Admirable Women – Anne-Marie Slaughter – Regrets Time Away from Family for Career

Anne-Marie Slaughter, 55, former Dir. of Policy Planning U. S. State Dept.

Anne-Marie Slaughter, 55, former Dir. of Policy Planning U. S. State Dept.

Anne-Marie Slaughter broke the “glass ceiling” when she was appointed, by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009, as  the first woman Director of Policy Planning at the U. S. State Department.

Ms. Slaughter had spent the majority of her youth in academia. A graduate of Princeton Law School, she taught at University of Chicago, Harvard and Princeton before moving to the State Dept.  According to radical, second-wave feminism, she was one of their shining stars, with a list of “accomplishments” they could be proud of.

In 2011, Ms. Slaughter quit as Director writing that she came “home, not only because of Princeton’s rules (the 2-year leave required her to return or she would lose her tenure) but also because of my desire to be with my family and my conclusion that juggling high-level government work with the needs of two teenage boys was not possible.”

Unfortunately, she spent their entire lives chasing the radical, second-wave feminist “career” myth while her boys just had to make-do without her.

I applaud Ms. Slaughter’s decision to finally put her family first. Better late than never.


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