Admirable Women – Sonje Jessen Makes “Quilts for Valor”

Sonje Jessen - Quilter from Loveland, Colorado

Sonje Jessen

Mrs. Jessen lives in Colorado with her husband Ken. She has been an avid quilter for most of her adult life. For many years she has been an active participant in the Quilts for Valor program.

Quilters from across the country put their time and talents to work to make quilts for veterans of the United States Armed Forces, as a way of saying thank you for their bravery and courage while serving in the military.

During the years Sonje participated in the Quilts for Valor program she stitched quilts for military personnel in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

After Sonje and her husband took a trip, which included a stop in Vietnam, Mrs. Jessen decided that when she returned home she was going to make five, red, white, and blue quilts. One for each branch of the military. She would then donate them to her local VFW.

VFWIn March of 2011, at an event organized by the commandant of the VFW, Mrs. Hessen was the guest of honor. It was during this ceremony that she presented her five quilts to the VFW.

While telling her friends at the local quilt shop about her experience, the women were inspired to raise the bar. It was then and there that Sonje and her friends decided to make a quilt for every single veteran at their local post. That would mean making 146 quilts!

The women combined their time and talents and the results were wonderful. Every one of the men and women who were members of Mrs. Jessen local VFW received a beautiful handmade quilt. A quilt stitched by women who love their country and admire and revere the men and women who have heroically dedicated their lives to its defense.

quilting beeMrs. Ken Jessen, and her quilting bee, are women whom we can all admire. Their actions speak louder than words, just as do all the military personnel who have served our nation.

God bless and keep them all!


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