Environmental Eunuchs Vol. #1 Essay 15

The irony of freezing, Global Warming, protesters is not lost on the observer of this picture.

The irony of freezing, Global Warming, protesters is not lost on the observer of this picture.

If there was ever a quintessential example of high jinx on the high seas, it’s the brackish brainwashing of female “environmentalists.” Not only have these hysterical women ceased to think rationally but they are shameless proponents of unsubstantiated “science” and lack even a modicum of knowledge, common sense and good judgement.

Never in all recorded history has there been a time when mankind was placed in the #2 position behind nature until environmental hysteria came into existence and blamed every conceivable problem with nature on man’s greed, asserting that without their hysterical interference, man would eventually destroy the planet. Good Lord! What hogwash!

Progress requires men to take risks and with each new venture, challenges, and their associated missteps, always arise. Men have been pursuing new ventures and solving these ongoing problems ever since God said, “Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”Bible

This is from the very first chapter, of the very first book, of the Bible (Genesis 1:26).  God did not say we were to worship nature. Nor did he give nature dominion over man. God said that this Godlike creature, called man, was to have dominion of nature. Today, the female led environmental movement no longer trusts men to be vigilant  in this regard because feminists hate men and everything they stand for. They are therefore, not only in direct opposition to God’s command but have substituted nature for God within most of its “believers.” This misplaced priority, and trust, is wreaking havoc on man’s ability to continue to progress. Their “back-to-nature” dictates was not what God had in mind.

If God trusted men, whom Hemade in His likeness, with the responsibility of caring for the planet at the onset of Creation, how did we get to the point where today, where thousands of “environmentalists” brazenly think otherwise? The answer? The atheists stripped prayer from our public schools in 1963 ( see my link to my related post – Abyss of Abortion for details) denying millions of youngsters their connection with God. And today the atheists have managed to strip the symbols of America’s traditional Christian faith, not just from our schools, but from nearly every possible public forum, except for our churches (which will be next). This left an enormous gap in the lives of all of these young people born after 1963, and now growing up, in America. And it had to be filled with something.

 Foolish women unaware of the truth.

Foolish women unaware of the facts or the truth.

In their desperate search for the meaning of life, these young women and men  have infused environmentalism with the same fervor as Americans used to attach to their faith, with chilling results. This is especially true for women, who are doubly lost without their Christian faith. They suffer the personal loss of God’s grace and guidance within their lives but suffer the public denigration inflicted upon them by the lust, crime and violence permitted in a culture no longer functioning under the constraints of Christianity. They are victims twice over – fools for abandoning the human dignity that comes with Christian teachings and fools once again for blatantly, and arrogantly, assuming they know better than God when it comes to caring for the planet.

The planet has always, and will always, survive man’s ventures. It is God’s will. Only He will decide when our time on Earth is over. Worrying about the future of the snail darter seems ludicrous when compared to the horrific death abortion inflicts on a child and yet many women do not see the ridiculousness of adhering to both views. Save the snail darter and kill infants. Environmentalism is just as senseless.

earthGod has protected Earth’s survival in ways man can only dimly comprehend. The Russian meteor’s destruction in the atmosphere, as with all space debris, is a perfect example of the miracle of our Creator’s  benevolence. It burned up before demolishing  a huge chunk of earth.

He wants us to survive and has hardwired man to assist in that process. Man is the hand of God on Earth, and being human, will make mistakes. Men have always accepted this trade-off for progress. They are to be expected. Progress always comes with a price. This is an accepted fact of life and once those mistakes revealed themselves they were corrected and progress continued. They did not throw the baby out with the bath water which is the exactly what the short-sighted environmentalists routinely propose today. During the height of steel production in Pittsburgh it was pitch black at noontime from the smoke from the steel plants. Today, Pittsburgh is one of America’s most beautiful cities. Problems can be fixed without terminating progress.

Just in our lifetime, we have experienced, what was thought by many hysterics, to be man-made cataclysmic

Kuwait ignites its oil wells during Gulf War.

Kuwait ignites its oil wells during Gulf War.

disasters. The detonation of the first nuclear bomb, the sinking of the Exxon Valdez, the deliberate burning of the oil fields in Kuwait, the meltdown of Chernobyl reactors, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the leak at Three Mile Island nuclear plant, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If we combine all of these “horrific” environmental cataclysms together, they would not scratch the surface of the environmental damage done each year by Mother Nature herself. Tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves routinely ravage the planet, inflicting far more damage to the environment then man alone has ever inflicted. And when this is acknowledged, the true motives of environmentalists are revealed. They are socialists bent on using “environmentalism” as a political hammer to destroy America’s illustrious capitalist culture, thereby reversing the progress we’ve made, and deplorably at the expense of man’s long-term,  well-being. They care nothing for man’s future. They are only interested in destroying the success of those that came before them.

Environmentally friendly housing

Environmentally friendly housing?

Whether the environmentalists want to admit it or not, creating wealth is the only way

Landfill or lunch?

Landfill or lunch?

to sincerely save the planet. You need profits to fix problems or improve on what you’ve created and without cash, corporations cannot save, or improve, anything. And the result is that those inevitable missteps, cannot be corrected. If you’re not convinced, just look to the Third World countries around the world. Many are infested with disease, famine and routinely ravaged by floods and deadly mudslides. These poor countries don’t have the cash, generated by successful capitalist countries, to solve any of their environmental issues and as a result, millions of people die miserable deaths each day. starving kids

Is that the direction the environmentalists want us to go? It certainly appears to be.

It’s time to give God and man the credit they deserve and stop the illogical, ill-informed and irrational hysteria. God and man are a team. They can handle the needs of the planet. Man is not stupid, because God made him in His image and likeness, and as such, he will never deliberately soil his own nest because it would be at the expense of his very survival! He will always, by his nature, strike a balance between progress and paradise.

churchSo, embrace your lost Christian faith once again. Trust in God to do what is best for the planet He created, through the men He entrusted to do the job. Have faith that they can handle the unexpected predicaments that arise because it is preordained by God.

As women, the planet is not your assigned responsibility. Finally acknowledging this will notsleeping only remove the BS barricades to progress your involvement in environmentalism allows the socialists to put in place but you will sleep better at night too. It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued…

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