Working is a Waste of Women Vol. #3 Essay 18

woman on treadmillApplying to college in high school puts young women on a life-long, stress filled treadmill. And, unfortunately, they will find it nearly impossible to get off the treadmill once they start, without disappointing their parents, who spent a fortune sending them there.

Or, more importantly, disappointing themselves, their co-workers, their feminist female friends and peers when they realize that their bliss revolves around daydreams of getting married and having babies, rather than practicing law or being a corporate accountant.

This should NOT be. If a young woman wants to stay home, and marry, that’s what she should be allowed to do because, unless her college degree will help her to improve her family’s business, it is, in most cases, a waste of her precious time and talents, which are better used for the betterment of her family and her community.

And be assured, even if she doesn’t go to college, she will still find her bliss because young women’s communal contributions have always been an integral part of the fabric that knits a small town together.

In addition, young women are the guarantors of the future because without young mothers, and their children, a community eventually grows old and dies.

We have all witnessed this type of decay, a thousand times over, in nearly every region of America, because too many young women leave home to attend college and never return, but for an occasional grads

A college degree for women is fraught with conflicts because despite securing the expensive degree, establishing the career, expensing the salary and, adopting the feminist lifestyle –  the maternal desire for marriage and children does not disappear.

Another working mom. Looks like fun?

Another working mom. Looks like fun?

Today, the acceptable concession to this need is called a “working mother.”

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it isn’t.

This obsessive compulsive behavior often begins with young parents stressing-out over getting their 3-year-old into the right college prep, pre-school!

This irrational preoccupation with college and “career” doesn’t make sense because it is based on the misguided ideology of anti-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism and the female, baby boomers who define its agenda.

To those old hags – it’s ALWAYS been all about the “career”, now, then and in the future. To them, nothing else matters – not the women themselves, their families, their children, their communities and certainly not the men.

This short-sighted, narrow-minded feminist “knowing” seeks to prove one thing – that women are superior to men in every forum but especially at work. So, to this end, women MUST have a “career”.

And so, the feminist rat race goes on and on, for decades at a time, while denying one generation of women after another, the simple pleasures of family life, unaffected by the demands of a “career”.

If the rat race continues to fruition, and the young woman attains her mother’s goal of attending college, when she finally graduates from college, it is here that the 20 year pursuit of “career” is exposed as a fraud.

The young graduate’s newly acquired job’s salary, rarely offsets the tremendous expense of her four-year college degree, thus forcing many women to continue to work to pay off $100,000+ in student loans, well beyond their interest in their “career.”

But more disturbing is the fact that most graduates don’t find jobs in their field, and for those who do, the hours are awful and the “rewards” are few, and the expenses are many, thus stretching their limited salaries to the breaking point.

So, they either quit their jobs and come home to live in order to save money or they continue to pretend they are finding success in their “career”, while continuing to rack up more and more debt.

Either way, they eventually end up back home, where they started. The only difference is that AFTER attending college, they return home in debt, debauched, disappointed and deflated to take whatever job they can find. What a waste.

unemplyed college gradsWhere is the upside Mom? Being able to tell your feminist friends that your daughter went to college?

Sorry. It’s not worth the price she will have to pay, literally and figuratively.

Today, the colleges TAKE EVERYTHING the families, and their precious daughters, have, AND the institutions don’t even guarantee the graduate a JOB (career) in return!

And to make matters worse, the girl’s families, home town friends and communities miss them desperately.

For those few young women, who are “lucky” enough to find a “good” job after graduation, and buck-the-feminist-system as well, choosing to marry AND have children, the pressures of “career” turns their homes into virtual pit-stops, and their children’s schools into babysitters.

Soon, as the demands and responsibilities of their illustrious “careers” escalates and these “working mothers” become more and more immersed in the weighty world of work. They are eventually FORCED, by the inescapable demands of their “careers”, to waste their lives, and their God-given talents, aspiring to please the inanimate, unresponsive, heartless corporations, institutions or agencies for which they work, rather than expending their talents on those they truly love and cherish!

Why waste your life on a treadmill that never gets you what you truly desire? Get back to God’s original plan and let the Christian men deal with the world of work instead! They are better suited temperamentally for business anyway because they are specifically designed, and remanded, by God to provide for, and protect, their families.

So, as long as parents continue to raise their daughters as though there were no other choice but to pursue a “career” by attending college in another state, radical, second-wave feminism prevails.

And, by failing to embrace the traditional roles of young women as wives, mothers and community leaders, and instead, sending millions of girls off to college, everyone loses.

The truth is that it would be MUCH better for everyone – financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally – if the daughters stayed close to home, just as they have for thousands of years.

Staying close to home to safely marry a nice local guy, whose family, her family, has known for generations. Staying close to home to marry and have six great kids, who will some day lovingly care for her in her declining years and then happily carry on the family traditions after she’s gone.

In this, there is no downside.another family with 6 kidsdad with 6 kidsfamily with six kidsone more family with six kids





If young women stayed locally, they would be another link in the life of their family, and their community, contributing daily to the well-being and happiness of those they love, rather than trying to unsuccessfully, foolishly and ludicrously transform their co-workers into the “family” they denied themselves while sacrificing their lives on pointless feminist “careers”.

Grandparents, parents and grandkids

Grandparents, parents and grandkids

The generational connection to home, friends, and family builds and strengthens, not only the women, but the community as well.

Attaining maturity and a sincere sense of responsibility are the inherent results of this interdependency and intermarriage among Christian people who are intimately known to each other.

As a result, the community becomes a cohesive network of trust, understanding and forgiveness allowing its inhabitants, specially its children, to thrive and flourish unfettered by malice, fear or suspicion because everyone knows and cares for everyone.

Most Christian small towns in America functioned under this self-regulating guardianship until radical, second-wave feminism reared its ugly head in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  What a loss for everyone, but especially for the women.

If the young women want to attend college, do it locally, so they are home at night and better

Find God. He's the only One who can help.

protected from the debauchery so prevalent on today’s college campus’.

Debauchery that is inflicted on young innocent women, with the college’s benign approval, by classmates who are total strangers, and who lack ANY accountability for their behavior to you, your daughter, your family or your community.

And, when they want to marry locally, support those dreams too. Encourage the young men to become the bread-winner and teach your daughters faith and frugality.

The ordinary troubles of daily living will naturally come but the young couple will have lots of family and friends to help them through the age-old difficulties of married life.

And, the remainder of the Christian community, functioning under the protection and care of the men whose families have sustained it for generations, will take care of the rest.

There is no doubt that working is a waste of good women because they are desperately needed at home.  (If you don’t think you can “afford” to stay home, read Danielle Wagasky’s blog – to see that you can.)

Thanks to the insidiousness of radical, second-wave feminism generations of young women have erroneously spend their lives concentrating on “careers” that will never matter in the long run, while denying themselves, their relatives and their communities the joy of their many unborn children, who, unlike the government, will happily help see them safely into the unknown future defined by aging.

So, rather than sending all of our young women away to college to find feminist “careers”, leaving an aging populous behind to cope with the loss – keep them home.

Most of the really important and rewarding commitments in life revolve around the needs of family, friends and neighbors in your small town anyway. So, let them stay and enjoy them.

six childrensix kidsSadly, radical, second-wave feminism has convinced generations of women that they must have a “career” to be happy, when all the biological and emotional evidence points in the opposite direction.

It’s time to give-up-the-ghost and let the girls stay home, marry and have as many children as they’d like, guilt free. They will manage just fine and we, as a country, will be better off for their joyous efforts.

Remember, despite what radical, second-wave feminism wants you to believe, NO ONE has ever regretted having “too many” children.

And, the real truth, which they don’t want you to know, is that thanks to radical feminism there are millions of aging, “liberated”, “career women” who deeply regret denying themselves the children they can now no longer have.

It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued…


27 thoughts on “Working is a Waste of Women Vol. #3 Essay 18

  1. Hello again ma’am. This is another answering feminist challenge: How to answer “more woman involvement in society esp. in decision making incl. in government and business are the only solution for a country to prosper today?” Thanks for the answer and God Bless.


    • If you look at the history of our country, the more women “professionals” who are always involved in any, formerly all male, industry, business, judiciary, military, academia or organized religion costs more to run and is less efficient, because women are either distracted from their jobs by family obligations and/or demand costly changes to the workplace, i.e. nurseries, flextime, work-from-home, limited hours and maternity leave. They are less productive and effective at their jobs because they are very communal and waste time talk, talk, talking. And, to make matters worse, they are stealing (due to preferential treatment and hiring practices, plus quotas) millions of the traditional “family man” jobs from our young men leaving many of our most focused, determined and resourceful young men underemployed! In other words, women employees are more trouble than they are worth. If you look st the political history of our country, women were given the right to vote in 1920 and their voting patterns immediately shifted the country towards socialism. Due to our leftist college education system, most “educated” feminist women unfortunately equate socialism with charity, which is another reason why their influence should not to be garnered because socialism is wasteful and costs a fortune! Men view their jobs as a serious commitment to the betterment of their families and work accordingly. Most women view their jobs as simply hobbies and this lack of serious commitment costs every institution, in which they are involved, a lot money to offset. I can’t think of one entity that has improved its bottom line, productivity or efficiency because they’ve hired women over men. I see NO advantages, just disadvantages. I do not see any unique advantages that women contribute to business or politics, either financially or managerially, that a focused, team player, young man couldn’t do better and more efficiently.


      • That means if we want a society which was truly a meritocratic (based on competence) one, it will prioritize men being involved in society, government, and business? (which the feminists will cry “gender discrimination”).


      • Yes! Men were the original creators, inventors and developers of the very concepts of business, judiciary, military, academia, politics, science, math, organized religion, agriculture, etc. because, unlike women, who are NOT, by nature, true leaders. Women, by nature are communal and need to check with EVERYONE before making an important decision. And, they find it very difficult to make a decision for the good of MANY without doubts, men are designed to do just that. If a culture is to survive, compete and THRIVE in the world, it MUST promote the individuals who are most qualified to perform the critical jobs that need to be done and men have ALWAYS had the ability to mentor other men, whom the recognize as talented, even if it means those other men will someday outshine their mentors! Women are too fearful and jealous of the possibility of other women’s success, to be able to accomplish this gracefully. And this subliminal, and destructive, form of manipulative female competition goes back to women’s elemental need to successfully compete for a mate. They literally, can’t help themselves. Any woman who is more capable, charming, intelligent, etc. is seen as a threat (even in business) to their happiness, success, or ambitions, and must therefore, be eliminated, NOT mentored.


      • Excellent answer.

        Recently I encountered a commenter (about a need of woman in political office) in a news portal in facebook which said things like this (the video news from AJ+ was about fighting sexism)

        Quote by facebook account Beanie Culley.

        “Because unless women enter into politics Governments will remain with a view that only represents 50%of the population. Even less if you consider that women tend to be more interested in things that will affect their children than that is male children as well. Women generally are more interested in politics that affect families and the future of those families. Female politicians add balance to governing bodies. So women getting brow beaten not for their politics but for being a female politician still… in 2017. Hell yes that is news.”

        I believe you can answer her argument. God bless!


      • All feminists are liars and this one is no exception. She is making the broad-brushed ASSUMPTION that political men do not care about the future of women and children when in reality, men, unlike radical feminists who promote the destruction of women and children through divorce, adultery, explicit sexuality and abortion, consider their wives and children’s futures FIRST when making their decisions. Men are patriarchal by nature. It is the essence of who they are. Feminists, on the other hand, whose primary motivation is their irrational hatred of men (as can be seen AGAIN in the quote you included above) are the WORST sorts of politicians because they are generally debauched, misandrists FIRST, and that distorts ALL of their views and decisions. As a result, they are simply useful idiots for the left. Feminists can rarely address a problem without resorting the their feminist default position – it’s the men’s fault. Single-minded simpletons! That kind of FOOL does NOT make for a good statesmen,


      • Ha! Ha! Only extreme leftist NPR could publish a ridiculous, all-about-nothing, article like this! The authors tell their readers NOTHING new. Any high school graduate knows we were once a totally agrarian culture. We also know that women ALL helped with the farming chores, along with their children, who hauled water, weeded beds and carried firewood, because it was a matter of life or death for the family. The women’s lives could NEVER be described as a “career” in the feminist sense. Everyone had to contribute what they could in order to stay ALIVE! There’s a major difference between scratching a living out of the soil and working as a secretary! And, the vital point they fail to acknowledge is that these ancient women were working for, and with, their own families! They were not “working mothers” in the same sense as the feminists espouse today. These women of old didn’t have “careers”, they had travail! Today’s “career women” don’t work alongside their husbands and children in their own fields to grow crops for their own consumption! They are instead on an ego trip, seeking self-aggrandization, while their children are being raised by a daycare center workers and they denigrate their husbands as useless! Its actually an INSULT, to the ancient women, to compare today’s egocentric, and pampered, “career” women with the hard-working women of ancient times! They literally lived on a different planet! There is NO comparison between the two and there are no surprises in the research undertaken by these 2 females feminists, who elatedly claimed to have “discovered” what the well-educated public already knew. They are simply 2 self-important fools who are trying to justify the expenditure of their research grant money, when the truth is, they have nothing to show for it.


    • The non-Christian Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich wrote a book titled, “The Population Bomb” in 1968 and lied about an eminent population explosion resulting in worldwide starvation beginning in the 1970s. He was constantly being interviewed about his claims, as though they were FACT. He was around for so long that the entire USA baby boomer population, of 74 million, who were JUST coming of age, believed it was their duty to only have 2 children. We women took this hysteria to the extreme of shaming each other for having more than 2 children. It turned out to be all lies but the damage was done. We dramatically reduced our population growth to nearly zero, which then required admitting millions of immigrants to fill the expanding workforce. I’m sure Japan is suffering from the same baby boomer stupidity, but unfortunately they didn’t admit the immigrants that the USA did to try and offset their misguided “population explosion” guilt.


      • That’s right. Especially the Japanese are known to have Christian work and living ethic but largely not embracing Christian faith. In fact, lot of Japanese males today decide to not marry at all!! Maybe the feminists should be blamed.

        About immigrants in some cases I believe it’s also part of social engineering by a certain group of elites which were also responsible of corrupting the Americans and Western world in the sixties as you said and recently favoring so called minorities and murderous muslims in the West (not all of them of course).

        Further reading:


      • Exactly right! We baby boomers were childish, foolish, egocentric rabble rousers and we, as the female part of the equation, had NO idea that we were being USED by non-Christian, anti-Christian Marxist extremists, as “feminist” patsies, to undermine all of Christian Western Civilization.


  2. Hi Mrs Duane

    I totally agree that a “career” woman is a worldly woman who is seeking nothing but her own worldly achievements which are pointless. However, I am wondering, what if it is not God’s will for a woman to be given in marriage, such that she will not have a husband to provide for her. Genesis 2:24 says it is the man, not the woman, who is to leave one’s parents, and became one flesh with his wife.

    I ask because no one else in the Church today will provide for a fellow brother or sister in Christ in need, or who is suffering. They only care for their own families.

    What if she has some family members she needs to provide for, such as a disabled sibling, or ill parents?



    • Under those unfortunate circumstances, the woman has no choice but to find a way to provide for herself. My two maiden great-aunts never married. One became the top telephone operator for AT&T in NYC during the 1930-1940s and the other provided for herself by giving piano lessons and playing the piano for silent films shown at the local theater in the 1920s. One aunt lived in a rented room all of her life. The other was left the life-rights to the family home and took in boarders. My primary objection is NOT to women who are working to support just themselves, but to women who actively pursue a serious “career” while married with minor children.
      Many churches in the USA care for these unattached, elderly women, AND men, at their Old Age Homes. I’m very surprised that the churches in your country fail to do that for their single congregants. This is a serious failure on the church’s part and should be addressed by the hierarchy. But until this is rectified the local church’s should seek to provide “visiting volunteers” from their congregation to assist these women, and men, with their daily needs through an “Adopt a Grandparent” program. Many families are not blessed with living grandparents and would like to help the elderly. These parishioners can help, while allowing the elderly to remain in their own homes, with their grocery shopping, doctor appt., house-cleaning, yard work, laundry, making beds, cooking, or just visiting. This can all be done without having the elderly person actually live with the parishioners. It can be a stop gap approach to caring for these people until the church rises to the needs of the elderly who were not blessed with a family and provide an Old Age Home for them.


      • Hi Mrs Duane

        Thank you very much for clarifying what you meant by “career woman”. I personally think that where singleness is God’s will for a person, it is not something to be sad about, but something to be regarded as a blessing from God. Apostle Paul and Apostle Barnabas were single. Lydia and some other women in the Bible were single too. See

        I have a strong objection against women wanting to “balance” both a “marriage and family” and “career”. It is largely because of this desire for many women, despite being married, to keep their “careers” that they do not want to have children, and have less children. This is what I read in an article on about what is going on in Germany. Ironically though, people even in liberal Germany refer to careerist mothers as “unnatural”. This indicates just how one need not read the Bible to know that careerism and being a mother are not at all compatible.

        If they do have children, it is for their own personal adornment, not because they want to sacrifice themselves for their children. Hence, the feminist hatred for marriage in the true sense, where a man (not woman) leaves his parents to become one flesh with his wife, and have children.

        That is why I think it is against the whole idea of marriage to deliberately not have children. It is unnatural and wrong in my view. It is also just sad in my view. Have these people not thought about who will look after them when they grow old? The state? The state could not care less. The society? It could not care less either.

        I think there are aged home run by some Christian charities for elderly people. However, it seems that there is not that much that churches are doing for them, based on what I can see. I could be wrong though. I will pray about it.

        Thank you once again Mrs Duane.


      • You are very welcome. I agree with your assessment of “career” obsessed feminists. They are indeed, very selfish and this type of woman not only makes a terrible wife but an even worse mother. Christian men should AVOID dating these obsessed women, in order to save themselves from the eventual heartache that these egotists will somedsy inflict on them.


      • Actually, I misquoted the weekly electricity bill, it is more like $35-$140 per week, but still expensive though.

        I have been undertaking some work experience in a professional setting (I am young and single). I view it as a means to learn about people, and how to submit to employers, that is, authority, and not as a means of so-called “career advancement”.

        One thing I have learned is that men don’t like aggressive “career” women. Even if they are gracious and kind to them, they are not attracted to them, nor interested in them.

        More Australian men are marrying Asian women, and reject western women, because they generally softer, more honest, kinder, gentler, submissive and more family-oriented and motherly. I’m glad they are.

        Even where such marriages do end in divorce, I suspect it is not as aggressive and bitter, although certainly very upsetting.

        I myself have very negative views about the average non-Christian western woman.

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      • The fact that many Australian men are maritime Asian women is very interesting. Many American men married Asian women after the War in Vietnam. I’m sure this was in reaction to their American female contemporaries TOTAL adoption of the ideology of radical feminism as a substitute for their former Christian faith. It was VERY repellent.


      • Feminism is just a disgusting, despicable, garbage, irrational ideology, worthy of nothing but contempt. It truly is. Look at all the devastation it has caused to not only men, and children perhaps even more so, but also, society more generally.

        If I were a man, I probably wouldn’t even think of associating with any non-Christian western woman. I may be gracious and kind to her, but I would not associate with her. They would not get on my radar because feminism makes a woman unattractive. A hint of feminism is like poison that turns the water into poison.

        By having a feminist mindset, a woman makes herself not only unattractive, but repellent to men. Every man, whether pro-feminist or anti-feminist, knows intuitively that feminism is hostile against him. It is ultimately up to him as to how he wants to respond.

        I would advise every single man to never never never never never never never even think about marrying a feminist woman, that is one who does not hate feminism with a passion, and thinks that God-given gender roles are “unfair”, “biased against women” or “oppressive”. This includes even a professing Christian woman who has such views.

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      • Thanks so much Mrs Duane for clarifying your comments for me.

        I personally think that where singleness is God’s will for a person, it is a blessing. I don’t think one need to be sad, but rather rejoice, because it is God’s will. Paul, Barnabas, Lydia, Dorcas and other people in the Bible were single. The Church took care of them. They are blessed.

        I think I could be wrong about the lack of care for elderly people in Church where I’m from.

        I totally abhor the idea of “having it all” where a woman seeks both “career” and “marriage/family”. It is so double-minded. Where I live, the cost of living is so high that many women have to work. The electricity itself is about $900 per week. Health insurance is just frighteningly expensive.

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  3. In my country, several people believe marrying young can spells poverty or even can endanger national security (terrorism), thanks to the problem of child marriage which is rife in particularly rural areas in Indonesia, practiced by mostly conservative Muslims.

    Any opinion? Thank you and God Bless.


    • Muslims version of “marrying young” is NOT what Christians believe. Muslims engage in pedophilia, “marrying” 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 year old children! That, as Christianity shows, is well before those children are ready to handle the full responsibility of raising children themselves. Marrying that age girls should be declared illegal!

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      • Well, agreed. And let me tell you (and any Westerners who read this blog); you people definitely need to be more grateful to the Lord for a high number of influence of Christianity (although declining but still there) to your culture. Some other Christians in the world have no such luxury. Particularly in Islamic (like in Arab or Pakistan) or Islamic majority secular countries (like Indonesia and Turkey).

        By the way, should Indonesia de-islamized to match your advanced civilization?

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      • It’s difficult to say because I believe that the races of people, who adopt the muslim ideology as their own, have a much higher natural propensity towards violence than do those races and peoples who adopt Christianity as a definition for their lives and lifestyles. If you were to de-Islamize your country, the innate flames of violence may become explosive! For the very long term, it is probably best to allow Christianity to do what it does best-profess the Word of God to those who cannot see. If young Muslims were allowed to freely explore the Christian faith, I believe they would convert. I also believe that that fear is also why muslim “leaders” are so tyrannical. They know that they must oppress, limit, and subjugate their people, especially the young men, in order to maintain their muslim ideology within their communities and countries. And, I believe that, brainwashing their male children to HATE Christianity is a principle part of their plan to keep the violence against Christians going and their irrational ideology in existence. This agenda MUST be circumvented before any progress can be made to neutralize their muslim “leaders” influence on their male children. And this can be accomplished by a single influential man, just as was the case with the Roman Emperor Constantine, who is credited with converting the entire Roman Empire to Christianity.


  4. I was talking to a friend many years ago. His dad was a medical doctor. His dad said that the center of gravity in men is between the shoulders; the center of gravity in women is between the hips. The Lord created men to work and the Lord created women to raise and nurture children.

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    • I have absolutely no doubt about that conclusion. Now it’s a matter of getting that through women’s thick heads. It’s an uphill battle with radical feminism holding the high ground at this point in time. I was pleased to read yesterday that the traditional left-wing sources of news (and anti-Christian rhetoric), ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, etc. are continuing to tank.They are loosing their battle for readership and viewership to much more conservative internet news sites. YIPPEE!. I can’t think that this won’t help Christian leaders reach the young people faster because their message feels so much better then the angry radical’s message.. I will rejoice when these vicious leftist creatures finish self-destructing. Just as the Bible says, “Truthful lips will endure forever,but a lying tongue lasts only for the moment.”

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