Short Essay – What’s Wrong with Being “Barefoot and Pregnant?”

Can someone explain to me why radical, second-wave feminists sneer at young women who want to stay home and have children of their own? Why they use the phrase, “Barefoot and Pregnant” as though this were in some way a slur, intended to demean those very same women?

What’s wrong with being barefoot and pregnant? To me, the expression conjures up lovely, serene scenes of happy women. Women who are loved by their husbands and happy with themselves and their God for the blessing about to be bestowed upon them.

I see….

on beachA young woman, barefoot and lying on a sandy beach, while awaiting the birth of her precious child.

Or a young couple playing in the grass with their two-year old while the pregnant mother relaxes and wiggles her toes in the cool grass

Or a beautiful woman sitting on a dock daydreaming about her soon to be born son, while splashing her feet in the clear water. at lake

on sofa

A husband and his pregnant wife curled up on the sofa while they warm their feet by the fire or enjoy a movie.

foot massage

Or a happy, mother-to-be having her bare feet massaged by her devoted husband.

I can’t understand why the term “barefoot and pregnant” has taken on such a negative meaning, unless you consider the miserable , depraved feminists who throw it around.

Are they jealous? You bet!!! 

The End. It’s the Women, Not the Men!

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