Political Pushovers Vol. #2 Essay 18

Where’s my methadone?

As long as radical, third-wave feminist women assume that government programs will salve their bad behavior and continue to support and “care” for them when they chronically screw-up, they will continue to be used as pawns by the political hacks who administer the programs, and their minions, thereby multiplying their personal problems, rather than reducing them.

Where’s my limo?

Despite what these ignorant women believe, the government doesn’t give-a-damn what happens to them. For all the government “cares”, these feminist women could drop-dead tomorrow and, other than deleting their social security numbers from its data base, it wouldn’t even take notice.

Where’s my Pampers?

Radical, “liberated” feminists who vote for the politicians who want to expand these social programs, just don’t get it! The government, in particular the federal government, is a heartless, cold, inanimate object which is incapable of “nurturing” or “caring” for anyone!

The federal government was designed by our Founding Fathers to do just three things – defend the country (that’s pretty mechanical), print the money (that’s pretty heartless) and set foreign policy (that’s pretty impersonal). It was never designed to solve individual personal problems!

Democrat President (1902-10) Woodrow Wilson – Workman’s Compensation

The fact that social engineers like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson and their comrades covered a rotten apple with chocolate icing doesn’t make these debilitating, soulless programs good for anyone.

Democrat President (1933-45) Franklin D. Roosevelt – The New Deal

These men only wanted the expanded political power that came with the programs – power to control the lives of millions of stupid people. People who should be looking to their families for help, first, to their church members, second and never to total strangers within a faceless, nameless government bureaucracy.

Democrat President (1963-69) Lyndon B. Johnson – The Great Society

There is no cure for an individual’s own stupidity. Unlike feminist women, Christian men have always understood, and accepted, this reality. Men have historically let the chips-fall-where-they-may, taking their lumps, or letting other men take theirs, where necessary.

If a man chooses to engage in risky behavior, he was given the privilege of experiencing the success, or failure, of those efforts.

If, of his own doing, he succeeded, he was hailed a hero by other men. But if he failed, it was in total solitude. Both scenarios were acceptable to the Christian men who took those risks. And despite this reality, including the possible risk of a very public failure, it was a risk most Christian men were willing to take to achieve their dreams, even if it killed them.

Ouch! Let me try that again.

Ouch! Let me try that again.

Men have always understood the need to learn-by-doing, even if it meant they might get hurt. In fact, Christian men do not suffer fools lightly and rarely helped one. And so, men who failed understood that they would rarely be rescued by other men, unless they were on death’s door. The risk-taker took his lumps, bit the bullet and tried to do a better job the next time. Period.

Pleae help me out of this mess!

Please help me out of this mess!

Women, on the other hand, are always looking for someone else to bail-them-out of stupid situations of their own making.

Please help me out of this jam!

They want Big Daddy to fix the predicaments they’ve created for themselves. And since most feminists have abandoned their Christian faith and also burned their familial bridges behind them, (as they pursued their feminist lifestyle of “independence” through “career”), when things inevitably go wrong in their lives, they are left with no other choice but to seek support for themselves, and in many cases their illegitimate children, from the government. 

Socialist Democrat politicians love this! They are in cahoots with the radical, second-wave feminists and they recognise this predicament, especially among feminists who have substituted the ideology of radical, second and third-wave feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith, because they themselves have adopted the same twisted set of priorities.


Democrat politicians are notorious non-Christian losers and moochers. Most are so cantankerous, and difficult, that they could never make a living in the private sector. And to prove my point – What happens to most established politicians when they lose an election? First of all, they become instant non-entities. Secondly, they try to become a talk show host, a consultant, a lobbyist, a TV dancing star, a comedy performer, a TV announcer or any number of other pathetic replacements for having been an illustrious  D.C. talking head.  Rarely do they succeed in private life.

Emperor Has No Clothes - Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale

Emperor Has No Clothes – Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale

So, these losers desperately seek re-election to their political positions until they are elderly. Or if they lose their position due to scandal, they temporarily go on the lecture circuit where they continue preaching to the choir until their bag of wind is deflated. Or they become a radical professor at a university, and cause more trouble, by brainwashing the gullible young collegians, with anti-Christian, anti-American socialist rhetoric.

In the end, they prove to be nothing more than another version of the Emperor Has No Clothes.

Radical, third-wave feminist women are Democrat politician’s perfect pawns. Not only do these women overwhelmingly vote for government social programs, they represent these programs themselves because they overwhelmingly use these programs.

These brainwashed “liberated” females routinely make very bad decisions during their “independent” lifetimes while under the influence of radical, third-wave feminist ideology. Ideology which is foolishly based on “empowering” women through explicit sexuality, adultery, illegitimacy, single motherhood, fornication and “free love.” And most routinely fail to foresee the devastating outcomes of those “feminist lifestyle” choices until it’s too late.

Whether the radical feminist divorces the father of her children and drives herself into poverty – with food stamps and rent subsidies as her only lifeline. Whether she chooses a “career” over marriage and children, leaving her alone in old age  – with only a small Social Security check to rely on. Whether she has illegitimate children with multiple men, leaving her destitute –  surviving on a pittance from Food Stamps and Aid to Dependent Children. Whether she’s alienated her family members through her thoughtless feminist lifestyle leaving her financially strapped when serious illness strikes – forcing her to seek out free clinics for a cure, or whether she chooses drunks and drug addicts as “friends” only to find herself homeless – living in a government shelter. No matter which one of these, among many, situations she finds herself in, she becomes an innocuous number on a government spread sheet and simply another ward of the state.

Despite what women think, cold-hearted government programs, that dole out pennies, cannot, and will not, save her from herself.

Despite what these liberated feminists believe, only family members have a shot at getting any positive results through their physical, emotional and spiritual intervention with the woman.

Government handouts can’t fix the underlying problem.

FEMA tents for Hurricane Sandy victims can’t fix the underlying problem.

I have never understood why women feel that a sterile, inhuman, unfeeling, unemotional, insensitive bureaucracy can provide anyone with a support system capable of solving personal problems. It continues to amaze me that women can’t seem to understand this very basic concept. Government never really helps, because it can’t! It doesn’t have a heart.

Women have got to stop being political pushovers. They must stop voting for, utilizing, relying on or promoting these types of government handout programs because they simply exacerbate their personal problems rather than alleviate them.

The programs are not only disingenuous, they are dangerous. They inevitably do the reverse of what was proposed. Instead of assisting women, they destroy their initiative and self-respect, leaving the victims diminished, compromised and ill-prepared to face the future. Human problems are best left to humans, preferably family members.

Are you voting us into this situation?

Government programs, by their very nature, destroy and deny, women’s human dignity because they are not human.

Women should seriously consider the HAL syndrome from 2001 Space Odyssey before they vote for another government social program that is supposedly designed to help people, because there is not a human on earth that needs that kind of “help!”

 It’s the Women, Not the Men  to be continued…


2 thoughts on “Political Pushovers Vol. #2 Essay 18

  1. As always, it starts with the hand that rocks the cradle.

    KQ I don’t know if it is just me but I see Adam and Eve in the garden all over again… the snake is government interfering where it does not need to but yet she wants *its* help to solve problems..

    And its more recently ugly jello interference in marriage.

    …Uh, yeah how is that working for you?

    Excellent write up, KQ!


    • I agree. There are so many “entities” out there that are seeking to destroy our relationship with God, by enticing us to put our trust in their false narratives, that we must be ever vigilant to their plots to undo us.

      Liked by 1 person

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