistency.

K. Q. Duane

2 thoughts on “Short Essay – A Sincere Thanks to My Community of Followers

  1. I am guilty of the same thing also, K.Q.! So, let me thank each & everyone that follows my blog! Most of my followers also follow you, so that must mean that great minds think alike…or similar, at least…Lol…


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