Sexpot Jennifer Fichter

Jennifer Christine Fichter, 29 – Florida English Teacher has Sex with 17-year-old Student – SENTENCED TO 22 YEARS IN JAIL

11 thoughts on “Sexpot Jennifer Fichter

  1. Sentencing Jennifer Fitcher to 22 years for this offence is outrageous barbaric and cruel. Yes she did wrong but the offence should not carry such an unfair and harsh prison sentence! Those lads were 17 and old enough to make thier own choices which they did. Free this poor woman, this sentence is inhumane and completely wrong! The US courts system should changed and soon.


    • If this were a male teacher who raped a 17 year old girl, would you be so “outraged”? Anyone? Anyone?
      Your hesitancy says a lot about your deep-seated feminist brainwashing and total hypocrisy. Our justice is blind, for a good reason. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.
      But, beyond that, and in case you haven’t noticed, this kind of rape of innocent teen boys by female “teachers” is becoming epidemic and it will NEVER stop until sexual predator “teachers” receive punishments that make them THINK before they act! These sex fiend’s despicable, deviant and disgraceful behavior is BEYOND the pale! It betrays the very faith, trust, confidence, deportment and responsibility that parent’s expect from the educators who mold their young children’s lives! A hundred years ago we hung rapists! This bitch got off easy.


      • She did not rape anyone ! Are you mad ?
        I once was a 17 and a half year old young man, and one year later I was drafted in the French Artillery, trained to kill.
        A gorgeous 26 year young woman did show me paradise. And I still love her dearly for that.

        AS for our President Emmanuel Macron, he was 15 (yes, 15) when his French teacher, mother of three, started dating him. She was 39. Twice his age + a decade. Now, they are husband ond wife, and she is our First Lady.

        The way poor Jennifer is treated is not medieval : kings would marry 12 year-old girls in those days. It is not medieval, it is not old-fashioned : it is just barbaric.

        Frédéric, Paris


      • Absolutely NONE of what you reference makes taking advantage of a child, right. Your views are inexcusable, juvenile and irresponsible, as is the despicable behavior of every sexual predator you mentioned.


  2. Are you serious ? No, you can’t be. Becoming a happy healthy man is not having one’s “innocence taken” ! And even less on’es reputation ! What ruins a young man’s reputation is rather being a late virgin… Sexual majority in France, my homeland, is 15 years and 9 months, for males and females. So you will never talk a civilized French gentleman into agreeing that having sex at 17 and 9 month is a trauma. No. It’s a delight. Jennifer Fichter is treated with barbaric cruelty. She was a flirtacious young woman, and you were not one, OK. But she is sentenced to never having children. Isn’t that something that will “never go away” ?


    • How could their lives NOT be ruined? She Devil took their innocence, their youth and their reputations from them. But worse, she corrupted their future love lives and exposed them to the ignominy of public shame. Those things will never go away.


      • No, my life was not ruined by my sexual intercourse with a 26 year old beautiful anglo-italian woman. It was highlighted.
        And my parents were very happy for their son.

        You really have a severe problem with sex, old Lady.
        Are you jealous, or something ?


      • Jealous? Of what? Being abused by a perverted, twisted, desperate weirdo who can’t get a relationship going with someone their own age and instead has to prey on children?!! I don’t think so! 🤮


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