Short Essay – Girls, Does Adopting a “Feminist Lifestyle” Make You TOTALLY Unlovable?

feminist rallyIs she lovable? No! Just a FOOL!

The answer is a resounding, YES!

If you want to become a “liberated”, “independent” feminist, you must adopt their ideology. In order to do that, you are also required to abandon your Christian faith because the two are irreconcilable.

Unlike feminism, Christianity teaches its adherents to love, and therefore become lovable themselves. So it follows, that becoming an inconsiderate, self-centered, pushy, difficult, irrational, egotistical, feminist bitch will make you about as unlovable as is humanly possible.

This transition from feminine female to Frankenstein, not only makes it difficult for your own parents, and siblings, to continue to love this new pushy, opinionated and obnoxious YOU, but it makes it nearly impossible for any worthy man to fall in love with you either.

Just ask yourself this, “Why would ANY normal guy deliberately choose to get involved with a wicked witch, or worse yet, a blazing bitch?” Right! He wouldn’t!

feminists hate men symbolIdeology of radical, second-wave feminism in a nutshell! Why would you want to define your life in this manner?

And, don’t be fooled by the ranting, accusatory tirades of the lesbian, feminist “leaders” either, because the truth is, that choosing to become a “career-oriented” feminist bitch, has absolutely nothing to due with the pursuit of “equality” and EVERYTHING to do with browbeating young men into submission for some long ago affront, or abuse, to which they were personally subjected.

Do not spend your life mindlessly following the advice of twisted women bent on revenge because you will become a victim of their bad advice as well.

Taking irrational vengeance on Christian men, for something they were never part of, is not only insane but may force you to repel a perfectly good man, simply because you can’t see the world beyond the feminist’s radical, anti-Christian ideology.

So, regrettably, your adoption of radical, second and third-wave feminist ideology, and your corresponding abandonment of the tenets of your Christian faith, will be at no one’s expense but your own.

The guys will simply take advantage of your “sexually liberated”, and voluntary, immorality and move on, leaving you on the trash heap of used, and chronically discarded, goods. 

No one loses during this “hook up”, but you! And, your losses will be extensive because YOU lose emotionally, physically, financially AND spiritually.


Grandparents, parents and grandkidsSupportive Christian Family – Grandparents, parents and grandkids

So, your choices are clear. Do you want to find the man of your dreams, who will love you forever, devote himself to your happiness, marry, have children of your own, have financial stability and better health? OR, do you want to brainlessly, party-hardy at night and pursue some unfulfilling, mediocre job during the day because some miserable bitch encouraged you in this pointless pursuit, AND eventually grow old, sick, lonely and poor?

Remember, the choice is yours alone.

Lonely former feminist who foolishly chose Lonely, abandoned, former feminist who foolishly chose “career” over a Christian family of her own

If you want more proof that my assertions are correct, click on the following link. Once again, despite what the already debauched, radical feminist “leaders” tell you, THIS is the reality of substituting the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of your Christian faith.

Feminism and Christianity couldn’t be more divergent! They are literally, polar opposites from one another – night vs. day, oil vs. water, good vs. evil, hot vs. cold and up vs. down. 

If you can’t come up with ANY comparisons between Christianity and feminism, click HERE, to read a list of twenty opposing concepts which prove that one is incredibly good for women, and the other is diabolically bad for women.

Hopefully, they will open your eyes to the abject danger radical, second and third-wave feminism poses to the lives of innocent, naive, and highly gullible, young women.


84 thoughts on “Short Essay – Girls, Does Adopting a “Feminist Lifestyle” Make You TOTALLY Unlovable?

  1. It’s scary that people like you, and those who share your opinions, are roaming free. I’m all for differences of opinion, but you do nothing but perpetuate hate for those who don’t share your opinions and that’s just sick! You need to seek help.


    • I know I’m correct in my “opinions” because until the non-Christian founders (Friedan, Steinem and Bader-Ginsburg) of anti-Christian, radical, second-wave began their irrational assault on ALL things Christian, but especially our good men, our country was a truly peaceable kingdom. When, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, these miserable and totally sociopathic women
      (with the help of their non-Christian comrades in MSM and entertainment industries) convinced millions of very young female baby-boomers to substitute the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their former Christian faith, our country began creating people like YOU! People who have NO idea what this once CIVIL country has LOST! You MUST be a product of the, lying through omission, feminist infected public school system. And as such, you will not only miss out on all of the loving relationships to which you are entitled under Christianity, but you will die earlier, poorer and lonelier as well. Watch any or all of the movies on my “GOOD MOVIES” page to see how kind, considerate, trustworthy, helpful, admirable and duty-bound American men were when 94% of this country was Christian. Since you are so full of irrational hatred already I’d suggest you actually read my posts titled “Current EVEntS”. because they foretell your future and then my posts “Admirable Women” to see what you will NEVER become.


  2. Modern feminism is intersectional one. Which included so called “immigrant rights”.

    As an American, what’s your opinion about DACA and the attempt to abolish it? Do you in favor of the axing of it? Thank you and God bless.


    • Yes, because it places criminals, who flaunted our laws, ahead those who followed the law. You know how it feels to have someone cut into line ahead of you at the grocery store! This is no different. They basically cut into the line of the good people patiently waiting to become citizens legally, when they should have gone to the back of the line! Parents who brought their kids here illegally are responsible for this problem, NOT the Americans, and certainly NOT the legal immigrants. As President Trump said, “Americans are “dreamers” too.” And Americans and the immigrants on the path to citizenship should be the top priority, not someone who sneaked themselves, and their kids, into our country illegally. They’re criminals!


      • And that means everyone who sympathize with them (so called DREAMers) are despicable especially celebrities in Hollywood. Another effect of third wave feminism.


      • Yes! Exactly. Another effect of SECOND-wave feminism. That’s the political Marxist branch of feminism. THIRD-wave feminism is the “explicit sexuality” is “empowering” to women branch of feminism. They are BOTH rabidly anti-Christian, equally insidious and highly corrosive ideologies.


      • Anti-christian can be a very good thing; how many walled-up babies in those christian monasteries? Of course, apologists for a fantastical set of non-supported beliefs have trouble with the sad realities of the scientific facts of life: people designed to have sex = have sex = make babies.

        No god needed


      • There is NOTHING “very good” about being anti-Christian and only an ignorant fool would make such an ill-informed statement. ALL of the creature comforts that humanity enjoys today were created, invented, established or instituted by CHRISTIANS! Christians who were encouraged but Christ’s teachings “to love thy neighbor as thyself.” The VAST amenities created by Christians include the invention of hospitals, schools, universities, organized religion, and, the concepts of independence, freedom, liberty and democracy as defined by their love for God, themselves and their families. But, it also includes the establishment of businesses, militaries, judiciaries, communities, politics and institutions as defined by the remands of Christianity for personal honesty, duty, loyalty, character, trustworthiness and industry, which were the direct expressions of their love for their neighbors. In addition, Christians, enveloped within their culture of kindness and joy as defined by Christian Western Civilization, developed ALL of the major medical breakthroughs, symphonies, fine art, architecture, engineering, charities, literature, operas, ballets and decorative arts that we enjoy today. In fact, I’d like you to name ONE major breakthrough that ANY member of another “religion” has contributed to the betterment of humanity, outside of Christianity? Most, like Islam, have instead SUPPRESSED their adherent’s propensity to love themselves and others, and thereby experience the resultant personal joy, and instead, have ENCOURAGED humanities innate tendency towards violence or confrontation, and in doing so, have suppressed and stunted their culture, literally fossilizing their existence to the suffering, antagonism and barbarism of ancient times.


  3. When I was a factory worker in the 1950s, I got the impression that the majority of women wanted to have children and that those who didn’t were, more often than not, men. In those days, it was the men who overwhelmingly favored abortion.
    During our lunch and coffee breaks, my coworkers often brought up the subject of abortion. Some would say that if their girlfriends ever became pregnant, they would have to face the abortionist, coat hangers and all. On this issue, the boyfriend had the last word and it seemed obvious that he considered it his right.
    In the early 1960s Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique. Although the book was considered an eye-opener, it never once mentions the word abortion (though it was included in an epilogue in a 1973 reprint).
    The National Organization of Women (NOW), which Friedan co-founded in1966, at first did not present “abortion rights” as a majority position. At the time, abortion was still viewed by most of the women who belonged to NOW as disreputable. Their thinking was about the same as in the 19th century, when abortion was seen as patriarchal oppression and an exploitation of women.
    Then along came Lawrence Lader and Bernard Nathanson, co-founders of the National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws (Naral). (Nathanson would later disavow abortion advocacy and become a prominent voice for the right to life of the unborn. Lader, however, wrote several pro-abortion books, one of which was cited numerous times by the Supreme Court majority in its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.)
    What seems ironic is that abortion in earlier times was seen as patriarchal oppression and an exploitation of women, yet today is celebrated as a “woman’s right.” It appears as though women were sold a bill of goods by men who favored abortion and wanted to secure their own rights. And that by doing so, women lost theirs.

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    • I think the saddest aspect of the abortion debate was how all the prominent players were non-Christians, who we now know have a VERY, VERY depleted and debauched view of human sexuality, i.e. Spitzer, Lewinsky, Roth, Wiener, Steinem, Parker, Boxer, Bader-Ginsburg, Feinstein, Waxman, et al, and that the Christians on the U.S. Supreme Court, including CATHOLIC Chief Justice William Brennan, allowed the non-Christians to drive the abortion conversation. In doing so, they not only betrayed the millions of very young and innocent Christian baby boomers but betrayed their faith and their God by promulgating a historically unprecedented level of destruction of innocent human life!


    • Yes, and the world, especially the children, has suffered tremendous losses without Christian women’s love and care. Radical, second and third-wave feminist ideology only creates monstrous aberrations of womanhood and it should therefore be condemned for the salacious fraud it is.


  4. Modern Feminist’s Contradiction

    Why feminists (in many cases, because feminism has many school of thinking) who support respectable things such as right to breastfeed their babies (which example is provision of breastfeeding rooms in public facilities and offices) on the other hand also friendly or supports right to kill their babies or much worse, “protection” of gay lifestyle? Good to know your explanation.


    • The only explanation is that feminism is a sexually oriented, egotistically irrational ideology based on self-destructive and twisted thinking. I’ve always considered them sociopaths. As another example, one of feminism’s principle priorities is to seek to make sex (and anything even remotely associated with it) their purview. And in this effort, they have ironically reduced women to nothing more than sex toys. Incredibly, they deliberately strive to make, what had historically been for Christian women, a very private and personal matter – PUBLIC. They shamelessly and publicly profess an “expertise” in any and all things sexual, which is ironic considering they also insist that men treat women as though the woman was just another guy! They also claim men and women are equal and the same and yet every conversation eventually comes around to women’s sexuality. Again, it is a psychological disorder which I believe stems from some sort of sexual, emotional or physical abuse inflicted on them as children. It’s very hard to become this hateful and unreasonable without having been abused as a child. Unfortunately, the non-Christian founders of second–wave feminism, who were themselves abused as children, set the priorities and agenda. And as a result, radical, second and third-wave feminism has given these demented group sick women a public platform from which to spew this hateful insanity with impunity, while at the same time, deliberately denying them the psychiatric help they desperately need.


      • And in another irony (in case of my country) about psychiatry, feminists generally (in my observation) were vocal about destigmatizing mental health issues. Absurd, right?


      • Yes. Absurd. In USA the non-Christians, who took over the psychiatric system in the 1970s, suffered an inordinate amount of insanity within their culture. In order to make this fact appear less prevalent, they began to declassify categories of behavior, which had always been defined as insane, thereby creating the appearance of normalcy within their culture. We are only recently beginning to acknowledge the fact that the crazy behavior of SO many of our non-Christian public figures, including politicians, lawyers, comedians, actors and judges, is a reflection of their sociopathy, not simply a difference of opinion.


  5. I want to make sure I’m reading this correctly:

    Your entire argument is that feminism is bad because it makes you undesirable to a man?


    • That’s part of it. Life is only half-lived without a family of your own, including husband and children. A “career” can NEVER replace, or substitute, for your own family. But, just as importantly in order to fully adopt a “feminist lifestyle” you must abandon your Christian faith and embrace the ideology of radical feminism which includes I’d detestable notion that divorce, abortion, promiscuity, illegitimacy, “career” over family, and irrational self-centeredness are “liberating” and “empowering” for young women when the exact OPPOSITE is true! Despite the lesbian-led, feminist leader’s rants to the contrary, this is NOT a recipe for happiness and personal satisfaction. It is instead a depressing, disease-ridden path to hell. On the other hand, the tenets of Christianity encourage young women in the OPPOSITE direction! And THIS my blog’s main argument. Women who substitute the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of the former Christian faith are making the worst mistake of their young lives because one path will result in heartache, loneliness, stress, shame, and profound regrets at the end of her life, the other, including marriage and children, will bring, by comparison, unimaginable joy and happiness. Please read two of my posts which elaborate on these two points, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” and “Short Essay – Radical Feminism’s True Legacy – Being Single, Sidelined and 60 Sucks”

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    • Feminism will make you undesirable to men anywhere, whether in church, work or anywhere, regardless of ideology or political stance. I suspect many liberal men don’t like feminists either, and secretly think that they are mean manipulative jezebels. I may not agree with the politics of liberal men, but I sure do hope they do not fall into the trap of these evil jezebels and see them for what they truly are.

      This is because feminism is inherently an ideology which despises man in seeking to overthrown his rightful authority over woman.

      No man who has a decent and rational mind would support feminism. Any man who supports feminism will be ridiculed or deemed weird in a bad way, even by women who are not strongly anti-feminist.


      • Agreed. Most, or all, male liberals are WIMPS! They are looking for a “tough” woman to defend them from what they can’t handle themselves. Both are maladjusted sociopaths and should be given psychological therapy, not lauded in public, which is what occurs today at most universities, on TV and in the movies. Very bad for the developing minds of the youngsters trying to define themselves as grown-ups in this misguided cultural sewer they have been bequeathed. When formerly Christian countries abandoned their faith this is the upside down insanity that fill the void.

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      • Liberal males are just not attractive to me. Rather, it is a man who exercises his God-given authority who I find attractive. For that matter, liberal women are just not ‘inspirational’ to me. They are despicable jezebels who I avoid at all costs. They both need spiritual and psychological and emotional therapy on a long-term basis. They are just absolute schmucks who are full of irrational and perverse views and standards.

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      • You are correct! They must be acknowledged for the difficult, unreasonable creatures they are and avoided. Never elect, appoint, promote or advance these individuals into any position of authority either because you will live to regret it.


  6. Yes, I read your article ‘Divorce is Dumb’. It is an excellent article.

    Indeed, it is the height of foolishness to divorce someone, based on feelings, which is what those women you mentioned have clearly done. Even divorce in the case of adultery, I believe, is not to be sought, unless perhaps the adulterer or adulteress is just unrepentant, and effectively divorces the non-adulterous spouse on his or her part. So, the non-adulterous spouse in that case who files the divorce legally after failed attempts to reconcile, is simply effectively respecting the wishes of the adulterous spouse who is the one who really is the person divorcing the non-adulterous spouse, i.e by the unrepentant adultery.

    Thus, it is not really a divorce in that case by the non-adulterous spouse from the Biblical perspective, but divorce by the adulterous spouse.

    Really, the Church should really be mandating of its people reconciliation after adultery, and never give up. Divorce should not be an option at all in my view.

    Apart from perhaps that, I believe, there are no grounds of divorce in the Bible.
    Physical separation where there is physical abuse is needed, but that I believe is not grounds for divorce, if there are any at all.

    As the Jesus says, let no man tear apart what God has put together. As divorce should not happen at all in the first place.

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    • I agree. The Bible says divorce is not permitted except in the case of adultery. And I believe God made this exception because men, who find out that the woman they love devotedly and is the mother of their precious children, has cheated on them with another man, whom they likely know as well, will give rise to such levels of rage that murder may occur. It’s better to publicly shame the offender by divorcing her, which will also give the husband a sense satisfaction that some form of punishment has been extracted from his wayward wife, than to consider the alternative. In light of today’s environment, I don’t object as strongly to a couple, who do not have children, from divorcing. But, having said that, I am vehemently opposed to couples who have minor children from EVER divorcing, unless a spouse is violently insane.

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      • There has been much dispute about the Biblical teaching on divorce. Some argue that the ‘adultery exception’ in Matthew is not really relating to adultery but to fornication, explained by how it speaking to Jews who had the expectation that a bride would be a virgin before marriage, and who that exception only occurs in Matthew.

        see this excellent video


      • I find it hard to believe that Jesus would allow the dissolution of a marriage (possibly with children and back when SURVIVAL literally depended on the husband’s contributions to his family’s well-being) because the woman was not a virgin when she was married. It may be that she lied to her husband but she did not sexually betray her husband, which is a much more serious offense. Although there are slight differences in their definitions, fornication is defined as sexual relations outside of marriage, which also defines adultery. I believe that the husband was NOT sexually betrayed, nor should a divorce be permitted, if his wife’s improprieties occurred before she knew him or married him and I also believe that Matthew 19:9 is clear on this point issue, despite the Jewish interpretation.


      • Thanks you again for your insight Mrs Duane. I appreciate it very much.
        I think it is quite a difficult area of theology as the Bible does not give a clear-cut answer. But I think what is most important is that we obey God, and trust Him and He will lead the way.


  7. Hi Mrs Duane

    I am a young Christian lady and would like to thank you very much for writing this blog and exposing the lies of feminism. Feminism truly is extremely deceptive and manipulative. It is of the spirit of jezebel.

    Feminism has denigrated the great God-given privilege of a woman being a wife and a mother, making it a ‘despicable’ thing, when it is a privilege and gift. It is what God made women to be. Feminism, as such, ironically, seeks to turn women into ‘men’, who they despise so much. Oh, the irony!

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    • Thank you very much. I pray for the demise of radical, second and third-wave feminism daily. It is an ideology spawn by the devil himself and based on his success in the Garden of Evil. Only strong Christian soldiers can vanquish this horrific “lifestyle” that leaves women addicted to the debauched, depleted and despicable behavior espoused by the non-Christian “leaders” of feminism, including abortion, divorce, illegitimacy, promiscuity and “career” over family. Whenever I list the “ideals” of feminism, and considered it’s astounding success among young women, it makes me wonder about women’s ability to truly determine what is in their own best interest when denied the guidance provided to them through the traditional, patriarchal love of Christianity’s tenets. Most simply crash and burn. You’d think after 50 years of feminism’s reign, women would finally REVOLT, en masse, against this irrational, and destructive, form of satanic brainwashing.


      • Yes, some people think feminism is new. But Ecclesiastes says that nothing is new under the sun. That includes feminism. It really started when Eve rebelled against Adam’s headship. That was when it started.
        It is not only evil, but also irrational for woman think that protection from man is evil and a bad thing.
        What could be better from man but his protection and love!
        It is all this feminist propaganda that has made the traditional patriarchal love so despised. How irrational is hating love!
        Patriarchy really should not be a dirty word. It should really be respected.
        Feminism has taught women that ‘independence’ is good. I mean, ‘independence’ for what? ‘Independence’ to fornicate, commit adultery, and to work for a man who does not care for you, only wants you to make profit for him, and who gets rid of you when you are no longer ‘useful’.
        Frankly, the success of feminism among young women really calls into question their ability to think rationally.
        Feminism is truly satanic brainwashing, and also of the spirit of jezebel.
        It destroys.
        The more I think about it, the whole idea of a “career” is just a lie. The true purpose of work is to provide for one’s family and oneself. To treat work as something other than that is to idolise work, and the utter failure to trust in God’s provision. One will be in bondage to money and seeking success as a result. That is why feminism and materialism go hand in hand. Feminism thrives on materialism, which is of the spirit of mammon, which tells women that they need to be economically “independent” of man, and compete with him – only to end up being a lonely old woman in a nursing home who has no family, whether it be husband and children, or a church family, that is the Christian community.

        Mrs Duane, may I please also contact you by email, or could you please contact me by email, so that we can talk about these things? I would really appreciate it we can.


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      • I’m sorry, I don’t have a public email but we can certainly continue the conversation here. Neither of us has anything to hide. And, upon reflection, that is yet another wonderful freedom experienced by Christians – an honest, open lifestyle without fear of recrimination.


      • No worries Mrs Duane. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind talking here either. I was just asking if that was possible. 🙂

        We Christians don’t have anything to hide as we are affirmed by God. Only God’s Word matters, not the word of man, and certainly not that of feminists!

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      • And it is most exhilarating to not be in bondage to the lies of feminism, not that I have ever accepted feminism. I’ve always been skeptical about feminism, probably because I am from a non-westernised non-western conservative Christian family. The more I learn about feminism, the most despicable and ugly it truly is. And the more I see that it is a lie.

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      • You are very lucky to have been raised outside Western “civilization”. Distressingly, the most advanced, prosperous and peaceful Christian cultures in human history are the very same countries that have fallen victim to, and been ravaged by, anti-Christian radical, second-wave feminism. My generation of baby boomers, primarily the women, are to blame. Rather than uphold the centuries old Christian traditions of our ancestors, we foolishly chose hedonism. And for our sins, our once illustrious countries are being destroyed from within, and by our own hands, while we continue to fiddle as Rome burns to the ground. If it weren’t so disturbing, it would be laughable. We have betrayed our God, our countries, our families, and ultimately, ourselves, as have NO other women in history.


      • Just ask, Ms. Jojo, where exactly your heritage is? (Non westernized and non western country)

        Somewhere in East Asia? Africa? Latin America? Or even Middle East?

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      • Despite your difference in races, I know you are both of the exact same frame of mind, thanks to your deep Christian faith. Isn’t Christianity marvelous?! It is the greatest uniter of diverse peoples.


      • Yes indeed. That is the miracle of our beautiful, joy-filled Christian faith. Why ANYONE would deliberately chose to deny themselves Christianity’s innate happiness always confounds me. My conclusion? They suffer from some form of sociopathic self-loathing.


      • @miss jojo: I’m Asian too (and not living in the USA). From Indonesia and living there, exactly.

        I presume you are Chinese, Korean, or even Japanese. No racism intended as we are all believers here.

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    • Yes, I think that is why I have always been totally against feminism, even from a young tender age. I knew there was something wrong with it, and how it talks about ‘equality’ but yet is so competitive, trying to be more superior than men.

      As God is the Creator of man and woman, He is the one who knows best as to how all of humanity should live and not live. This includes how the family how operate, and how man and woman are to adhere to gender roles as husband and wife.

      Better to trust in wisdom of God, than wisdom of man (or woman).

      Just on another note, what is your view about why some men become feminists, or pro-feminists as they call themselves? Is it because they see how feminism will mean that they no longer have to protect and care for women, or discipline children? For example, check out this book:
      By “check out”, I mean, read between its lines to critique it, and not enjoy the book and agree with it.


      • I agree. With regards to your questions, I honestly believe most male “feminists” have had no luck with women and just hope, by “friendly” association, to get lucky. I don’t believe they become feminists to avoid the patriarchal employment responsibilities associated with marriage and children either. They could avoid those responsibilities by simply not marrying in the first place. I also don’t believe any healthy male deliberately sets out to become a “kept woman.” I think this is another lie promulgated by the feminists to demean men in the eyes of young women. I will check out the book you mentioned and let you know what I think about it.


      • Thanks Mrs Duane for your insight. I think you are right on that, as these pro-feminist males still work, and often talk about ‘protecting the dignity of women’, in their anti-pornography and anti-prostitution tirade, of course with an agenda. I suspect it may be because they want to bring about an ‘egalitarian’ ‘socialist’ society where family is not the unit, probably because they were raised in dysfunctional families themselves, like those second-wave lesbian atheist feminists. They hate the family because of that.

        So, I think they are trying to destroy the family unit, by perverting it from within in their anti-pornography and anti-prostitution stance, rather than attacking it from the outside by promoting pornography and prostitution. In other words, they are trying to attack Christianity by taking the good of it, and perverting it, unlike the blantantly pro-porn and pro-prostitution feminists who simply yell and scream about how ‘evil’ traditional, that is, Christian values are.

        I note that they tend to often talk about ‘anti-racism’ and ‘anti-colonialism’ garbage, like many academic female feminists. It seems to me they have an ideological agenda in seeking to get rid of God-given differences between people so that they can feel superior and be a “white-knight”.

        What you do you think?

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      • Anyone who seeks to destroy, replace, reduce or remove the Christian family unit and denying the primary influence of Christian parents over their own children’s upbringing, through whatever sociopathic, subversive, socialist, sneaky, or “sensitive” path they chose to take, is EVIL incarnate. They are simply seeking to substitute evil, for good, in order to salve their troubled, abused or neglected souls and gain political power over the youth. These wicked individuals want everyone to be as miserable as they themselves are, no matter how horrific the outcome is for the innocent Christian children they are condemning to their socialist view of the world. These sociopaths were denied love as children, and as adults, require nothing more than what can be provided by soulless, loveless government programs, sans family, which most abhor. And in this heartless, vindictive, maladjusted world of theirs lies the true danger to Christians because these demented people seek to deny Christians the familial love and joy that they themselves can live without, while we Christians suffered profoundly by its removal. I found that nearly ALL of the notorious anti-Christian societal “anarchists” from this last century – Lenin, Marx, Friedan, Freud, Steinem, Hoffman, Abzug, Landers, Letterman, Maher, Goldman, Spock, Rickles, Weiner, Spitzer, Kunstler, etc. – were, or are, ALL non-Christian Jews. They’re neglected children, of neglected children, raised in loveless, difficult, and in many cases, cruel families and all sought to avenge their sociopathic upbringings on anyone brought up in a happy Christian family. These miserable oddballs should NEVER be given ANY sort of power, or influence, within a Christian society, or culture, because they are simply a viral, deadly, self-destructive cancer, which will align with other cancers, and eventually KILL their host. Look what adopting the “high-minded” concept of “multiculturalism” has done to Europe. It’s killed Christianity in those countries, and the resultant societal chaos, has been devastating for all the good Christians, who were sold the anti-Christian, socialist “bill-of-goods”. And more disturbing is that most of the socialist sympathizers were formerly Christian women. Women who substituted the socialist ideals of radical feminism for the tenets of their former Christian faith! They alone are to be blamed for most of this shift in allegiance away from Christianity and towards socialism and communism. As a result, many Christian families are today literally fighting for their very lives around the world as Christianity’s influence for good has receded under the influence of these aligned demons. WHAT FOOLS!


      • Totally agree Mrs Duane!
        What is so perverse is that they accuse the Christian family, the true Christian family, not the false Christian family, of being ‘oppressive’,’ evil’ ‘backwards’, ‘irrelevant’ etc etc. They truly are demons.
        Thank you so much for discussing these matters with me. I’ve really enjoyed it.

        On that note, when are you going to write the next blog post?

        PS: See our blog at
        I am currently writing a series on sexuality and sex from a Biblical perspective.


      • You are very welcome. Anytime. I am on hiatus. You can read my post, “Short Essay – Mothers, Should Family Obligations Take Precedent Over “Career”? It explains the reason why.
        I look forward to reading your blog and encourage you in your efforts to enlighten young people on the true meaning of human sexuality. Sex was NEVER intended to be viewed as simply sport, which is how radical, feminism views it. For a young married couple, who want to bring children of their own into their loving relationship, it is SO, SO much more. ❤️


      • Hi Mrs Duane

        I’ve read that post. I was just wondering when you might write the next article because they are excellent.

        As dark as things seem, I believe there is hope for my generation in turning to Christ because many of them are beginning to see how institutions such as government or the economy cannot sustain. Many of them are also seeing the bad fruit of liberalism and feminism, in terms of how evil and aggressive and crazy their proponents are. So, while they may not accept conservative Christian values, they do not necessarily support these ‘leftist’ psychos.

        Feminism and materialism go hand in hand. This is the spirit of jezebel and spirit of mammon working together. I tend to focus on the demonic spirit behind an ideology when analysing it, as you will note as you read the blog.

        grace and peace


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      • Thank you once again. My youngest grandson will begin to attend school in 2 years. I hope to return to my writing then.
        I’m very happy to hear your encouraging words about the developing, and positive, priorities of your generation. It’s interesting that the old adage may prove to be true, that many attributes, attitudes and ambitions skip a generation. Your generation seems to indeed reflect their grandparent’s priorities (WWII, Depression Babies, Greatest Generation) rather than their very misguided parent’s generation (Baby Boomers). And this is good! One thing to remember though, as you marry and have children of your own, is not to become complacent about your faith, which is what the Greatest Generation did. You’ll have to be more vigilant and aware of any developing societal threats to your own children than they were. Most of these parents missed, ignored, or didn’t understand the clues concerning the developing threat that radical, second-wave feminism posed to their “solidly” established Christian culture and their daughters. They just thought feminism was encouraging their daughters work and they certainly didn’t think that would be at the expense of their faith!
        I looked very briefly at your blog last night and I’d encourage you in most of your conclusions, with the exception of the assumption that capitalism is bad for humanity. I’ll continue to read the blog when time allows. Unfortunately, our Memorial Day holiday weekend has ended, and with it, most of my free time.


      • Hi Mrs Duane. Thank you very much for your wise advice. I appreciate it very much. My generation is one which is doing it tough at the moment with rising student debt and the difficulty of coping financially.

        In claiming that capitalism in anti-christian, I am not in any way saying that the alternatives are good, eg. socialism. I believe they are all anti-christian economic doctrines, and that there is not all the meets the eyes regarding capitalism. I speak not against capitalism per se, but against the spirit of mammon, which works with the spirit of jezebel who is behind feminism to destroy family and society.

        Yes, feminism might be promoted by the ‘socialists’, but the devil is flexible, and uses both uses of a conflict, to do evil. It is just like how both ‘left’ and ‘right’, and ‘democrat’ and ‘republican’ are evil. For example, both support abortion (think about Tomi Lahren and the alt-righers who support eugenics). On this issue, I would recommend

        Thank you again for your encouragement. I appreciate it very much.



      • Agreed. There are always extremists within any ideology but I strongly believe in rewarding those who provided the remainder of humanity with wonderful advancements, inventions, medications, etc. for their devoted efforts on the part of total strangers. You will find that most life-changing discoveries were created by Christian men, who STRONGLY believed in the Protestant work ethic and who were NOT motivated by greed but instead an obsessive need to improve the lives of those they knew and loved. This is what separates Christian businessmen from non-Christian businessmen. They are NOT greedy men. Unlike non-Christians, who will resort to lying, cheating and stealing to acquire wealth, Christians RARELY go into a project with monetary rewards in mind. No, they do it because God remands Christian men to protect and provide for others with whatever gifts He has bestowed upon them at their births. If successful in this endeavor, their monetary rewards are rarely spent on themselves but rather on their wives and children or the community at large through endowments for libraries, colleges, medical centers, symphonies, churches, theaters and schools. Read my post “Marvelous Men” for more on my love of Christian capitalism as opposed to the work-killing, depressive, anti-productive, subjugative nature of socialism. Next to my faith, the “helping others” Christian capitalism is my favorite ideology. It, and the men who define it, have blessed humanity with innumerable joys, comforts and cures for which we should be enormously grateful.


      • To summarise, my argument is that there is a difference between capitalism and Christian stewardship which I think you might be alluding it in using the term ‘Christian capitalism’. Capitalism is based on the idea of looking after one’s own economic interests first, as an individual, and that what one has is one’s OWN, rather than that what one earns belongs to GOD. Christian stewardship purports that one must work, not for one’s own self, but to glorify God, and in doing so, He will provide (Matthew 6:24-34).

        So, I agree with your point, except for the use of the term ‘Christian capitalism’. I would personally call it ‘Christian stewardship’.


      • I believe we are discussing the same principle. When reading the lives of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Frick, Vanderbilt, etc., during the Industrial Revolution they all believed their wealth was to be used for the betterment of mankind, which was based in their Protestant upbringing.


      • The author of the book you mentioned, “The End of Patriarchy”, is a professor of media law, ethics and politics. He has little, or no expertise, on the topic of Christian patriarchy. His conclusions are drawn from the 50 year old playbook of radical, second-wave feminist ideology which has hated Christianity, and specifically Christian men, from the onset. He offers nothing more and nothing new. Jensen’s assertion that men who practice patriarchy are “enslaving” others is as peposterous now as it was 50 years ago. Christian patriarchy does just the opposite. It sets people free! Patriarchy is simply the universally accepted transmission of the tenets of Christian caring, support and love from one generation to the next as exampled by God the Father’s love for His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. You can read more about this topic in my post titled, “Longform Essay – How Did “Patriarchy” Become a Dirty Word?”


      • Yes, even Jensen himself admits his book is not novel or new, according to a review! I give him credit for his honesty on that.

        I think he is emotionally manipulative by doctrines of demons who are behind feminism, not that that feminists are to be excused in any way for the evil they have caused to society in the west. He simply assumes that ‘patriarchy’ is just an form of ‘oppression’, because it institutes a system of authority for the family. So, all systems of authority are oppressive then! That is just how these liberals think.

        If he has any view about Christian patriarchy, I guarantee it would be the same old lie that it is ‘oppressive’ and ‘evil’ because women can’t go and commit adulteries, and one-night stands (with a man who could not care less about her), and then divorce, only to have a new marriage where her new ‘lover’ commits adultery against her. What foolishness of such women who think this is a good thing!

        The Bible makes it clear that one’s sins will find one out. That women who commit adultery, divorce, only to marry an adulterous man who will do the same to her as she did to her ‘ex’-husband, and feel regret or even guilt, is simply the fruit of her own sin. I feel no sympathy for such women, end of story. This is not to say there can be no forgiveness for true repentance of sins.This may sound harsh, but it is righteousness and love, as love upholds truth.

        Check this out:


      • You are very astute and it will serve you well. My post, “Divorce is Dumb”, delves into the misery this aspect of feminism causes innocent, gullible, and in many cases, egotistical feminist women. Most of the post is based on the troublesome lives of many of my very foolish female friends. These were women who sincerely “had it all” – faith, loving husbands, wonderful children, a beautiful home, and yet they were all bitten by Satan’s feminist guise. Some never recovered and others lived to profoundly regret there foolish decisions. All were never able to recapture the happy lives they so flippantly abandoned.

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      • Unfortunately, Rockefellers were often accused to be globalist and cultural marxist (which one of it’s action including supporting radical feminist cause).


      • The Rockefellers were, first and foremost, successful businessmen. Any global views they had were strictly related to expanding their business. Geopolitical motives were never an motivating factor unless the impacted their ability to do business in other countries. Most marxists are profoundly jealous of any successful businessman because they make their personal failures very obvious. So, marxists resort to spreading LIES in order to tarnish our industrialist’s sterling reputations in order to salve their demented egos. Also, many liberals, who could NEVER have accomplished what these talented men did for our country and humanity, continue lie about them to this very day. If you want a fascinating read, get “Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. ” by Ron Chernow. It’s a fabulous history lesson on America’s rise to power. It will give you a greater appreciation for the man and his business genius too. And, it will also give you the truth about his struggle, against all odds, to succeed. Despite the totally inaccurate moniker, “robber baron”, he was, instead, an honorable and talented businessman, a good father, loving husband and trusted business associate. Also, feminism, as we know it today, did not exist when John D. Rockefeller Sr. literally fueled our illustrious Industrial Revolution through his supplies of oil, gas and kerosene. He would not have supported its anti-Christian ideology if it had existed. Remember that Marxism did not enter into feminist ideology until the non-Christian, female, founders of radical, second-wave feminism hijacked feminism during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Rockefeller was certainly NOT a Marxist! He believed too strongly in democracy, free enterprise, private property, Protestant work ethic and the entrepreneurial spirit to have ever considered Marxism anything but evil. He was a devote Christian, Republican and was married for 51 years to the same woman, until she died in 1915. So, now you know why the liberals still hate him – he was a successful, good Christian, white man. He was hated in his day for the very same reason Pres. Trump is hated today. Petty jealousy and envy promulgated by sociopathic non-Christians. Granted, the Rockefeller Foundation of today is a corrupt, anti-Christian, leftist organization which should be reviled. But, I’m sure John D. Rockefeller,Sr. is spinning in his grave at the naïveté of his ancestors, who allowed his fortune to be taken over by the enemies of everything he held dear, and to be used to financially support causes which are the antithesis of what John D. Rockefeller spent his life supporting! Please don’t confuse the man and the foundation. They are polar opposites.


  8. Here is a portrait of a Godly woman:

    Sarah Pierrepont (1723)
    By Jonathan Edwards

    “They say there is a young lady in [New Haven] who is beloved of that Great Being, who made and rules the world, and that there are certain seasons in which this Great Being, in some way or other invisible, comes to her and fills her mind with exceeding sweet delight; and that she hardly cares for any thing, except to meditate on him—that she expects after a while to be received up where he is, to be raised up out of the world and caught up into heaven; being assured that he loves her too well to let her remain at a distance from him always. There she is to dwell with him, and to be ravished with love and delighted forever. Therefore, if you present all the world before her, with the richest of its treasures, she disregards it and cares not for it, and is unmindful of any pain or affliction; is most just and conscientious in all her conduct; and you could not persuade her to do any thing wrong or sinful, if you would give her all the world, lest she should offend this Great Being. She is of a wonderful sweetness, calmness, and universal benevolence of mind; especially after this Great God has manifested himself to her mind. She will sometimes go about from place to place, singing sweetly; and seems to be always full of joy and pleasure; and no one knows for what. She loves to be alone, walking in the fields and groves, and seems to have some one invisible always conversing with her.”

    Excerpt from Early American Writing
    Edited by Giles Gunn

    [Sarah Pierrepont later became the wife of Jonathan Edwards in 1727.]


    • What happened to these Christian women? It’s very sad we’ve lost their inspiration in this world full of secularism and evil. Of course, that may be the very reason we are suffering with so much secularism and evil.

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  9. Fabulous post Kathy and I applaud you for your bravery in showing just how ugly and disgusting feminism really is. And you are absolutely right that the vast majority of men, even non-Christian men will never find women with attitudes like this attractive.

    Many of these raving feminists will do just as the picture you showed and die a lonely old woman in a wheel chair in a nursing home with no one to visit them.

    Be we need to also strengthen those few men who are desperate and have no self-esteem who may actually date a woman like this just to be with someone. We need to give them the Scriptural exhortation that “It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.” Proverbs 21:19 (KJV).

    Literally is better to be alone than to be with these type of women.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I think this recent election cycle has exposed the total irrationality inherent in radical feminism. How many times have you watched liberated “career” feminists become hysterical at just the THOUGHT of Trump’s victory? I’m convinced that they are not terrified of Trump, they are terrified of the truth about themselves! They fear their compromised, debauched feminist lives will be exposed for the failures they truly are. And without their “echo chamber” (Clinton) to reinforce their pathetic personal “choices” as “good”, the TRUTH will finally prevail! They will have no “choice” but to come to grips with the fact that they are indeed, the irrational, irrelevant feminist failures most of us (Trump supporters) took them for, from the get-go. What a total WASTE of good lives and good womanhood.

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    • I think you’ll find this site VERY interesting. Check out, “Nan’s Notebook” on WordPress. These kids are misguided malcontents who irrationally loathe Christians. It’s been interesting to spar with them since they only know what they read in the NYT and watch on CNN and MSNBC.


  10. K. Q. I discovered you on Anthony Esolen’s Page. I have written a few comments there I enjoyed yours. I have a problem with computers, Facebook, etc. I would like to make comments on your blog. If ok, fine. Just now I got an Alert. I can’t deal with these things. I already joined or registered. I’ll try again.

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  11. 2 Timothy 3:1-7

    3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

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