Admirable Women – Dr. Tara M. King Helps Homosexuals Recover Their Humanity

Tara M. King- Therapist

Dr. Tara M. King, EdD, MA, LPC, LCADC, SAC – Therapist

Dr. Tara King lived as a lesbian for ten years before deciding she needed help to escape from her unhappy life. Through therapy and self-determination she rejected her former lifestyle and then became a licensed professional therapist, determined to help others struggling with their sexuality.

King has helped many people, especially parents of sexually confused teenagers, find answers to their children’s rebellion. With her help many young adults have renewed confidence in their biological sexuality, returning to the fold and leading happier lives.

Dr. King recently testified before a NJ State Senate Committee that reparative therapy “cured” her homosexuality and that it has helped parents and children across the board. Her testimony came among a flood of loud objections to her assertions by those who claim that people are “born gay”, with the lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists leading the assault. These people, many of whom are non-Christians, continue to hammer public officials with lies and “consensus”science, despite the fact that there is not a shred of scientific evidence proving this “born-gay” theory to be true.

Family Watch logoOne group in particular, Family Watch International, has done extensive research on the fallacy of those assertions and has admirably refuted the “born gay.” They have documented that most gays were either sexually abused as children or fatherless. the Family Watch International organization has created a video, Understanding Same-Sex Attraction, addressing this particular claim. See their two links below for more information, including NJ Gov. Christie’s waffling response to the issue.

Dr. Tara King wants to do what she can to help young people avoid a life that she knows is filled with destructive mental and physical health factors, including the devastation from AIDS. AIDS alone, among the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), is 44 times more likely to kill gay men then normal people. The first AIDS case was documented in the United States in 1981. During that year, 270 patients with AIDS were reported, by year-end, 121 of those people had died gruesome deaths.

Actor Rock Hudson - Died at age of 60 from AIDS

Actor Rock Hudson – died at age of 60 from AIDS

The first famous AIDS death was that of actor Rock Hudson in 1985. With Hudson’s death, actress Liz Taylor

Actress Liz Taylor

Actress Liz Taylor

became the national spokeswomen for AIDS and its cure. It was suddenly the new breast cancer. Despite the massive media hullabaloo to find a cure, by 1991, AIDS was the #1 killer of U. S. men between the ages of 25 and 44. And despite these grim facts, homosexuality was “coming out of the closet” and becoming an accepted “alternative lifestyle.”

Rather than scare young men, the gory statistics were ignored, as these mentally and emotionally depleted individuals were instead drawn to each other, establishing gay bars, cruises, vacation islands and even cities (San Francisco, Ca. and Providence, R. I.)  By 2007, CDC reported that 565,000 Americans had died of AIDS since 1981. And, by 2010, 636,000 American gay men had died and, to date, no cure has been found. Below is the AIDS timeline link.

How can anyone state, with a straight face, that this “lifestyle” is safe and normal? No one in their right mind should defend the gay lifestyle. It is unChristian to deliberately stand by and watch someone throw themselves off a bridge. Homosexuality is no different. Christians are remanded by God to help save people from what Christians know is a destructive and deadly behavior.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that there are 20 million new AIDS infections in USA each year, costing $16 billion in direct healthcare costs. (Now you know why there is such an overt media push for Obamacare) See the stats from the CDC links below.

I admire Dr. King for her determination to regain her personal life, her dedication to helping struggling young people with their sexuality and her courage to stand up for what she knows is right, against bombastic lies and misinformation.

I hope she moves out of NJ so she can continue to help more young adults come to grip with their sexuality, as the duplicitous

N.J. Governor Chris Christie

N.J. Governor Chris Christie

Catholic Governor Chris Christie has signed a bill into law in NJ banning her profession of providing gay-to-straight therapy. Christie has caved to pressure from gay groups and non-Christian-led professional organizations in order to satisfy his political ambitions to someday become President of the United States.

I’d like to see Christie explain his self-centered and anti-Christian stance to Jesus.


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