Admirable Women – Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, Brings Women Back to Office

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

Granted, there is some hypocrisy in Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to no longer permit her employees to work from home because she paid to build a nursery for her infant son, right next door to her office BUT no one can accuse her of not doing her job because she is in the office every day.

This is the first time I can remember hearing about a female CEO or CFO who was actually concerned with her company’s bottom line and not trying to garner perks and goodies from her company for her female feminist “employees”, who are in reality, just career “hobbyists” looking to remake corporate America into their vision of home away from home.

Most female managers spend their careers implementing the scores of irrelevant minutia at their companies that is needed to satisfy their radical, second-wave agendas to “feminize” corporations (and government, military, organized religion and academia) into their “image and likeness”, so that the companies are no longer “sexist.”

These liberated women spend their days fulfilling other feminist employees demands by addressing their feelings, personal needs and if necessary, this is accomplished through hugging and hand-holding. This feminization of corporations has resulted in flex-time; lactation rooms; on-site nurseries (and video cameras to watch little schnookums play); personal phone calls, texting and emails; telecommuting; human resource departments; work-life schedules; 6-month maternity leave; concierge service (to deliver items to children’s school if mother is on a business trip); limo service (for women who can’t drive); providing slimmer, lighter laptops for weak commuting women; coffee-break massages and part-time work!!

Citibank provides elder-care resource and advisory services. Johnson & Johnson provides employees with Alzheimer support groups. Hewlett-Packard provides women “off-ramping” and “on-ramping” benefits, allowing them to take a break from their careers! Aww! How sweet of them.

Indra Nooyi, first female CEO of Pepsi, actually stood up at a business conference and said that the stockholders were no longer going to be the companies primary consideration. She then launched multiple, politically correct (the origins of which is radical, second-wave feminism) programs to push the company away from its core business of snacks and soda and towards “healthy” products that she said were “good for you”. She also promoted the concept of “global social responsibility”, spending an inordinate amount of time embracing worthy causes. In her misguided efforts to “feminize” the priorities of the corporation and “mother” her customers, she even skipped advertising Pepsi at the 2011 (manly, man) Super Bowl, in her efforts to revamp the company into her image and likeness. The results? The public balked, profits dropped and in 2012 she nearly lost her job.

Come on!! This is ridiculous! No wonder everything is soooo expensive. It’s time to get the men in there to do the real jobs once again and send the women home because this “feminization” of companies is costing them, and us, a FORTUNE and it’s NOT working!! Women employees are just not worth the babysitting expenses it takes to keep them on the job!

I therefore admire Marissa Mayer for actually taking on the traditional responsibilities of a male CEO, which is to MAKE MONEY, not to waste it on pie-in-the-sky programs or give it away to whining female employees!

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