Short Essay – How Many “Career” Women Believe That Their Fertility Will Last “Forever?”

childless testThe answer? It appears to be millions! I recently read an article written by a fertility doctor who was amazed at the level of misinformation that many of his clients had about their ability to conceive a child. Most were literally shocked to discover that they were unable to get pregnant after 40.

How could they be so misinformed?

Well, once again, this delusion is another symptom of the misguided information promulgated by radical, second-wave feminism.

Feminism encourages young women to pursue a “career” and, at the same time, it deliberately discourages young women from marrying, and having children in order to accomplish this, “more fulfilling” “career” goal.

And the reason is? Radical feminists abhor Christian men (and so, marriage) and they have no use for children (obvious in their support of abortion, contraception, etc.) and these two fundamental precepts of feminism are the basis upon which they created their twisted ideology. And these virulent anti-Christian, anti-men and anti-children undertones are the underlying themes that drive all of their efforts.

So, of course, the “sisterhood” behave accordingly.

feminism logoUnfortunately, this radical ideology is easily pressed upon young college women, who were brainwashed to become radical, “career-oriented” feminists as youngsters, by feminist academia, and the entertainment industry, and as such, are easily swayed further towards a completely feminist lifestyle defined by “career.”

But, eventually reality, and biology, comes home to roost. Most women discover, that despite the rants of radical feminism, they want to marry and have children!

But, unfortunately, by the time they admit this to themselves, for many, they find they are nearly undateable and worse, too old to have children.

So, what’s left of their illustrious feminist lifestyle? A 40-year-old, single woman with a “career” that’s going nowhere. YUK.

If this woman is very, VERY lucky, she may find a husband at that age, and due to radical, third-wave feminism’s focus on physical beauty, many older women still believe that their external youthfulness is translated to their biology as well. And, as a result, they believe they will all be able to have their babies in their 40s. NOT SO!

All of these can be blamed on radical, second-wave feminism!

All of these can be blamed on radical, second-wave feminism!

Unfortunately, when their desire, to marry and have children, finally breaks through all of the feminist BS about “finding personal fulfillment” through “career”, many discover, to their great surprise, that they can’t get pregnant at 40 because their chances of conceiving each month is down to 5%.

childless tearOne desperate feminist expressed the general ignorance of many arrogant radical, second-wave, “career-oriented”, feminists about age related fertility rates.

Fruzsina Keehn, 45, said, “I watch what I eat, I don’t drink, I take extremely good care of myself, and I come from a very fertile family.”

Ms. Keehn, who is a high-end jewelry designer on both coasts, went on to say, “Everyone in my life told me how young I looked for my age. I assumed it was the same on the inside as it was on the outside.” She had suffered the failures of eight in vitro fertilizations over a period of two years. And despite those disappointments, she will soon try to conceive with a donor egg.

Now I'd like to have a baby.

Now I’d like to have a baby.

Dr. Ingrid Rodi, an associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at U.C.L.A. says, “They all think they are more fertile than they are.” She goes on to say, “I have patients who say: ‘I’m 48 but everyone thinks I’m 38. Shouldn’t I be as fertile as a 38-year-old?’ ”

baby center, which has 25 million visitors to its site each month, did a survey recently and the results were telling. Of the nearly 2000 women polled, 74% believed that looking and feeling healthy was as important as biological age when trying to get pregnant! DUH.

Another doctor says his experience has been that a lot of the misperceptions concerning fertility rates is as a result of so many high-profile actresses who have had babies in their 40s. As a result, many women delude themselves into thinking that they’ve got time. “If Hallie Berry can have a baby at 41, so can I!”

As a result, millions of women find they’ve waited too long to become pregnant because they failed to realize that most of these wealthy actresses, such as Kelly Preston (48), Tia Fey (41), Selma Hayek (40), Susan Sarandon (45), Kim Basinger (41), Brooke Shields (41), Celine Dion (42), Molly Ringwald (41), Helen Hunt (40), Geena Davis (48), Meryl Streep (42), Nicole Kidman (40), Mariah Carey (42), Cheryl Tiegs (44), Jennifer Connelly (40), Mary Stuart Masterson (45), Uma Thurman (42), Julianna Moore (41) and Naomi Watts (40) paid dearly for those children.

The doctor found that most of his profoundly disappointed, barren clients failed to realize that nearly all of these actresses spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many years, resourcing multiple IVF (in vitro fertilization) attempts, in order to get pregnant in their 40s. And the reason? because it is so unnatural.

A single IVF treatment can run $20,000 and many of these women had several before they conceived. By the time a woman reaches 40, of the 2 million eggs she was born with, only 10,000 to 40,000 have survived. So, some of these women used donor eggs as well.

Thanks to radical, second-wave feminism’s push for “career first” there are so many older women trying to unsuccessfully have children after 40, that female age-related infertility, has become the most common cause of infertility today.

When you add to this number, the additional damage done to fertility rates, by the feminist’s encouragement of – herpes, HPV, etc. (“sexual liberation”), obesity (admire the mind, not body), anorexia (third-wave feminists defined by explicit sexuality), equality (smoke like a guy), and the blame game (it’s always the guy’s fault), it’s really disheartening that so many “smart” women got sucked into this BS.

Thanks to these twisted radical feminist “priorities”, including encouraging women to pursue pointless “careers” into old age;  the “sexual revolution” (as defined by Chlamydia STD (sexually transmitted diseases), now causes 4.5 million cases of female infertility; 12% of infertility cases are as a result of the women being too thin or too fat (twisted body image); 13% of female infertility is related to cigarette smoking (You, go girl!) and that in 60% of infertile couples the female is the sole cause (It’s the women, not the men!), its amazing that anyone gets pregnant at all.

For anyone who knows a delusional radical, second-wave, feminist “career” woman who is still operating under the misconception that she’ll be able to start her family at 40, here’s the truth. 


Tell her she better stop listening to her feminist girlfriends and, get a-move-on, if she wants kids!



11 thoughts on “Short Essay – How Many “Career” Women Believe That Their Fertility Will Last “Forever?”

  1. My mom had me at 41 and it was all natural, she raised me very well. As far as I know women are free to try to have kids whenever they want, but don’t always succeed. However, I see how so called “feminism” may effect this, but clearly if a woman wants to pursue her career, that’s her judgement, but what I am seeing here is that you believe that feminism is causing infertility because women decide to have kids later on in life. Google’s definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”, meaning that it was a movement to make all sexes equal. The definition of feminism that your using is not that, it’s most likely what has stemmed off from it, which is a clear misconception of what it originally was. Love is love, if anyone wants to be lesbian, they can. If anyone doesn’t want to get married and have kids, they don’t have to. If anyone wants to be fat, they can. If anyone wants to smoke even if it’s not good for them, they can. If someone doesn’t want to be christian or a certain religion, they don’t have to. If it’s a problem to you that people decide to own themselves, that’s fine, they’re your own thoughts and you have the right to voice them, just as I have my own thoughts and I can voice them too.


    • Unfortunately, you are typical of the young people today who were raised solely on secularism, which rejects any responsibility for the betterment of your fellow man, and, worse yet, without the understanding of the Christian standards of good behavior that has allowed Western Civilization to dramatically improve mankind’s lot in life. Your total rejection of responsibility for helping others do what’s right belies your selfishness and egocentric view of the world. “I’m ok, you’re ok” is the height of irresponsibility, heartlessness and callousness, all of which feminism espouses! It’s “all about you!” The issue of “equality” between the sexes, that’s promoted by feminism, is a TOTAL SCAM! It has NOTHING to do with acquiring “equality” for women and EVERYTHING about acquiring INEQUALITY for men! Feminism simply seeks to browbeat men into submission because the reality is that men and women can NEVER be “equal” because they are blessed by God with opposing traits and talents that conjoin, rather than contrast, one another. Read my post, “Longform Essay – Why Does the False Pretext of “Equality” Diminish, Rather Than Increase, the Value of Women?” It’s interesting that you can’t see the truth about the insidious nature of feminism when your own mother realized, at 41, that feminism’s promises of happiness and fulfillment through a career-oriented life without family with children, was a fraud. Statistics prove that nearly every woman on earth wants to marry and have children. And yet, foolish, gullible young women WASTE their most fertile, healthy, and beautiful years pursuing a CAREER! It’s just dumb! Feminism is defined by falsehoods and those of us who are old enough to have survived the tenacious grip of feminism and found true happiness with husbands who are devoted to our happiness and children we LOVE, want the rest of the world of young women to be VERY leery of feminism’s destructive ideology because, unlike the truthful, loving tenets of Christianity, feminism brings NOTHING but poverty, emptiness and loneliness to those women who adopt its lies as though they were the truth. Nothing you wrote is correct. Nor does it make for a fulfilling, joyful life. Helping other people find the same happiness as we have, is the essence of Christianity and if we ignored that responsibility, we wouldn’t be Christians, we’d just be JERKS! Please keep reading my blog. It may help you survive the evils that are inherent in feminism. Read my post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” to glimpse through the smoke screen of lies promulgated by feminism and to see just how far off the mark, of joy and happiness, that feminism truly is.


  2. I was just reading about you and realized I should have done that first before I asked what I did.
    I agree that being a committed Christian does alleviate those choices. I also agree that it should be easy as a Christian to abstain until marrige. I sadly I personally made very poor decisions in my early 20’s and have had to live with the results of those choices. I agree with you that being a fully committed Christian and choosing to date a fully committed Christian would have made those choices much less likely to happen. I don’t specifically blame feminism for my poor choices or my miscarriges, but I also don’t blame God for them either. I know it was a combination of factors that led me to chose so poorly in who I dated and in my actions I took. I will say I am back on the right foot and path. Thank you for warning others about the heartbreak such actions can lead to in their lives.


    • You too, should be warning others. Your personal experiences may be just what other, confused, girls need to hear before they make the same terrible choices based on non-Christian, lesbian-led, ideology of radical feminism’s priorities rather than the tenets of Christianity. Please read my post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” and another, “Short Essay- First vs. Second vs. Third-Wave Feminism” for more information. I wish you well and pray that God blesses your life’s journey from this point forward. You appear to be on the right path nod and you deserve SO much more than you’ve suffered with so far. Keep the faith. It will protect you from evil forever.


      • I do share my experiences and warn others of what my choices led to and the heartbreak that comes with it. I used to have a blog on Xanga before it changed to require you to pay for most blog features and sadly did not save my blog on these topics. I try to focus on following the Christian ways and also where I allowed sin into my life at the time. I have since corrected my ways and took the time after my negative relationships to right my self with God and get back to the close walk I had before that time in my life.
        I greatly appreciate your prayer and well wishes. I have had a difficult year due to the unexpected loss of my Dad last March, but I have noticed that since my spiritual life is on track and God has provided comfort during this season of grief and sorrow through friends, loved ones and even complete strangers. I will definitely keep the faith and will also be praying God blesses your life as well.

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  3. Thank you for responding.
    I agree that radical feminism does encourage women to postpone marriage and motherhood which can cause natural conception to no longer be an option. I still don’t understand how if they are seeing their doctor and getting yearly exams and not getting the information about fertility, but I guess some women don’t ask questions about such things. I also hope the women who did not freeze their eggs or do something similar, since that is how many women are postponing motherhood in the media, can consider adoption if they truly desire a child. It would be even better if they adopted from the older children in the system, but I don’t know how that would work if they are too career oriented. I do agree with you that it does stink when a woman or couple want to have a child and find she/they have waited too long or are unable to do so because of her biological clock being different than she/they expected.
    I am wondering what your opinion is on the use of birth control in general? Do you see it as second-wave feminism or can it be a woman being careful and responsible with her sex life in or outside of marital bonds. I don’t think that casual sex or even pre-marital sex in a committed relationship should be encouraged, but it does happen and I think that women and men should be safe if they are going to in such situations.
    I hope that you do not mind my questions, I enjoy discussing topics with other people and understanding what the others believe and feel about the topic. If I have asked anything too personal please just leave that out and accept my apology in advance.


    • Becoming a committed Christian alleviates all of those difficult life “choices.” None of those pressures should exist between two sincerely Christian individuals. They know the difference between right and wrong. If they truly love each other those decisions should come easy. If they really value the sacrament of matrimony and want to be happy ever after, there know better way to attain it than to start off on the right foot and embrace the tenets of Christianity and reject the ideology of radical feminism.


  4. I don’t completely agree with everything said in this essay and also wonder what kind of reproductive system education and sex education these women have recived. I was raised with great education about the female and male reproductive system and was also taught by my gynecologist from my early appointments what I needed to know about fertility as it relates to physical age not apperances. I was lucky that my Mother also taught me about our family’s genetic factors that impact when pre-menopause and menopause has occurred in my family.
    Where do you think the gap is in this type of women’s education that makes them believe that their appearance and a healthy life style will some how extend their natural fertility? I have a feeling that many of these women either never had a proper education about fertility and the reproductive system or they figure they can just use medical means to have a child without a thought of the dangers they pose to a child born to a woman in her late 30’s or any part of their 40’s. I don’t know if feminism is to blame for the lack of education in woman making these choices. Many of them may be influenced by the media and celebrities who have children later in life, who can afford multiple rounds of fertility treatments or other medical means to reduce risks that mother and child face having waited so long to have children.


    • Only radical feminism, and feminism alone, has encouraged women to postpone marriage and motherhood for the sake of “career”, including many foolish celebrities. As far as the reason so many women are ignorant about infertility? The ideology of radical, second-wave feminism is only concerned with preventing women from getting, or staying, pregnant in connection with their “liberation” through their “sexual revolution” frenzy. As far as feminists are concerned, the details for women who actually WANT to get pregnant, are NEVER discussed, thereby leaving most in the dark about the speed with which infertility overtakes them. And, ironically, these “career” women become infertile at nearly the exact same time that they begin to break “glass ceilings” at work. It is a tragic and a totally dishonest lifestyle as it makes women lie to themselves until it’s too late. And it leaves millions of “career” women feeling betrayed and without redress or recourse. It just stinks!


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