Admirable Women – Nicole Goeser Carries Concealed Weapon

Nichol Goeser - NRA's 2012 Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award winner.

Nicole Goeser – NRA’s 2012 Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award winner.

In 2009 Nicole was working at a local restaurant in Tennessee with her husband Ben when a man who had been sending her inappropriate e-mails walked in. She was a concealed carry permit holder but because Tennessee law would not permit her to bring the gun into the restaurant, she had obligingly left her gun locked in the console of her car. This would prove to be a fatal restriction as the strange man walked directly up to her husband and killed him, right before her eyes.

This traumatic experience left Nicole devastated but determined to have the restrictions on the Right to Carry laws repealed. She was, and still is, an ardent and out-spoken supporter of the Second Amendment rights. And through her gut-wrenching testimony about her inability to save her husband’s life that night because she was following the “law”, “restaurant carry” bills were passed in both Tennessee and Ohio.

Mrs. Goeser spends her time lecturing about the importance of the Second Amendment. Nicole says,  “The founders of our great country saw that people who wish to do us harm would not be so successful if we, as a citizenry were armed. It is a right to self-defense, not a privilege.” Here is a woman you can’t help by admire.

If Americans had not been armed, the likelihood is that we would have lost the American Revolution to the British. This is not a topic for debate. Every person on earth has a right to self-defense with whatever they choose to use, whether it’s ice picks, baseball bats or Uzi’s.  Period.

Dade County Florida instituted a Right to Carry law and saw a 30% drop in violent crime in just a year. Despite what the political wimps and cowards claim, there is no down side to an armed citizenry, unless of course you are part of a government with tyranny in its blood.

Considering Homeland Security’s recent purchase of 1.8 Billion rounds of ammunition (the purchase of which has impeded the citizenry’s ability to find ammo to buy), which equates to more than 4 bullets for every man, woman and child in the United States.  (To put it in perspective, our war with Iraq consumes about 70 million rounds a year) and the President’s 2008 speech on Boulder Colorado where he promised the creation of a Civilian National Security Force and said that it would be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the U.S. military”, I worry that the tyranny hasn’t already started.