My Blog and Its Purpose

As one of the oldest female baby boomers, my life has been unalterably intertwined with “second-wave” feminist theory.  Fortunately, I am one of the lucky women of my generation. I have managed to survive feminism’s tenacious grip with my rational mind still intact. Unfortunately, for many of my female contemporaries, this is not the case.

I am writing this blog titled,  It’s the Women, Not the Men! – Surviving Feminism, as a warning to the young women who are following in our footsteps. Beware! Feminists, and the proverbial “snake oil salesmen”, are one in the same. They promise a cure but deliver a curse.

The feminists consider my twenty-five year career, as a residential and commercial builder, a raging success. On the surface, the results appear commendable. I conquered the male-dominated field of construction.  I routinely managed one hundred men on my job sites and made good money. My career nearly qualifies me for feminist sainthood. But today, living with my personal regrets, all I can say about my “success” is, “So, what.” I paid too high a price.

Feminism painted a rosy picture for the young, college bound, women of the late 1960s. Regrettably, we were not told that the path upon which we were placed was fraught with unfortunate compromises, debilitating stress and misguided priorities. Pathetically, lost relationships, emotional sacrifices, irreparable familial disruptions and irrational decision-making would become the mainstay of our lives. Those potential pitfalls were never discussed by the illustrious feminist academia. In retrospect, the leaders were only interested in impersonal and superficial results, not in the tragic loses their troops would suffer while trying to become “liberated” Superwomen.

I have lived through feminism’s heyday and am now graced with 20/20 hindsight.  And, as my liberated friend Geraldine once said, “If you can’t be a good example, at least be a terrible warning!” To this end, my blog attempts to translate my life’s experience, and that of my contemporaries, into a straightforward dialog about the unintended consequences of adopting a “feminist lifestyle.”  The blog investigates the origins of the women’s movement, relates it to today’s social issues and warns about the personal and societal risks of becoming a “liberated” woman.

Time is growing short and our country can no longer sit back and ignore the crisis created by its wholesale adoption of feminism’s “knowing.” As my blog will show, the dramatic rise in bad behavior among our women can repeatedly, be traced back to a radical, second-wave feminist or to a feminist theory. Through my research, my personal experiences and that of my fifteen, formally fabulous, friends, I will illustrate the damage unleashed on our society by women wallowing in the irrational theories of “independence” and “liberation.”

Most of today’s men are too young to remember what life in America was like before the advent of radical feminism. They don’t remember when good Christian men ran the country. Their education is the primary purpose of my blog. My intent is to expose our young men to the harsh realities of feminism’s invisible influence on their lives.

Through my insight, these young men will learn what academia has failed to teach them. That they are, indeed, of incalculable value to the perpetuation of our Christian civilization and, if the truth be known, to the happiness of their women as well. I want to encourage them in this knowledge.

Our men can no longer continue to enable women’s irrational feminist behavior through polite deference. It has become painfully clear that we can no longer afford this luxury. Radical feminist theory has destroyed our traditional Christian family. In many ways, feminism has forced women to tragically disappoint their loved ones, time and time again, while in pursuit of pointless careers. Liberated career women not only neglect their families, they neglect their churches, neighborhoods, schools, homes and themselves. They are AWOL and our once illustrious culture is beginning to look the worse for wear.

The truth is, women cannot do everything alone. The concept of Superwoman is an unattainable delusion. Women need to let go of this ridiculous notion and allow their men to make serious commitments to their well-being. If loved, respected and trusted, they will not disappoint.

My hope is that women will relax and, once again, let the Christian men bring peace, sanity and happiness into their lives. They and their children deserve no less.

K. Q. Duane

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15 thoughts on “My Blog and Its Purpose

  1. Your comments on the Christa McClure embezzlement charges predictions came true–the 8 felonies were dropped and she was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. I feel this is very unfair for U. S. Attorney Carl Rostad to allow–she received monies and did so knowingly. Rostad is in charge of the Guardian Project–prosecuting corruption cases on Montana’s reservations. I asked during my sentencing on June 24th why he dropped the felony charges and allowed her to plead guilty to a misdeameanor. My attorney asked that charges against me be dropped because I had assisted them unknowingly–and then they used the info to prosecute me to the fullest. I did not knowingly conspire to defraud the government and I did not receive a penny or get anything out of it–yet he refused to give me the same option that he gave Christa McClure!!! Who could I appeal this to–any ideas would be helpful. Liz Sherman –

  2. We were in a similar field, I managed commercial electrical projects like shopping centers. I never tried to be like a man and I was just myself. Sometimes I was met with discrimination but then they usually ended up realizing I knew my stuff and for those who didn’t, they could stuff it! lol

  3. As a young woman, I guess the question I’m left with is whether or not you see there being a space in feminist theory and discourse for Christian women, and perhaps even a sect of feminism which is compatible with a Christian lifestyle and belief system.

    As someone who grew up in a Catholic household and a secular world, I have a really hard time reconciling what it often seems the church defines as my primary role and value – that of a mother and caregiver, with the things I want to do. I want to have a career working in the media, I want to be able to volunteer my time to causes I care about, and I want to continue to learn about theology and Christian living. I don’t think my opportunities for those things should be limited by my womanhood, but I also don’t think it makes sense for my only valued role to be that of a mother, especially since that’s something I’m choosing to wait on until I’m married and God only knows when I’ll meet the person that will happen with.

    • There is nothing wrong with pursuing your career goals as long as you don’t lose your soul along the way. By that I mean, if you truly want to, ultimately, marry a great guy and have children of your own, you must always keep that goal in mind as your travel along your “career” path. Don’t put all of yourself into your work, never define yourself only by your work, never deny yourself the possibility of a relationship developing to a higher level because you are consumed by your work. Don’t do casual hook-ups or drink or drug til you fall down because your future husband, and especially you children, deserve a better wife and mother than that. You have to strive for a balanced life that’s not focused just on your “career” and don’t let the feminists make you feel guilty for ultimately wanting a family. That desire is natural, and what they won’t tell you is that you will never find your bliss at work. When you find the right guy, who had better be able to support both you and the kids on his own, happily ditch your “career” and enjoy your family life. It is a blessing the lesbian-led, feminist leaders are incapable of understanding or appreciating. Don’t let them convince you otherwise because it will be totally at your expense, not theirs. Good luck and God bless.

  4. Excellent post. The culture of feminism is creating havoc — and I feel bad for the amazing amount of stress it places on women these days. Mainly, I believe, because it’s a cultural thought that bring such little fulfillment.

    • You are exactly right. Bliss is unattainable once women adopt radical feminism as a way of life. Sadly, more and more formerly Christian women have chosen to replace their Christian faith with the irrational ideology of radical, second-wave feminism. This not only wreaks havoc on their personal lives, but through their public positions of influence, they are wreaking havoc on most of our cherished institutions, including academia, government, military, organized religion, judiciary, politics and business.

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