10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism

Anti-Christian logoI have written, on many occasions, about the out-and-out war that radical feminism is waging against Christianity and people’s inability to come to grips with this vivid truth.

The fact is that the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism was deliberately created in direct opposition to the tenets of Christianity and has been at war with Christian men for nearly 50 years.

And more disturbing is the fact that after feminism’s relentless and never-ending assault on all things Christian, Christianity is actually becoming beleaguered. It’s time to fight back because losing this war is NOT an option!

But, before this can begin, one question must be answered, “Do you truly recognize radical, second-wave feminism as an enemy of Christianity, or do you believe the snake oil feminist saleswomen who say it’s just about “equality” instead?” This is exceedingly important because if you are not fully aware of who your enemy is, you cannot truly fight back and, you most assuredly, will NEVER win the war.

Gloria Steinem - Creator of radical, second-wave feminismGloria Steinem – Creator of radical, second-wave feminism
Betty Friedan (1921-2006)Betty Friedan (1921-2006)

When radical, second-wave feminism was invented in the late 1960s, and early 1970s, you would think that Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, et al, sat down and made a list of the positive elements of Christianity.  And then, made a separate negative “opposites” list, upon which to establish radical second-wave feminism, because they are the antithesis of each other.

As a result, radical, second-wave feminism, and its step-child, third-wave feminism, are the most profoundly anti-Christian ideologies on earth and the most dangerous. Dangerous because the twisted ideology of radical feminism has been adopted, as a way of life, by millions and millions and millions of normal, everyday baby boomer women across the developed world and, more importantly, they have deliberately abandoned their Christian faith in the process.

Worshipping False IdolsWorshipping False Idols

Feminism became their New Age faith, which revolved totally around the women themselves (paganism) and not God (Christianity), but more disturbing was the fact that at feminism’s core was a profound, and irrational, hatred of men.

“I am Woman, hear me roar!”

Unfortunately, millions of college bound, female baby boomers were ripe for the picking. As they searched for a new way to define their “illustrious” feminist lives as “career women”, they unwittingly became “independent”, “liberated” and “emancipated”, not only from men, but from the tenets of their Christian faith as well. And no, you cannot be a feminist and a Christian. They are like oil and water. They do NOT mix.

feminists hate men symbol

Although misandry is radical feminism’s defining inspiration, it is important to fully understand the depth of this irrational hatred of men. It must be understood that hating men in general, does not truly expose the truth behind radical feminism’s insidious agenda.

Christians must understand that these twisted women’s hatred of men is not directed at all men, it is specifically directed at Christian men. And this is at the exclusion of all other men, especially those who, like themselves, hate Christian men.

This deliberate pass, given by feminists, to all anti-Christian men, gives voluminous power to those very same, formerly “insignificant” numbers of people who are ardent enemies of Christianity.

Abandoned churchAbandoned Church

Another danger in this dramatic shift of allegiance, away from men and God and towards women and paganism, is not only displayed by their despicable substitution of feminism for their Christian faith but also by the huge membership losses suffered by their individual Christian denominations, as well.

In addition, there is a real danger to the next generation too, as the very same “liberated” mothers are no longer educating their children in the Christian faith either.

So, it is a double-edged sword. As more and more women become hardcore feminists, the number of Christian adherents continues to decline with each new generation born. It is a chronic, downward, death spiral that can only be stopped by strong Christian men.

Anti - Christian bigotry in militaryRadical feminism is also dangerous because their huge numbers of highly educated, and influential (in the military, judiciary, academia, business, media, organized religion, government and politics), anti-Christian feminists, who side with the enemies of Christian men, gives bulk, membership, power, legitimacy, approval, and voice to those who were historically unable to defeat Christianity due to their small numbers, lack of influence and/or limited funding, i.e. Islam, communists, socialists and non-Christians in general. As a result, these twisted women have truly created a monster because there is power in numbers.

Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No EvilSpeak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

For those who still fail to see, acknowledge, or accept this reality, you should consider yourself part of the problem because you cannot defeat an enemy whom you fail to recognize. 

We are watching this feminist psychosis play out, here in America at the highest level, as Pres. Obama flat refuses to fully acknowledge that the ever-increasing attacks by radical Islamic terrorists are attacks inspired specifically by a “holy war” on Christianity. And this denial by Obama continues despite the fact that every bone in the body public, says it is a holy war, and yet Obama does everything he can to ignore it!

Around the world, Christians are losing ground to our mortal enemy, in the form of islamic jihad. And this is because the courageous male defender of the tenets of Christianity – America’s Christian men – have been neutered by the political correctness (lies) invented by non-Christian, lesbian-led, female, radical, second-wave feminists who both elected, and continue to support, Obama.

Christian Men in CombatGood Christian Men in Combat against Evil

In this misguided effort, these twisted women have side-lined the only men who are courageous enough to do battle with this unspeakable evil – Christian men with the courage of their convictions and their faith at their back.

Obama and terroristsThe feminist/socialist Obama, whether intentionally or unintentionally, has put his head-in-the-sand while Christians around the world are losing-their-heads to the enemies of Christianity.

Enemies who have been emboldened by the 50 year “success” story of non-Christian, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists who have vanquished Christianity, and Christian men,  from nearly every public venue in American.

feminism quoteFor those of you who are still unsure of this connection, below are some of the “opposites” the founders of radical feminism might have assembled.

Once compared, it becomes very obvious that radical feminism is indeed, diametrically opposed to Christianity, and by association, Christian men. It also becomes very obvious that feminism espouses evil behavior and Christianity espouses good behavior. Feminism is a direct contradiction of Christianity and must be stopped.

Once you review the list, ask yourself this, “Which world would you prefer to live in, the one controlled by radical feminists or the one defined by Christian men?”

This list of comparisons is in no particular order and it could easily be expanded.

CHRISTIANITY                 VS.          FEMINISM

1.   Male                                 vs.           Female
2.   Love                                 vs.           Hate
3.   Jesus Christ                    vs.           Gloria Steinem
4.   Family                             vs.           Career
5.   Modesty                          vs.           Explicit Sexuality
6.   Marriage                         vs.           Divorce
7.   Birth                                 vs.           Abortion
8.   Creator                            vs.           Creation
9.   Christian                          vs.          Non-Christian
10. Legitimacy                       vs.          Illegitimacy
11.  Heterosexual                  vs.           Homosexual
12.  Charity                            vs.           Materialism
13.  Traditional Marriage   vs.           Same-sex Marriage
14.  Fidelity                           vs.           Fornication
15.  Children                         vs.           Pets
16.  Conciliatory                   vs.           Confrontational
17.  Polite                               vs.           Rude
18.  Patriarchy                      vs.           Matriarchy
19.  Giving                             vs.           Demanding
20. Truth                               vs.           Lies
21. Children                           vs.          No Children
22. Good                                vs.           Evil

I believe the answer is obvious, and the time has come to do something about the dangerous path these radicalized feminists have taken us down while they mindlessly pursued a “feminist lifestyle.” It’s time to reverse course before it’s too late.

Radical feminism should be defeated, reviled and rejected forthwith because it is deliberately neutralizing the good that Christian men have accomplished through the creation of Western Civilization and in defense of the innocent. Good that they would continue to do, even if it could mean their deaths – including doing battle with abject evil.

If this does not happen, America, and by association, the world, will someday be overrun by nuclear weapon-ladened muslims, who are willing to die for their beliefs, just as Christian American men were once privileged, and honored, to do.

Islam burkasThis Year’s Latest Fashion – Burqas

At that point, it will be too late, because the granddaughters, of these short-sighted, anti-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists, will be wearing burqas to avoid being raped!

35 thoughts on “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism

  1. Ecofeminism, what do you think about one of this prominent school of feminism?

    Especially attractive in the 3rd world countries like me with various environmental conflicts such as land issues. And this school of thinking also tend to associate with indigenism which from what I read in the news from your country has divided the society.

    God bless!


    • This is just another Marxist branch of feminism that seeks oppression of all things male by pretending to be oppressed themselves. This is an extremist concept which tries to equate female “oppression” with animal “oppression” by men! Again, the truth is the polar opposite of their stated agenda! Christian men are remanded by God to PROTECT women, animals and the planet from harm not destroy them. These ecofeminist females are dysfunctional human beings with twisted priorities and sickened minds and should be publicly condemned for their deliberately provocative and erroneous comments about men because they are not based on fact or the truth! In America, it is true that nearly all environmental issues are advanced by and associated with women, under the guise of their nurturing and caring abilities, while at the same time feminism denies those qualities in women when it comes to children. All forms of feminism are demented. The others associated with environmentalism are the socialists, many of whom are also women, who see environmentalism as a way to destroy the successes and wealth created by capitalism, which they are INCAPABLE of acquiring themselves due to their twisted anti-Christian personalities and priorities.


  2. Hello again ma’am. I have another question about combating radical feminism: What’s the Christian and logical answer to this feminist maxim; “my body my authority” and “women should be allowed to dress the way they want without shame, judging, and harassment”?


    • The first is an expression of self-centered egotism and the second is simply irrational immodesty, both of which are mainstays of radical feminism and are deliberately opposed to the concept of human dignity expressed within the tenets of Christianity. Neither reflect what is truly best for woman, nor do they reflect the reality that women do NOT, despite feminism’s rants to the contrary, exist in a vacuum. Women live in the same world as do men, who should be respected for their sensitivities and sensibilities concerning sexuality, but more importantly, women live in a world filled with little children, to whom they, as female adults, have a moral, and public, obligation to protect, guide and nurture by setting an example for good. God’s greatest gift to women is life, and life is defined through their bodies, and as such, they should be protected and cherished, NOT abused or sexually exploited by ANYONE, but most importantly, by the women THEMSELVES. To do otherwise is not only unwise, as instinctually all of humanity knows abortion and explicit sexuality are not only BAD for the women themselves, but bad for the remainder of the civilized society as well. Civilization will not continue if women are not civilized themselves. As a result, and as has been the case throughout human history AND before feminism raised its ugly head, this type of self-absorbed, irrational and demented behavior in women has been CONDEMNED by every advanced civilization that has ever existed on earth.


      • Another of their widely believed doctrine is the state should not “regulate women bodies” (pertaining to so called reproductive rights and freedom of expression and yes, clothing issues). Any opinion, or just another radical feminist BS to justify immodesty?


      • It’s just more, totally irrational, feminist “knowing.” Every aspect of feminist ideology eventually leads its adherents to misery. This may not be obvious to the very young and highly gullible college radicals, but it is becoming VERY obvious to old feminists, that living a feminist lifestyle, defined by abject selfishness and materialism, in the end, proves to produce a totally pointless and wasted life. These pathetic and embarrassing life stories of older feminists are slowly seeping to the surface, as can be seen by yesterday’s, 2/17/17, front page story “Retiring Baby Boomers Face Crushing Debt” in The Wall Street Journal, about 68 year old Ms. Kathleen Wolf. Despite the headline, the underlying story is that Ms. Wolf’s made foolish life choices based on her adherence to the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism (remain single, no children, career first, materialism, selfishness and false egotism) and has ended up desperate, lonely and poor. If she had followed the tenets of Christianity, she would, in her old age, be surrounded by a devoted husband, children and grandchildren, all of whom would be happy to help her gracefully through her old age. Instead, she has been forced to leave her home and move to another “cheaper” state because she is now in desperate financial state. If she had, instead, followed her former Christian faith’s directives, she would now be emotionally, physically and financially cared for by the family she loved, and loved her. I will predict that Ms. Wolf’s story will prove to be just the tip of the iceberg, as she is one of the OLDEST female baby boomers. Many, many more stories, defined by feminism’s betrayal of women, are about to come to the public’s attention, just as I’ve been warning on my blog for the last 5 years.


      • In case of my country, stories like this were not yet happen. Most feminists who appear, write, and speak in our media (newspaper, television, and internet) were generally aged 20-60. Particularly, the older ones still relatively strong physically and have high powered career, esp. in journalism and creative industries.

        By the way, this is one article from those veteran feminists in Indonesia who remain influential mostly in liberal circles. She is one of people who believe the “state should not control women’s bodies” like I asked you several days ago. Her name is Julia Suryakusuma, a journalist in Jakarta Post. Hope this is informative for you to know the extent of their influence.



      • This rabid feminist, like most of her ilk, is an extremist. The fact that she believes that those who oppose pornography are somehow limiting women’s freedoms, while at the same time, forcibly objecting to men who do not want women to wear trousers, says it all! She is totally irrational in her thinking, which is typical of most radical feminists. In the end, they lack logic, reason and make NO sense whatsoever.


      • On the other hand, in case of this article, she right about creeping Islamic sharia law which you definitely know as a repressive system. Unfortunately she gives other another false solution; radical feminism.

        We faced sharia on the one side and radical and morally loose feminism on the other side. Both were irrational and repressive in the end. False dichotomy here.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. In my country, Indonesia, feminists there are at odds with mostly, muslims (we aren’t a christian majority).

    Which as Christian, means that Indonesian Christian face 2 front war, fighting Islam and Radical feminism at the same time (which in the latter start to show their true face by demanding equality for lgbt people, legalized abortion on demand, abolition of capital punishment, sexual harrassment rules thay could be a front for so called political correctness, etc.)


    • Exactly! Radical feminism is an organized ideology, just like a religion. And as such, it has strict priorities, views, goals and agenda. Its danger is that, unlike most “isms”, its truly destructive nature is obfuscated from its very young female adherents, who naively believe it is simply about “equality”, when in fact, with their help, it seeks to have Christian morality declared universally illegal! As such, it is profoundly more dangerous than terrorism (muslims) because these gullible women are millions and millions of our own daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and nieces. These women have unwittingly substituted the ideology of radical feminism for their former Christian faith and are therefore assisting the terrorists in their efforts to destroy Christianity and Western Civilization. So, yes, you are fighting a battle on two fronts, but you have the advantage of knowing EXACTLY who you true enemies are and can plan your targeted assaults accordingly. It’s those who are unwilling, or unable, to see radical feminism for the vicious enemy of Christianity that it truly is, who are the real threat. And, unfortunately, you are probably living with at least one. If you love them, it’s time to speak up and expose the discipable truth about the dangers of adopting a “liberated”, “emancipated”, “feminist lifestyle” because at the end of their pointless lives, these feminists will sadly discover that they were “liberated” from the very people who loved them the most and were “emancipated” from their own humanity. Read my post, “Short Essay – Radical Feminism’s True Legacy – Being Single, Sidelined and 60 Sucks!”. It addresses this inevitable outcome.


      • Well, I lived with a (sorry to open up private family matters here) sister of mine which harbours “child-free” view due to her beliefs of so called overpopulation. Any opinion ma’am?

        Also, back to radical feminism in general, in my country they tend to evoke the state ideology, the Pancasila with it’s motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which in Sanskrit means Unity in Diversity to subtly gain footing in Indonesia. Another area to be concerned are several of it’s prominent activists in Indonesia tend to be left-wing in nature.


      • Unfortunately, whether your sister understands it or not, she is a victim of feminism’s adoption of Marxist ideology, which will simply result in the eradication of those cultures whose women were foolish enough to adopt that idiocy. So, she is doubly foolish, she is threatening her own future happiness and risking the future of your culture too. The scam defined by the overpopulation theory was started by an American Jew named Paul R. Ehrlich with his 1970s book, “The Population Bomb” Absolutely NONE of what he predicted occurred. Everything he suggested was based on flawed “research” and he has been TOTALLY discredited today. But, at the time, his hysterical rants lead millions of young American and European baby boomer females to believe his scam. This has resulted in a stagnation in population numbers in both America and Europe. We are no longer even replacing ourselves at less than 2 children per couple This is why both Europe and America has had to imported so many immigrants during the last 30 years. We female baby boomers did not have enough kids to repopulate our own countries. And, NO ONE should take part in that self-inflicted national suicide or want that as a future for themselves, their country or their culture.


      • The word diversity should tell you everything. It means, to divide. As such, your culture will be threatened from within by immigrants, their lifestyles, ideology, religion, AND innate animosities. This is another very dangerous flawed Marxist theory that literally threatens the sovereignty of individual nations and should be avoided at all costs, especially if you want your country, and your culture, to remain intact. and the cure to this problem is simple. Your sister, and her friends, need to have at least four children! 😀


      • Ma’am, with all due respect about diversity in your country, diversity in Indonesia means many ethnicity, race, and religion, and we are inherently multicultural unlike most westerners. We have no such problem with immigration.

        If you have time and means to do so. I invite you to visit Indonesia, and not just Bali. But thanks for your opinion about feminism. Oh, by the way do you believe Israel is an illegal state? Many so called anti radfem will relating many radical Jew you mentioned with Zionism, as propaganda for the Palestinian cause.

        Actually, in case of my particular family she has a boyfriend who share the same goal about childfree.

        By the way I’m a Protestant and have some disagreement in doctrine with you but it’s fine.

        God bless!


      • Countries that do not share a common faith always have a more difficult time advancing, due to a lack of common goals, priorities and values. The commonality of the Protestant faith in America was the source of its might and greatness. When this country allowed millions of Catholic Irish and Italians to immigrate here, the country became more contentious as the 2nd and 3rd generation of Catholics became more influencial. This is why school prayer was banned in 1964 by the Justice Brennen lead US Supreme Court. Bibles were NOT issued to Catholics because the church believed only priests could interpret it correctly. Therefore, Catholics believed it should certainly NOT be interpreted by teachers or school children, despite the fact that the Protestants always believed that simple language of the Bible was dicipherable by anyone. And, this is just one example of the serious problems that developed when Irish Catholics (who rightfully HATED the English for what they’d done to Irish in Ireland) were allowed into “English” America. Almost at the same time, the Jews were permitted to attend college in America, thanks to the Irish influence too, and they have been an even more destructive force than Catholic through their irrational embrace of universal Socialism. This was accomplished with their tearing down of our illustrious apolitical universities, during their campus riots of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and politicizing these great institutions away from democracy and capitalism and towards to socialism, or worse yet, communism in their leanings. This has corrupted millions of our children away from our success as a democracy and capitalist country like no other influence! Sorry to hear about your sister’s boyfriend. At least they haven’t married yet. So, there is still time, and hope, for her to change her mind. Yes, Israel is a legitimate state. The entire free world agreed in 1947, after WWII, to allow them to defend themselves against the muslims. They have been the ONLY sane barrier against total muslim chaos, over the last decade, in the Middle East! Why would anyone want to stop that? As much as I disagree with much of the socialist (which has NEVER brought anything but pain, poverty and unhappiness to those who’ve tried it) agenda of our most recent Pope, I still know that unlike the Protestant churches, which were all established by a disgruntled, former Catholic man, our church is the only one that can be traced directly back to Christ. It is, despite her human flaws, still His One True Church on earth and the ONLY one established by Christ himself. And, that fact is impossible to argue with. I’d rather take my chances with the flawed men within Christ’s church than with the flawed men within a man-made church. But, having said that, I’d rather take my chances with the Protestants as allies than ANY non-Christian adherent, any day of the week! And, interestingly, unlike all other faiths, only Christianity brings joy, peace, prosperity and sincere happiness to its adherents.


      • How about people who prefer adopting rather than biological children? (personal preference, not due to infertility). Also, just to inform, I have been read an article about “child-free” lifestyle in a national newspaper in my country and several internet articles from several source, which say another factor people choosing such lifestyle were abuse as child or seeing one itself. Any opinion about such cause? Thank you ma’am.


      • That’s a ridiculous excuse NOT to have children! It’s just another false narrative to push the “no children” agenda promulgated by the lesbian feminists, who were, research indicates, abused as children. Check the bio’s of all the authors of those type of articles. They are probably compromised, abused homosexual individuals themselves. Luckily, they are part of a very, very, very tiny minority of population. Child abuse is the biggest predicator for the development of homosexual tendencies. But, I doubt you could find any young adult who would say they were going to be an abusive parent. And the VAST majority would be correct. So, where is the logic behind choosing, blindly, not to have children? There isn’t any.


  4. Excellent overview of feminism. And once again, right-on in that this is an anti-Christian movement. You’ve done a great job in putting all the pieces together of this movement. This article is a must-read for everyone!


  5. Yes, unfortunately that will happen, unless people wake up! The god of this age has blinded the eyes of the non-believers today.
    Oh, and Congratulations on being famous! The leftist blogs seem to love to scorn you a lot lately! They have even aimed some of the scorn at me…But, you know the saying- throw a rock in a group of dogs, and the one that barks the loudest is the one that got hit…Not saying they are dogs, but they sure squawk like your posts hit a nerve or something! Lol….
    But we must never lose sight of the real enemy…The father of lies himself- satan!

    Keep on speaking the truth! Thanks, Dale


  6. I love your side by side comparison of Christianity and feminism. You makes it all so clear K. It does become quite clear as you point out that feminists hatred is directed specifically at Christian men and is paganism itself. Great post!


      • What’s wrong with “pets” actually? Perhaps you just mean compare the Christian priorities vs Rad-fem priorities, but some people could interpret it wrong “all pet owners are radical feminists”.

        Even I think several animal rights activists are tend to be friendly towards feminism in general. Correct me if I wrong, ma’am.


      • No. 😂 Not all pet owners are radical, feminists but, childless feminists nearly always have pets, and then apply their misplaced maternal instincts to the care of their pets as though they were their children. That’s bad! They DEVOTE themselves to their pets (clothes, hugs, kisses, vacations, gourmet food, spa time, toys, beds, etc.) with the love and affection once reserved for children. That’s another twisted outcome of adopting a “feminist lifestyle”. It irrationally denies women their rightful place as wives and mothers despite the overwhelming evidence, exampled by their bizarre attachment to their little dogs, that women innately want children.


  7. Scary stuff. I think a whole lot of us are feeling that sense of urgency, that need for people to wake up before it’s too late. I think we will, I think all will be well, we’re just going through the anxiety before the storm. So, keep the faith 😉


    • I’m trying. One glimmer of hope I routinely see is that the 20 something women do not seem to be the least bit enamored with radical feminism. Many, unlike the much older female baby boomers, are focused on pro-life issues rather than supporting abortion, which bodes well for the future.

      Liked by 1 person

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