Current EVEntS – Teenage Bitch Rachel Canning Sues Parents for Cash

Rachel Canning, (18) - Demands Her Parents Pay-Up.

Rachel Canning, 18 – Demands Her Parents Pay-Up. These radical feminists are getting younger and younger.

Unfortunately, I live in New Jersey and much of what I write about is very prevalent female behavior in New Jersey. “Women” have become shadows of themselves in New Jersey, whoring, stealing, lying and cheating their way through life. But a recent case, brought by an 18-year-old New Jersey girl, against her parents, makes my skin crawl.

An out of control teenage girl named Rachel Canning, is suing her parents in order to force them to contribute to her living expenses, and her college tuition, after she thwarted their house rules, routinely slept at her boyfriend’s house, bullied her younger sister, skipped school, arbitrarily moved out of her parents house and chronically behaved like a bitch! Her parents have not seen her in four months, thanks to an interfering, and enabling, busy buddy, who’s taken her side, in this matter. 

Quoting CNN Justice, “Sean Canning, a retired Lincoln Park police chief and current business administrator for the town of Mount Olive, told CNN affiliate WCBS that he and his wife are “distraught.” “We’re being sued by our child. I’m dumbfounded. So is my wife. So are my other daughters,” he said. He went on to further explain that, “Living in our house, there’s very few things. There’s minor chores, there’s curfews. When I say curfew, it’s usually after 11 o’clock at night.” Sounds like a very normal household.

But, despite the fact that Ms. Canning is an honor student (which isn’t hard to achieve today) and a cheerleader, she has been in trouble numerous times for public drunkenness and has been suspended from Morris Catholic High School for truancy. 

Ms. Canning’s story has made national news. And, I’m sure the lesbian-led, radical, second and third-wave feminists are cheering on this little bitch’s efforts. Here is a girl who has been given everything and yet, according to radical feminism, she’s being “oppressed” and “dominated” by her Christian father. This snotty bitch has taken feminist ideology to another level. She has been brainwashed by radical feminist ideology to believe that her only avenue to “liberation” and “emancipation” is to legally coerce her father to support her debauched lifestyle. It was bad enough when radical feminism convinced the courts to trash the husbands of bitches, forcing them to pay-through-the-nose to continue to support their lying, cheating ex-wives, but now, they want the fathers of debauched daughters to do the same!

John Inglesino, Esq.

John Inglesino, Esq.

What most news stories fail to mention is that Ms. Canning is being enabled, including paying Ms. Canning’s legal fees, by a male busy buddy, former Morris County Freeholder and lawyer, John Inglesino. Ms. Canning is friends with Mr. and Mrs. Inglesino’s daughter Jaime. And while Ms. Canning was giving her parents chronic heartburn, Mr. Inglesino was giving her solace, including offering her his home, which she accepted.

Ms. Canning was able to move out of her parents house because this interfering busy buddy named Inglesino, thought he knew what was better for Ms. Canning than her parents did! What nerve! He poured fuel on a spark and ignited a firestorm.

This arrogance continued into the courtroom. Although Mr. Inglesino hired female lawyer, Tanya N. Helfand, to represent Ms. Canning, he chose to also sit with Helfand at the counsel tables at the front of the courtroom as the proceedings began. To his dismay, Judge Bogaard immediately asked Mr. Inglesino to remove himself from the counsel table, as he was NOT representing Ms. Canning. This entire circus was beginning to appear to be all about JOHN. There was no other logical explanation.

Fortunately for Ms. Canning’s parents, Mr. Inglesino’s plan backfired as Judge Peter Bogaard dismissed every demand Canning brought against her parents, including the $5,000 payment towards the outstanding tuition to Morris Catholic H. S., a weekly allowance and transportation support. Inglesino had also requested that Rachel’s parents cover the $13,000 in legal fees he has incurred on Ms. Canning’s behalf, which was also denied.

It again sounds like this suit is all about Mr. Inglesino, since it now appears he is trying  to recoup the funds he has spent to support Ms. Canning while she has been living in his home for the last four months.

Judge Bogaard has scheduled the next hearing for April 22, when he will rule on whether the parents must pay for their daughter’s college tuition. In the meantime, he has asked the lawyers to consider whether it’s wise to “establish precedent where parents live in fear of establishing rules of the house?”

Thank God this case is not being heard by a female, radical feminist judge because she would relish the opportunity to establish such a precedent, all the while licking her chops at the thought of the thousands of Christian men who would be unceremoniously destroyed – for simply doing what they know is right for their families.

4 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Teenage Bitch Rachel Canning Sues Parents for Cash

  1. If such case happened in Indonesia and entered the national news, there will be a massive outrage especially from netizens.

    Her social media accounts will be spammed with bully words, denouncing her insolence to her parents (often foul words will be exchanged). Some others will give her religious advices about honoring her parents. Other simply will gives her death wishes or curses.

    We might be third world country and had many problems but most of us Indonesians still have common sense about morals.

    Radical feminists in Indonesia (and the world), you are as bad as the religious hypocrites and corrupt politicians. Mark my words!

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    • The feminist lawyer, who represented the girl, (and was an acquaintance of the parents and whom I knew as well), was vilified by the community. He destroyed his political career and his stellar reputation as a lawyer. All these years later, he is still trying to recupe both, but the voters have abandoned him and he is no longer successful in local politics. I’m not sure how the girl fared. But, in this feminist infested country, my guess is that her girlfriends cheered her on in her efforts to thwart her father’s efforts to save her from herself. Very sick and very sad.


  2. I’d move to Texas or South Carolina, in a flash, if it weren’t for all the family and business roots here. Glad I don’t live in a European country. They don’t have the option to move to a better state. They’re just stuck!


  3. That is a horrible case. I’m so glad they didn’t win in court, that would have been awful.

    Interesting what you say about NJ. We have our own issues on this side of the country, but things seem better the farther North you go and in the more rural areas.


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