TV is Terrible Vol. #3 Essay 13

Unsupervised kids watching TV! OMG!

There was a time, when parents were not afraid to let their children watch TV, unsupervised. Today, it’s a completely different story. Not only are parents worried about

Yikes! I’m scared!

having their children exposed to the age-old issue of adult content, but now they have to worry about unwittingly exposing their children to de-sensitizing violence, graphic nudity, recreational drug use, gratuitous sex and the glorification of criminal behavior.

Not to mention the “copy cat” imitation of obnoxious behavioral patterns learned by their kids from their exposure to the “nut cases’ routinely portrayed on TV series.

I can’t think of one good reason to own a TV, much less watch one? You can get nearly everything you want to “watch” on Sirius Radio, sans the troublesome video portion. Of course, Howard Stern lurks in the background but how could he be any worse than the visuals on MTV?

Ed Sullivan

Fifty years ago television was an innocuous form of entertainment. The shows were filmed live, and in black and white, including the soap operas. The scripts dealt primarily with happy families, funny people in situation comedies or cowboys and indians at war.

The Ed Sullivan Show was unique, as it showcased live entertainment –  comedy routines, singing, dancing, acrobatics and the Beatles. For good measure, the television stations had 15 minutes of news around dinnertime, hosted by the likes of Walter Cronkite, and a wrap up of news at 11:00 pm.

And TV was free! It was all brought to you through the TV advertising dollars spent by the major

Alcoa Corp.

corporations of the country including Dupont, Alcoa, General Motors, Reynolds Aluminum, Marlboro Cigarettes and General Electric. The corporations took responsibility for the content, as their reputations were on-the-line with the productions sponsored. As a result, they were especially careful to provide good, clean and entertaining, content.

At the time, there were less than a dozen TV stations and they all played the national anthem at midnight, while the flag furled on-screen and then “signed-off”, leaving a test pattern on the screen until the following morning, when their broadcasting day would begin again.

Until Congress finally stops caving-in to the pressure placed on them by the, MTV’s of the cable networks, we will never have the freedom to choose from the “a la carte” menu of TV shows, that some in Congress have proposed, thereby avoiding the crap that comes with the “package” deals the providers push.

These scurrilous stations, like MTV, know that they would not, if parents were given a choice, be purchased by homeowners (with or without children) and therefore would be cancelled for lack of viewership.

Only by allowing the subscribers to pick and choose, just the stations they want to view, rather than be trapped into the garbage filled packages, that they are now forced to buy, would the parents be assured that their kids were protected from the crap that’s now on TV.

Prior to radical, second-wave feminism’s successful push for “sexual liberation” and divorce in the late 1960s and early 1970s, television reflected the age-old, deeply held respect for Christian values and especially for Christian women. Women were always portrayed as good, kind and inspirational individuals. And, as a result, women were the principal players in most

Loretta Young

of the popular shows. And many talented actresses were the stars of own shows, including Ann Southern, Dinah Shore, Loretta Young, Donna Reed, Joan Davis, Lucille Ball and Doris Day. Some of the women were comediennes, like Lucy Ball, Shirley Booth and Joan Davis and others were glamorous, like Loretta Young and Dinah Shore. Other actresses played loving, respectable and devoted wives and mothers, like Barbara Billingsley, Harriet Nelson and Jane Wyatt. These television characters were wonderful women. They were inspirational and more importantly, they were HAPPY people. They were someone to whom you could aspire. These women, and the roles they played, set an excellent example for millions of their viewers, especially for young girls and women. They reflected both beauty and joy.


Today, TV portrays women as none of these things. They have devolved into sexual deviants, intellectual morons, obese loud-mouths, sluts and worse. As soon as one of these odd-balls opens her mouth, I want to hit the mute button.

Where’s the shame? Where is their dignity? Without these pig’s cooperation, the industry would immediately take a giant step forward.

Women have allowed themselves to become the most repulsive of creatures, and worse yet, they are fool enough to prance it across a TV screen as well. Why let your children, both youngsters and teenagers, chance upon this “inspiring” cesspool? Throw the TV out!

Today, the most costly household expense is no longer a person’s mortgage payment. It’s now their

Family actually talking to each other! OMG!

FIOS bill!

If you don’t want to throw out your expensive TV, disconnect your cable TV (and save $150 a month), and start to buy, or rent, DVD’s of your choosing.  This affords you total control over what your kids can watch and totally avoids the pitfalls of cable TV.

Or better yet, skip the videos and talk to your kids. You may be surprised to learn something about your kid’s lives when you actually talk with them, rather than, at them.

Have you ever considered just how little real conversation can take place in your house, over the constant drone, and draw, of the TV?  Not much.

Maybe it’s time to take your home back from the MTV’s of the world and return it to your family.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…

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