#1 – Catholics – See the New Addition to My “Good Books” Page

Vatican IISince Vatican II took place in the early 1960s, many Catholics have been distressed to watch the continued liberalization of the Church.  This unfortunate trend has left the Church depleted and vulnerable to attack by unorthodox Catholics, atheists, radical feminists and homosexuals who are determined to reinvent the Church to suit their anti-Catholic lifestyles and ideology.

Whether it is the proliferation of homosexuals and pedophiles within the radicalized Church or the disenfranchisement of traditional Catholics (and the resulting loss of practicing Catholics) or the dramatic decline in vocations to the priesthood and religious orders, it is very obvious that the Catholic Church has lost its way since Vatican II.

Book #11, Renewal, will reassure traditional Catholics that all is not lost.  Despite the lack of media coverage, there are, once again traditionalist young men flooding the priesthood, in hopes of stemming the tide. Thank the Lord!

This book is a must read for downcast Catholics. It will bring you good cheer.


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