Socialism Sucks Vol. #3 Essay 6

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Socialism always fails because, as the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher once said, “Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” But, just as importantly, socialism fails because men, unlike women, are NOT, by nature, altruist. As a result, the communal utopia that the socialists espouse, can never be realized.

Women, on the other hand, ARE, by nature, utopians. They want everybody, and everything, to be coated in happiness. This predisposition was never a problem when their sphere of influence was limited to family, friends and neighbors. People they knew personally.

This unending capacity to “give” was of enormous importance to the cohesiveness of the family and, of a community. Women were the glue that kept them both together. By nature, women constantly communicated, nursed, cleaned, visited, baked and cared for the people within their sphere of influence.

Women have always wanted the “best” for the people in their lives and they have always been willing to freely sacrifice their time, and energy, to help family, friends and neighbors.

Unfortunately, when this behavior is unleashed on the world-at-large beyond their homes (and especially when influenced by socialist politics), the results are completely unsatisfactory.

Under these unrealistic circumstances, women’s overwhelming desire to help others devolves into meddling. And this is mainlu because it is being applied to total strangers, and worse yet, from the voting booth!

The all-important personal interactions, and the corresponding judgement calls that determine who is truly needy, are wiped away. 

This lack of personal interconnection, by the now “disconnected givers”, inevitably leads to abuse by the unknown “needy” who feel NO obligation towards the unknown “giver.”

Without the personal neighbor-to-neighbor, or friend-to-friend, involvement, the now impersonal, rudderless, unaccountable, “good intentions” go haywire when applied to a faceless, nameless public.

The corruption it breeds feeds on itself and eventually it simply spirals out of control for lack of accountability. 

And worse yet, the public (government) programs have proven to cost a FORTUNE to try to replicate, on a grand scale, that which was once done for free, by caring neighborly women. 

Nor do these socialist programs provide the communal benefits which were once so prevalent through these same “giving” women’s personal involvements. 

This is the deplorable truth about the upside down world of socialism. Throwing money at problems, without accountability, NEVER solves the problems. 

Democracy, on the other hand, represents a concept created, and embraced , by the motivated, ambitious, rational, experienced Christian men, of the world. It’s called the Protestant Work Ethic. 

These are men who are confident in their God-given abilities to do good work! They work independently to solve the practical, political and puzzling problems of the world. 

Unlike women, these men’s interests, and expertise, are global, not local.

And, as men, they understand the parameters that need to be met, in order for other men to eventually join them in their pursuit of their dreams. Unlike women, they have no fear of the unknown. In fact, it entices, and intrigues, them. 

More importantly, the unfettered freedom to both succeed AND fail is the critical essence of Christian democracy. 

Through God’s grace, Christian men relish an unseen future, hence they thrive in democracy’s freedom to pursue their individual dreams, unfettered by someone else’s limiting rules or regulations.

And, these men appreciate the confidence, that the essence of democracy demonstrates, in the goodness of Christian men’s ambitions. Christian Democracy trusts them to do what’s right. 

Women, on the other hand, prefer the familiar, the here-and-now, the present, and hence, they love the “do-gooder” concept of socialism,as though it were simply another benign form of charity, which it is NOT!

Again, unlike women, men are NOT by nature altruistic. Men are motivated to accomplish their goals for all sorts of reasons, but altruism, or egalitarianism, is rarely the incentive for their efforts because it is more focused, more personal. 

Rarely are men’s efforts initially undertaken “for the betterment of mankind”. 

Most of men’s motivations are driven by personal needs. These men are either very curious, intelligent or able individual or all three. And they inevitably have an intense interest in one topic. 

Or, they may have a unique interest, talent, drive, need or love that pushes them to seek answers to certain problems. Or they may have an injury, dislike, shortcoming, illness or loss that they are trying to overcome or cure. 

 Whatever the reason, men are primarily motivated by their own varied and prolific interests. But inevitably, when success comes their way, they graciously allow the world to benefit from their success.

In order for the community-at-large to reap the benefits derived from these unique individual’s obsessions, they MUST be left alone to pursue their dreams on their own terms. Unimpeded by government-created paperwork, supervision, regulations, meetings, correspondence, phone calls or interference.

Nothing has ever been successfully invented, or created, whether in medicine or business, that has not required the full and undivided attention of the man immersed in his dreams of success.

Socialism SPECIFICALLY seeks to distract those who try to accomplish anything on their own, through onerous regulations and busy-body interference, causing Christian men to use up valuable time on government generated paperwork and compliance. This is a disgrace and causes a country to stagnant and eventually regress.

People, especially men, must be given the freedom from government meddling in order reach for the stars. They must be given the freedom to try to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves.

Unlike democracy, which trusts its citizenry to do what’s right and good, socialism distrusts its citizenry. 

Socialism, by its very nature, assumes to “know-it-all.” It assumes to ” know better” than its citizenry.

In order to sustain this attitude, socialism must maintain the status quo because only then, it is possible to wrap that stationary target, in “know-it-all” regulations.

A moving target is much more difficult to control. Socialism’s basic premise is founded on a hysterical fear of NOT “knowing-it-all”, which is a busy-body’s greatest fear.

This process of strangulation institutionalizes stagnation. This perverted premise always leads to abject failure, as the world never stands still, and the socialist country eventually falls FAR behind the remainder of the free world.

Socialism is based on female fears of the unknown and it denies capable Christian men the God-given right to challenge themselves and to become accomplished individuals, thereby denying the remainder of the citizenry the benefits of their creativity, courage and determination.

Unlike democracy, especially American democracy which was developed by 32 God-fearing, Christian men, socialism is a disaster in the making.

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

to be continued…


11 thoughts on “Socialism Sucks Vol. #3 Essay 6

  1. Perhaps this woman’s thinking can reinforce your own conviction about women should not lead churches (I personally still cannot take sides).

    She said Christians should learn (and implied appreciation) for Marxism (the backstory still related to 1965 tragedy that I mentioned one year ago). She’s definitely insane and ignorant about suffering of Christians under communist governments.

    Shame to her! (as a Protestant myself I rebuke her in the name of Christ).


    • There isn’t ONE case where the adoption of Marxist ideology has benefitted the foolish people who initially espoused and embraced it. With all of the well-documented, and horrific, human suffering that has resulted from the implementation of socialism, only someone who has been “educated” solely by a government operated public school system, which has liquidated God from their curriculum, and therefore, their culture, could POSSIBLY advocate for a Marxist system of government today! It is in their total ignorance of the truth about Marxism’s trail of death and destruction, that they are dangerous. As a result, they must be immediately, and harshly, reprimanded for their historical ignorance and condemned for their foolhardiness, as soon as they open their mouths!


    • The murders back then aren’t justified indeed, and the Indonesian state should acknowledge it, but doesn’t mean the people should embrace or appreciate marxism as a solution for the so called “inequalities”, “marginalization”, “social justice”, etc.


      • Exactly. Marxism’s false “solutions” for the “inequalities”, “marginalization” and “social injustice” of the FEW, enslaves, represses and eradicates the freedoms of the MANY. As Jesus said, “For you will always have the poor with you.” And history has proved this to be true. It has shown that trying to eliminate poverty through redistribution of wealth, or any other form of governmental intimidation, is futile. The best results come from the freedom (democracy and capitalism) to work to the best of the abilities God gave you because that inevitably benefits many more people than the just the hardworking individual himself.


  2. How to fight socialism/communism without supporting past human rights violations associated with quelling communism worldwide? My country Indonesia are the example in this. Another example would be Argentina.


    • Just as the Bible remands is to do. Elect strong, trustworthy, truly Christian male leaders! That’s how America became a success. Remember that mankind is flawed. But true Christians strive to protect the innocent, even when they are used as shields by the demonic enemy we seek to annihilate. “Human rights violations” are used by anarchists, who hate Western Civilization, to subdue, and cause undue guilt among Christian men who seek to destroy evil in the world. It’s counterproductive to allow it to interfere with the ultimate goal of destroying evil men! Innocent people have ALWAYS died at the hands of their evil leaders. So, if they die during a battle to successfully destroy these evil leaders, at least their deaths were not in vain.


      • I presume you are one of the baby boomers in the 1950s, so I will give you a dark story associated with quelling communism in Indonesia.

        Do you ever heard about 30 September movement? 1966 killings of suspected communists? Or a movie called “Act of Silence” and “Act of Killing” by Joshua Oppenheimer? Or “A year of living dangerously”?

        What do you think as a Christian? I distrust the socialists/left wings but also not agree with New Order’s (Soeharto) dictatorship.


      • Baby Boomers were born between 1946 (right after WWII) and 1964. I was born in 1949. September 30 Movement appears to be undertaken by military leaders who supported the President, who stopped a military coup to overthrow the president. But, it also appears that the coup was also used as an excuse to kill the communists in Indonesia. Communists are ALWAYS anarchists since there have never been any countries which were FOUNDED by Communists. They therefore, ONLY come to power by overthrowing the rightful government through treachery, anarchy, murder and riots! As such, their very existence within another country is a real threat to that country’s existence. But, today, rather than treat them as an invasionary force, like Indonesia did, most countries just monitor their activities.


      • There will be nothing but corruption when non-Christian men are elected to “rule.” Christian men self govern themselves first because they are beholding to a high authority for their behavior. Men who are only beholding to themselves, and other men, will ALWAY become corrupt. “Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.”


      • I’m not sure you could even use the term “Christianized” Marxism. To me, it’s just plain Marxism, which ALWAYS fails to provide the “people” with the utopian results promised.


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