Good Guys – Pastor Rafael Cruz Encourages Pastors to Teach What the Bible Says about Electing Christian Leaders

Sen. Ted Cruz and his father, Pastor Rafael Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz and his father, Pastor Rafael Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz’s father is a revered Christian pastor. The following interview, with Pastor Rafael Cruz, should lay to rest any Christian’s reluctance to vote, or speak out about political issues, just because they think it’s a “dirty business.”

Pastor Cruz explains why Christians are obligated to elect their own leaders and he tells the who, what, when, where and why, the Bible says Christians MUST do this.

This video should be watched by all Christians who are sitting on the fence about tomorrow’s national elections. It should be forwarded to any hesitant Christian voter, whom you know, who may not want to be involved in the “dirty business” of politics.

It should be sent especially to the millions of Evangelical Christians, who tend to stay home and not vote, because, as Pastor Cruz points out, by not voting, they are abdicating their God-given directive to choose, men of faith and men of principle, as their leaders.

Even if they are not registered to vote, they will be permitted to vote, with a provisional ballot, at the voting polls in their neighborhood, if they can prove residency with, among other forms of ID, a driver’s license, utility bill or a passport.

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

Tomorrow’s national election is one of the most critical elections in Christian America history. Especially as we, as Christians, find ourselves, and our faith, under attack throughout America and the World, by brainwashed, anti-Christian, political ideologues who are seeking irrational and vengeful restitution for affronts that no longer exist.

If we do not elect Christian men, as directed by the Bible, to lead America once again, not only will Christian America continue its cultural decline, but so will the remainder of the world, sans America’s stellar leadership.

Pastor Cruz does an EXCELLENT job of explaining how the Bible specifically instructs, and in fact, demands, how and who, Christians should elect as their leaders.

And, trust me, it doesn’t say ANYTHING about electing a feminist, a woman, a non-Christian or a homosexual with a chip on their shoulder.


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