Current EVEntS – Linda Donovan, Executrix of Her Parent’s Estate, Steals Her Two Brother’s Inheritance

Walnut Hill Apartments

Walnut Hill Apartments

Linda Donovan, 58, was living alone in a subsidized, senior citizen housing apartment complex, called Walnut Hill, in West Haverstraw, New York, when she was arrested.

The complex was constructed in 1974 and is only available to low-income citizens over the age of 55. In order to qualify for residency in this complex, Ms. Donovan had to have very limited, or no, assets. The fact that she was living with her parents just before moving to Walnut Hill reinforces the depth of her financial woes.

Ms. Donovan’s depleted financial circumstances should come as no surprise, when you consider the fact that she was a radical, second-wave feminist who, decades earlier, had substituted the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of her Catholic faith .

One of the disturbing outcomes of this dramatic shift in allegiance away from God and towards self, included the fact that she was no longer living with the father, and grandfather, of her son William Maxwell and her grandchild, Jazmene Maxwell.

This one decision could explain why she found herself spending her declining years, alone and poor. Only a fool would follow this radical feminist path, as it is well-known that remaining Christian and married, ensures not only a higher standard of living but better health and more happiness.

271 Cottage Rd.

271 Cottage Rd.

So, considering Ms. Donovan’s abysmal financial acumen, one has to ask, “Why would Ms. Donovan’s parents choose to appoint her as the executrix of their estate?”

The answer may come to light during her trial but for now one must consider the fact that she was living with her parents, at their home at 271 Cottage Rd. in Valley Cottage, at the time of their deaths.

Could Donovan have plotted to deny her brothers their fair share of their parent’s estate by coercing her father to appoint her as executrix? Although we may never know, much of the corroborating evidence points in that direction.

When Edward Donovan’s will was read and it stated that all of his assets were to be equally divided between Ms. Donovan and her two married siblings, Scott of Hawaii and Matthew, 55, of Pearl River.

handcuffed womanUpon her arrest, it was obvious that Ms. Donovan had never had any intention of following her father’s directives.

For whatever reasons, Donovan had determined that her two successful brothers, either did not need, or did not deserve, the money she so desperately craved.

Linda Donovan’s final downfall began with the death of her mother Gilda. Mrs. Donovan died, in March of 2012, at the age of 85. Ms. Donovan’s father Edward, 87, soon followed his wife in death. He died three months later, in May of the same year.

Gilda Donovan had been a teacher’s aide in the Nyack School System for many years. Her husband, Edward, was a NYC cop for 27 years before retiring in 1975. He became a postal worker in Valley Cottage that same year. Twenty years later, in 1995, Mr. Donovan retired from the Post Office as well. 

Seven months after Edward Donovan’s death, in January 2013, Ms. Donovan’s parent’s house was placed on the market for $345,000. The house was reduced in price, nearly every month thereafter, until it reached a low of $285,000. It was finally removed from the market in September. In November, the house was re-listed, and it finally sold later that month for $269,500. 

This is where Ms. Donovan’s anti-Christian, feminist lifestyle began to catch up with her. Betraying her son and grandchild was just a symptom of her corrupted nature, now she betrayed her parent’s trust as well by ignoring her father’s will.

To this end, while first betraying her father’s wishes, she chose to then betray her two brothers as well. In this effort, rather than distribute 1/3 of the estate to each of them, she chose instead to withdraw $175,650 from her parent’s estate bank account for her own use!

Not surprisingly, Ms. Donovan put another of her plans of betrayal into action immediately after her father’s house was sold. Her unauthorized withdrawals began the month the house was sold, and continued for the next 10 months, until September of 2014.

Rockland County Courthouse

Rockland County Courthouse

Upon discovery of this latest betrayal, Ms. Donovan’s brothers filed charges against their sister, which resulted in her arrest. Donovan was charged with grand larceny in the second degree. 

Rockland County District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe

Rockland County District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe

District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe announced her indictment by a Rockland County Grand Jury, on April 15, 2015.


If convicted, Ms. Donovan faces the following:

New York Penal Law 155.40(1): Grand Larceny in the Second Degree

Theft of property, regardless of the type, valued over $50,000 is a “C” felony punishable by up to 15 years in state prison. This particular subsection is a common charge where an accused is alleged to have embezzled money from an employer or misappropriated funds. Any theft above $50,000, but less than $1 million falls into this category.

gamblingWe can only hope that Ms. Donovan didn’t gamble away her brother’s inheritance, and that some, if not all, remains retrievable.

But one thing is for sure, if this despicable radical, second-wave feminist was alone and poor before this incident, she will be much worse off after, becoming not only destitute, but incarcerated, cursing herself to spending the remainder of her life, as a social pariah. 

The radical feminist party's OVER!

The radical feminist lifestyle party’s OVER!

So, let’s all raise a toast to the radical feminist lifestyle!!!!


12 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Linda Donovan, Executrix of Her Parent’s Estate, Steals Her Two Brother’s Inheritance

  1. …have plotted to deny her brothers their fair share of their parent’s estate by coercing her father to appoint her as executrix?

    Hmmmm… this sounds eerily familiar… Samson and Delilah anyone?

    I don’t know why, but this makes me take a back seat and Satan worked on Eve in the garden to empower us (a lie) we take on the head of the family to smite him. Becoming not only our own savior, but also drunk punch with power. IT makes me wonder why women are so mean to their own sex. Power over men, power over one another…..

    I can only speak for myself, but I honestly try to pull the best things about my parents and practice it. I am not always successful, so I do strive daily along with prayer and another (present) new waking day to try again. 🙂 I usually notice if i did not start my day with prayer, I did not begin with flaws within myself noting why I needed a Savior to begin with. It is a rather humbling feat.

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    • Agreed. Prayer is a shield against the devil’s constant efforts to turn us (women especially) away from God and His teachings. Satan works in insidious ways to draw us away, even propelling some women to unwittingly, or deliberately, attack those who love them the most, their own families. And Lucifer’s job has been made MUCH easier thanks to radical feminism’s constant drone, in young women’s ears, about “independence”, “liberation” and “emancipation.” All of which are specifically aimed at detaching women from their families. This causes incalculable damage to those women and those vital relationships, which gives Satan the upper hand in those compromised women’s lives. Loving and respecting your parents basically guides every relationship to come. Without it, literally, all hell breaks loose.

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  2. I had a friend tell me I sounded foolish for telling her in Titus 2:5 God told young women they should be keepers at home. That remark cut me deep cause I thought she admired my almost 10 year marriage and career on the home with my kids. She said it’s great that I am able to stay home, but to me I feel like she doesn’t respect my lifestyle. I was trying to give her biblical footing to stand on so that she could leave the work force and come home and keep her own 2 kids full time!! She said her husband would never allow her to stay home. So maybe her harsh words to me were just a self defense so she could feel better about her situation. How could two Christian best friends disagree on what’s right there in the New testament? She did not ask me for this advice, I did come out the blue with it. I just want to know do you think paul was only talking to the women of titus who were unruly? Is this word application appropriate for young women of 2015 and I’d so how would you make a case for it? We are moving past this disagreement, but I will feel like she doesn’t respect my hard work of full time mother. I already know she wishes I would have dumped my husband along time ago. Pleas share your insights. Thank you


    • Please be happy with the knowledge that you have done what God created women to excel at-caring for their families, especially their beloved children. Your assessment of your “friend” is 100% accurate. She IS jealous of you and your family. It is very unfortunate for her but she substituted the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism for the tenets of her Christian faith with the predictably miserable outcomes. I’m afraid she has burned all of her bridges behind her. It is impossible to regain what she has selfishly trashed and I’m sure she regrets most of her feminist choices as there is nothing but loneliness and heartache. All you can do is continue to lead your Christian life as an example to other women who may be considering adopting a feminist lifestyle. This is where you can really help others. I’m afraid it’s too late for your friend. If you find the friendship has become corrosive, I would end it but continue to pray for her. She will always need your prayers.


      • I’m so grateful for these words. I will be writing them in my journal for good things to dwell on. I knew that when I visited her home and saw the gross neglect of a haven she used to be proud of that I had my work cut out for me in leading my bf back on track, but after she denigrated my thoughts on being a home keeper ( no not a prisoner on 24/7 lock down who never earns another dime for herself as she mistakenly assessed ) I knew we were at a crossroads. I used to want to own a business with her once we were older with more free time, but I’m glad to say I no longer desire that stress and busyness as I will undoubtedly have my hands full of grandkids. I am her children’s Godmother and that I will cherish. Yes I will continue to pray for her situation. Again I appreciate your reassurance.


  3. Hi K.Q! I have a question I would like you to shine some light on. I recently texted my best friend who is a mother of two young children while she was at work and I at home. I made the comment to her that she should be at home it’s biblical! She then goes on to say not in any Bible she has ever read. That’s when I shared the good news on Titus 2:5 that God said the younger women are to be chaste, good keepers at home, and this applies to us young women. She then goes on to say that I sound foolish to a person like her who studies the Bible, “I still love you though” she adds. Her justification is that paul was talking to the women if titus not us. She called what I said foolish and yet I thought I was living the life she wanted, home with my kids and married almost 10 years, boy did this remark cut deep. Anyway my question is how do you convince others that the words in that scripture ARE FOR us today? Do you believe that? And is it worth the loss of best friends when you disagree on convictions?


    • Unfortunately, despite your friend’s ranting to the contrary, she is NOT following the Biblical directive to women which places them at the center of home life, you are. And unlike your friend, your happiness exemplifies your good choices. She is instead just another run-of-the-mill radical, second-wave feminist who ignorantly believes that she can be both feminist and Christian when that is impossible, as they are diametrically opposed to each other. She cannot pick and chose her way through the Bible, anymore than she can chose to believe certain parts apply to her life and other parts don’t. The Bible would not have survived for thousands of years if it was not written for the living. I’m sorry but she’s a fraud, and to be honest, I believe her hurtful comments were predicated on jealousy. She is, more than likely, very jealous of you and your life. Take some solace in that and try to move away from her corrosive influence. You deserve better friends. God bless and good luck.


      • I too have run into *religious* women (who said they were Christian) in which their own households were nothing but stress. Some older than me! These are NOT Godly women.It is like a name tag they have on to NOT practice… I know this because it hits very close to home. They might talk about the bible but never scripture, nor paraphrasing, nothing…(it is like they have their own versions of the bible to practice) How can one look up to older women when they don’t practice Titus 2 themselves????????????? IT is heartbreaking to say the least.

        Dammit, I HATE that!!!! ….and their own version being directed towards one does not make it any better as when they set your own household in such a contentious uproar! it is simply madness being practiced and it still makes me want to cry….

        Both of these women deserve better… so much better.

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      • Fortunately, as long as you understand what you are up against you can defend yourself against their influence. If you haven’t read my post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism”, you should. It shows just how diametrically opposed feminism is to Christianity. Some women, especially older ones, believe they are Christians, when they are actually feminists, first and Christians, second.

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