Admirable Women – Jane Quinlan Volunteer Extraordinaire

volunteerJane Quinlan volunteered, a few hours a week at the county hospital, while her children were in school. When they were grown and gone, she took a full-time job. Sixteen years later she retired and began what would prove to be the third major commitment of her life – volunteering throughout her community.

Now, nearly twenty years later, and in her mid 80’s, Jane continues to volunteer with the same dedication and care that she devoted to her children’s young lives and her job as the payroll clerk for her local high school.

While continuing to care for her 90-year-old husband, she dedicates 2 to 3 days a week to her community. Mrs. Quinlan washes and irons the altar linens for her church; she files and categorizes archival materials for her local high school; Jane is also a working member of the garden club associated with her town’s library and she man’s the cash register at her county hospital’s thrift shop.

Here is a Christian woman who has happily devoted her entire life to others. A woman who has been married for 66 years and has lived in the same town for 60 of those years. She is a rock upon which communities are sustained and is truly an inspiration to those who know and love her.

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